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Beyond Functional Medicine Summit, Issue #014
March 15, 2024

Beyond Functional Medicine: Deep Healing & Advanced Therapies

If you have diligently followed protocols, tried multiple diets, and taken numerous supplements without any noticeable improvement in your symptoms, it may be time for a more holistic approach. Are you interested in finding out what else is possible beyond what you have already tried? Uncover the deeper layers of healing at Beyond Functional Medicine: Deep Healing & Advanced Therapies

STARTS : March 25 , 2024

ENDS : March 31 , 2024

HOST : Michael Roesslein, MS, FDN-P, HLC

Beyond Functional Medicine: Deep Healing & Advanced Therapies


William Pawluk , MD, MSC
Science-Backed Health Benefits of PEMF Technology

Andrea Nakayama , FNLP, MSN, CNC, CNE, CHHC
Beyond Functional Testing and Protocols

Christine Schaffner , ND
The Future of Medicine is Quantum

Michael Roesslein , MS, FDN-P, HLC
The Inward Journey: Healing Trauma and Finding Yourself

Sue Morter , DC
Exploring Vibrational Healing, Circuits of Awakening, Embodiment and the Electromagnetic Chakra System

Cathleen King , DPT
Deeper Layers of Healing for Chronic Symptoms

Rob Vanbergen , BHS, DNM, PhD
Microcurrent Therapy: Resolve Chronic Pain and Disease

Nathan Crane
A Holistic Approach to Cancer and Life

Kiran Krishnan
The Skin Biome and Leaky Skin: Drivers of Health and Disease

Ana Paula Munoz , MArch
Vitality by Design: Multidimensional Healing Beyond Conventional Medicine

Elena Villanueva , DC
Incorporating Evidence-Based and Mind-Body-Spirit Approaches

Maya Shetreat , MD
Exploring Nature's Influence, Rituals and Traditional Wisdom on Health and Wellness

Philipp Von Holtzendorff-Fehling
Exploring Quantum Energy Healing, EMF Awareness and Life Transformation

Patrick McKeown , MA
Change Your Breath to Shift Your Mental and Physical Health

Alex Howard
How Emotional Healing Impacts Physical Healing

Keesha Ewers , PhD, ARNP-C, IFM-C, AAP
Uncovering the Link Between Unresolved Trauma and Chronic Disease

Isaac Eliaz , MD, MS, LAc
The Infinite Healing Potential of an Open Heart

Mark Burhenne , DDS
Oral Health is the Missing Link: Intro to Functional Dentistry

Deanna Hansen
Exploring Fascia: Understanding Its Role in Trauma

Bob Miller , CTN
Understanding Your Genetics for Customized Health Programs

Eric D. Gordon , MD
Going Beyond Protocols to Reverse Complex Illness

Elisa Song , MD
How Emotional Healing Impacts Physical Healing

Eva Detko , PhD, MSc, BA
Getting to the Root Causes with Quantum Medicine

Rollin McCraty , PhD
The Incredible Science of Heart Coherence

Bart Wolbers , MS, MA
Research-Backed Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Titus Chiu , MS, DC, DACNB
Healing Brain Trauma Naturally

Natasha Fallahi , DC, CAC
Navigating Challenges and Healing in Sensitive Individuals

Prema McKeever , MSci, SEP
Surviving to Thriving: Navigating Trauma with Nervous System Wisdom

Cathy Cooke , BCHN, BBEC, EMRS and R Blank
Better Health Starts Inside the Home

Alison Vickery , FDN-P
Exploring the Nuances of Healing and Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System

Lloyd Burrell , BA
Understanding Frequency: EMFs and Beyond

Joe Rignola , HHC, FDN-P and Rob Downey, MD, IFMCP
Rewiring Your Brain

Jane Hogan , FMCHC, CYT
The Science and Spirituality of Self-Healing

Carrie Bennett
Healing with Quantum Biology

Marcel Hof
Unveiling the Power of Cold Exposure, Breathwork and Subconscious Influence on Health and Wellness

Heather Paulson , ND, FABNO
Bridging Trauma, Spiritual Healing and Cultural Perspective in Medicine

Ashok Gupta
Brain Retraining to Support Healing from Chronic Conditions

Debora Wayne
The HighSpeed HealingĀ® Solution for Trauma, Pain and More!

Beyond Functional Medicine: Deep Healing & Advanced Therapies



Beyond Functional Medicine: Deep Healing & Advanced Therapies

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