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The Truth About Weight Loss Summit , Issue #010
February 17, 2024

The Truth About Weight Loss Summit

Weight loss and healthy living don't have to be such a struggle...

Over the last few years we've learned how to lose weight without counting calories, portion control, surgery or even exercise. We now understand why we overeat (hint: it's not your fault) and how to break those habits. And the best part: if you know how, you can keep the weight off for life too!

That's why you're invited to The Truth About Weight Loss Summit. You'll learn from 45 of the world's most respected doctors, dietitians and inspirations - FOR FREE.

STARTS : February 17 , 2024

ENDS : February 25 , 2024

HOST : Chef AJ

The Truth about Weight Loss


DAY 1 :The true cause of the obesity epidemic

Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Why we overeat and snack (this is what your cravings really mean)

Dr. Joan Ifland
The sneaky tactics food companies use to manipulate our eating habits

Dr. Hans Diehl
Behind closed doors of the food industry and 5 key choices you can make today

Susan Roberts, PhD
How to use your body's innate food instincts to your advantage

Adam Sud
Life-changing lessons from years of substance abuse and attempted suicide

DAY 2 :The science of permanent weight loss

Dr. Barbara Rolls
The science of feeling full and satisfied without overeating on calories

Dr. Alan Goldhamer
The Pleasure Trap: escaping the hidden forces that make us fat

Dr. William Li
The surprising truth about body fat and how to streamline our metabolism

Sylvia Tara, PhD
The secret life of fat and why it's so hard to keep the weight off

Chef Darshana Thacker
Creating flavors and dishes you love that are low in calorie density

DAY 3 : What sabotages our efforts

Dr. Frank Sabatino
How hormones program your body to either store or release fat (and how to flip the switch)

Dr. Pam Peeke
Why when you eat matters as much as what you eat

Dr. John McDougall
The vilified food group that holds the key to satiety on fewer calories

Dr. Rosane Oliveira
Epigentics: How food can up or down-regulate our "fat genes"

Tim Kaufman
“I didn’t think I’d make it another year” - what to do when all seems lost

DAY 4 : Protecting your health – when body fat triggers diseases

Dr. Michael Klaper
Two sides of the same coin: Why you can't separate your weight from your health

Dr. Dean Ornish
Undo It: How To Lose Weight And Reverse Most Chronic Diseases

Cyrus Khambatta, PhD
Reversing the vicious cycle of carbs - diabetes - weight gain

Dr. Sunil Pai
An Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Other Secrets to Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

Tami Kramer
Food Freedom: How two simple strategies ended 40 years of yo-yo dieting

DAY 5 : Break old habits & reprogram your brain for health

Dr. Judson Brewer
How to break bad habits and build new ones effectively

Dr. Neil Nedley
4 Stages of change - creating a new lifestyle without overwhelm

Marco Borges
The 5 pillars of a lean, healthy body (and how to stop hating exercise)

Dr. Marc Hellerstein
The little-known reason most diets fail: How your body fights against weight loss

Faith and Will Scott
When you know better, you do better - finding new health as a family

DAY 6 : Winning the mental game of weight loss

Dr. Doug Lisle
How to make your health goals a reality (and the two dietary deficiencies that prevent weight loss)

Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, MD
The hidden link between being overweight and cognitive decline

Dr. Scott Stoll
Social beings - how obesity becomes contagious

Julie Simon
The emotional eater's repair manual - 10 steps to end emotional eating

Jaime Brenkus
The power of small goals and daily victories (getting into shape without a gym)

DAY 7 : How to crush cravings and food addiction

Dr. Nicole Avena
The science of food addiction: how our brains respond to processed foods

Dr. Eric Walsh
Does moderation work or can it backfire?

Dr. Vera Tarman
Three levels of food addiction and how to reverse the progression

Dr. Linda Carney
Good - better - best: Everything you need to know about nuts, coffee and alcohol

Jamie Morgan Reno
Lessons from the front: how a food addict lost 250 pounds

DAY 8 : Exactly what to do and what not to do to lose weight

Dr. Michael Greger
How not to diet: What we've been doing wrong and what works

Dr. Herman Pontzer
When an African tribe busted the weight loss industry's biggest myth

Brenda Davis, RD
Reviewing the effectiveness and health consequences of keto & paleo diets

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz
How your gut health unlocks a surprising weight loss mechanism in your body

70+ pounds down in her fifties - practical tips to making it happen for you

DAY 9 : Key takeaways & practical tips on getting started

Dr. Neal Barnard
What are the best (and worst) foods for weight control?

Dr. Thomas Campbell
3 simple actions that will get you the most results

Dr. Columbus Batiste
S.E.L.F.I.S.H. - seven principles to lose weight and protect yourself against our #1 killer

Dr. Stephan Esser
Inspired living in a world full of temptation and conflicting advice

Chuck Carroll
Keeping the weight off without going insane or feeling deprived

The Truth about Weight Loss



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The Truth About Weight loss

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Keeping a journal doesn’t take much time, and in my personal experience, yields amazingly fast results. In fact, sometimes I feel spooked by just how quickly something wonderful comes into my life when I am focusing on the joyful feelings of gratitude and appreciation..."

"...Make the choice to put aside ten minutes a day for yourself. You’re worth it.

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