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Vitality Summit , Issue #011
February 20, 2024

Vitality Summit

Build your framework for lasting health: Health & Vitality are a way of life…not a fad diet. Stop throwing darts and learn a framework for living healthfully that will carry you to true Vitality. Learn from 40+ world-class experts the secrets to optimizing health & vitality in the modern world

STARTS : February 19 , 2024

ENDS : February 25 , 2024

HOST : Dr. Pedram Shojai


Event Schedule

Day 1 - Vitalism
Day 2 - Diet and Nutrition
Day 3 - The Exercise Dilemma
Day 4 - Sleep
Day 5 - Mindset
Day 6 - A Healthy and Safe Home
Day 7 - More Energy, More Life

Day 1 - Vitalism

Jeff Bland • Mark Burhenne • Steve Gundry • Tom O’Bryan • Robert Rountree • Ari Whitten

On the opening day, we explore the concept of Vitalism and how it applies to our lives. We learn about the body’s innate healing capacity and explore how to best sync up with it for more energy, vitality and vigor.

Day 2 - Diet and Nutrition

Nicole Beurkens • Katie Kimball • Kristin Kirkpatrick • Serena Poon • Ocean Robbins • Marvin Singh • Steven Wright

Here we explore the role of food, the gut lining and the microbiome in our health and Vitality. All disease and inflammation start in the gut so we have to get this right in order to restore health and vibrant energy.

Day 3 - The Exercise Dilemma

Aaron Alexander • Dave Asprey • Ben Greenfield • Drew Manning • Ben Pakulski • Kim Strother

Getting going is hard. Avoiding injuries is important. Getting right with movement is essential. Today we visit with experts who are truly walking the walk. Let’s get you moving…

Day 4 - Sleep

Michael Breus • Anna Cabeca • David Perlmutter • Shawn Stevenson

What goes up must come down. Sleep is the best medicine we have but most people are not getting it in sufficient quantities or quality. How can we fix this?

Day 5 - Mindset

Alex Howard • Dr. Melissa Nau • Dr. Dave Rabin • Elliot Roe • Noah Rolland • Deborah Rozman

Getting our heads wrapped around lifestyle as an “Operating System” is critical. Health isn’t something we “do” when “not health” sets in. It isn’t a correction to disease but more a way of life. How can we reframe our mindset to simply “live healthfully” all the time?

Day 6 - A Healthy and Safe Home

Ryan Blaser • Dr. Margaret Christensen • Austin Perlmutter • Warren Phillips • Nicolas Pineault • Ryan Sternagel

We spend most of our time at home. What if we were getting poisoned in the very place we need to feel safe…the place to go to recover? It turns out that indoor air quality is 5x worse than outdoor air. The toxins in our furniture and carpets…our clothes and candles may be making us sick. Let’s help you make your home safe again…

Day 7 - More Energy, More Life

Jill Carnahan • Dr. Catherine Clinton • Tom Malterre • William Pawluk • Ryan Smith • Scott Stoll • Max Lugavere

On this final day, let’s wrap it up by helping you understand that there’s a new scoreboard. It’s all about Vitality and resilience. It’s all about feeling our best and having abundant energy on a daily basis.




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There are few tools more effective or more useful in achieving deep knowing, true joy, and inner peace than daily meditation.

It would be very beneficial to take 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening -- more if you can find it -- to be quiet with your Holy Self. Your consciousness can be dramatically expanded over a relatively short period of time with true dedication to such a gentle discipline.

Are you meditating regularly? Is it the first thing you cut out of your day if things start off, or begin to get, hectic? It should, of course, be the last thing.

Neale Donald Walsch
Author and speaker
Words taken from his
Daily Inspiration message
"I Believe God Wants You to Know "

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