Divorced Parent Telesummit

Divorced Parent Telesummit

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Starts: September 26, 2011

Ends: October 7, 2011

Host: Pamela S. Wynn , Shelley Grieser

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Carolyn Ellis

Roz Sedacca

Bill McLeod

RJ Jaramillo

Christina McGhee

Dorcy Russell

Donna Blevins

Patrick McMillan

Zoe Stern

Your Hosts of the Divorced Parent Telesummit

Pamela S. Wynn – Family Law Professor, Attorney

Pamela has practiced Florida family law for more than 25 years. A strong supporter of Do It Yourself legal services (unbundled legal services) in 2008, Pamela developed her Do It Yourself Florida Divorce Crash Course to parents across Florida who wanted or were forced to represent themselves. Throughout her career, Pamela has seen firsthand the toll that divorce can take on children when divorced parents continue to have conflicts. Pamela’s parents were divorced in 1968 so she is long-time veteran in the divorce process from all angles.

She accepts a small number of Collaborative Divorce cases each year, but primarily works as a divorce strategist and legal coach. Pamela has taken a holistic approach to divorce law. In addition to her legal and coaching clients, Pamela teaches Family Law at Palm Beach State College.

Visit her law office site or her Florida DIY Divorce Crash Course site.

Shelley Grieser – Christian Divorce Coach

Although I was a child of divorce at the age of 9, experiencing divorce as an adult was devastating. It was a humbling experience that moved me to a whole new level of compassion and understanding. Divorce gave me a much greater appreciation and understanding of my mother. I realize, as a single parent, my mother did the best she could with what she had and what she knew.

Despite my parents divorce, I held onto the dream of getting married and living happily ever after. I was determined to do things differently than my parents. I became intent on getting a college education in case I ever had to support myself and children. I decided I would wait until I was atleast in my mid-twenties before I got married, as I would be wiser and more mature! I was a picky dater and wanted to do whatever I could so that I never ended up divorced. So, how did all of that work out for me? Well, I graduated from college and married in my early thirties.

When my children were very young my husband informed me he was not happy. We tried counseling, he tried counseling and 11 months later he moved out. How could this be? My biggest fear had come upon me. I never wanted my children to have to experience divorce. My husband on the other hand had read the book “Children of Divorce” and convinced himself that the children would be just fine. For me, I was about to learn the long term effects my parents divorce had played in my own life.

After 14 months of separation my husband informed me he was “ready to move on.” Two days later while sitting in church I read about a Divorce Recovery group that would be starting in 11 days. Participating in the Divorce Recovery group significantly helped me get through the divorce process.

Now a certified divorce coach, Shelley helps others going through the divorce process through private and group coaching sessions as well as local workshops. Visit her site A Hope Filled Future.

Expert Speakers for the Divorced Parent Telesummit

Unplugging from Your Ex: How to Avoid Emotional Minefields After Divorce

Carolyn Ellis, Author and Creator – The THRIVE Principles ™

Monday, September 26th

One of the biggest challenges divorcing couples have is dealing with their ex-partner after the relationship ends. Finding your own sense of power and confidence when dealing with your ex-spouse is key to minimizing conflict, reducing stress and helping your children adjust to life after divorce.

Carolyn is a Success Strategist, creator of the THRIVE Principles ™ and founder of ThriveAfterDivorce.com which offers success strategies and award-winning resources for separated and divorced individuals. She’s the award-winning author of 7 Pitfalls of Single Parenting: What to Avoid to Help Your Children Thrive After Divorce and the award-winning creator of The Divorce Resource Kit.

In this powerful interview you will learn:

The major signs that you have become emotionally hijacked by your ex-partner

One simple phrase you can use to stop reacting negatively to your ex and difuse hidden emotional patterns that can rob you of your confidence and happiness

Three strategies you can use right away to help you unplug from your ex so you can become a better parent to your children

Mastering Child-Centered Divorce

Rosalind Sedacca – Author & Coach

Tuesday, September 27th

Rosalind Sedacca is an author, Relationship Coach and founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network. As an award-winning professional speaker she has facilitated workshops and seminars throughout North America on creating ‘conscious’ relationships for both singles and couples. Based on her own personal experience, Rosalind wrote How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook Guide to Preparing Your Children – with Love! This internationally acclaimed ebook provides an innovative new approach to breaking the divorce news to your children and setting the stage for positive parenting after divorce.

Rosalind is recognized as the leading voice of Child-Centered Divorce. She helps families get through the struggle and put children first. From diffusing conflict with the Difficult One to handling the questions all children seem to ask after divorce, Rosalind has proven strategies for you.

On this telesummit Rosalind will share:

The most dangerous divorce mistakes parents make and how they can affect your children – today, tomorrow and for decades to come!

Essential questions to ask yourself before making any divorce and parenting decisions.

How to recognize the early warning signs of guilt, shame, anger or other stress-generated behavior in your kids.

24/7 Parenting with an Addict: Juggling It All

Bill McLeod – Single Parents Town

Wednesday, September 28th

As a single dad of two, Bill understands the challenges and sacrifices that single parents face daily. Bill’s hope and passion is to provide each of you the ability and tools to become the most successful parent for your children. He offers those tools through his website www.singleparentstown.com In his marriage he had to confront his wife’s alcohol problems which ultimately lead to him becoming a single parent. He and his family dealt with the issues of alcoholism, separation and divorce, not to mention school work, doctor’s appointments, after school activities, and finally, his ex-wife’s death at the age of 44. He definitely knows first-hand the issues that come with parenting after divorce.

Bill is a single parent, just like you. He has learned how to deal with his set of circumstances in a positive, effective and successful way. He has done it by never giving up, believing that the wonderful opportunity he has been given to lead and inspire his children is a blessing, not a curse and finally, by knowing that no matter how tough times can be, they will get better if you are willing to make it happen.

On this telesummit Bill will share

Explaining addiction to your children & successfully dealing with thefall-out

Balancing yourself with strength and power so you can be there for your children

Dealing with addiction and helping your children understand and live an anxiety-free life afterward

Drafting Your Winning Co-Parent Team

Richard “RJ” Jaramillo – Single Dad

Thursday, September 29th

RJ’s experience as a single father of three, his entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and business acumen helped him create SingleDad, Inc. and establish the foundation for SingleDad.com Started in late 2007, SingleDad.com is the first comprehensive online resource developed exclusively for single dads. While facing the daily challenges of raising three children on his own, RJ realized how few resources were available to help him during this journey from angst into a co-parenting team. Recognizing the need, and having a desire to help other single dads, RJ created a dynamic online community and a philosophy of helping other single dads, especially with parenting after divorce.

During this telesummit RJ will share:

How You Can Establish a Winning Co-Parenting Team

How Football and Co-Parenting are Related

His Back to School Checklist for Co-Parents

Keeping It Together When You Are Parenting Apart

Christina McGhee – Divorce Coach & Author

Friday, September 30th

Dubbed the “divorce coach,” Christina McGhee, is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and parent educator who believes knowing what to expect and having access to support are often the defining difference between children surviving or thriving when parents split up. Her new book, Parenting Apart, How Separated And Divorced Parents Can Raise Happy and Secure Kids aims to meet that need by providing practical guidance and immediate solutions to the most critical problems of parenting after divorce.

Christina’s strategies have taken thousands of parents from feeling overwhelmed and hopeless to empowered and confident. She is the founder of divorce and children.com, has co-produced the award winning children’s DVD Lemons 2 Lemonade: How to Handle Life When Things Go Sour Between Mom and Dad and was featured in the Channel 4 British documentary “How to Divorce Without Screwing Up Your Children.”

A leading authority on children and divorce, Christina firmly believes raising happy, secure and confident children in today’s fast paced world is possible – even when Mom and Dad don’t live under the same roof. She not only teaches that philosophy but also works very hard to live by it. As a child from a divorced family and a bonus mom, Christina has first-hand experience at constructively managing the challenges that come with parenting out of two homes.

On this Telesummit Christina will help you learn how to:

Raise resilient kids even when you and your ex don’t see eye to eye on rules and discipline.

Balance your parenting roles so one parent doesn’t get stuck being the heavy while the other becomes the house of never ending fun.

Manage transitions between households so your children don’t transform into little hellions as soon as they reach your door.

3-4-5 How to Create Conscious Co-Parenting With a Difficult Ex

Dorcy Russell, Co-Parent Educator

Monday, October 3rd

Dorcy Russell is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Co-Parenting Institute. She is a reunification Coach and co-parent educator. She has devoted her career to providing strategies and solutions for parenting after divorce – especially in situations of Parental Alienation and high conflict divorce. She has developed a unique co-parenting course that can be used by all families. Dorcy encourages all parents to accept responsibility for their actions in high-conflict situations and encourages her clients to apologize when appropriate and have compassion. She has a lot to tell us about Parental Alienation and other high-conflict families and how to break the bad communication patterns with your difficult ex.

Through growing and experimenting with her own family, Dorcy has not only applied her techniques with her clients, she has also applied her programs and techniques successfully with her personal life situation and parenting after divorce. The “Conscious Co-Parenting Plan™ was designed for parents struggling with custody and co-parenting issues with a difficult ex throughout the stages of divorce. She has developed effective methods to stop the drama of high-conflict parenting. Dorcy now trains other professionals who want to teach her Conscious Co-Parenting approved parenting course.

On this Telesummit Dorcy will share

3 Steps to solve any problem

4 Environments ripe for Parental Alienation

5 Questions to ask yourself before sharing any information about your ex with your kids

How to Play the Cards Life Deals You

Donna Blevins – Poker Mindset Coach

Tuesday, October 4th

Poker and co-parenting? One of the biggest challenges for divorced parents is how to stay in the moment and deal with your emotions, and that is precisely what poker is about. We have a real treat for you in this session when 6’5? Donna Blevins, known as the Big Girl of Poker, presents a session on developing a winning mindset. Donna will talk about how you can let go of judgments and develop a winning mindset for parenting after divorce.

Donna Blevins is a professional poker player and Mindset Coach, who helps people get out of their own way and stop sabotaging their lives. As Donna says, “In sports and in life, I call it finding your authentic game. It’s especially important if you’re a divorced parent so that you can keep your balance and tap into your strength, like an athlete… making the correct move at just the right time enables you to stand in your dignity and power without being thrown off center.”

During this Telesummit, Donna will share:

How to stop feeling bullied during power struggles with your Ex

How to take an instant vacation away from stress and your activity overload

How to handle the co-parenting stress that can make you fat

Bonus: A 10-second technique that will help you feel instantly liberated and release pressure

Can Technology Help You Deal with a Difficult Ex?

Wednesday, October 5th

There are many services that promise you help with co-parenting after divorce. We chose two of the best for this call. Ruth and Jai will talk to you about how technology can help you through the unplugging process and help you be a better co-parent.

Ruth Folit – Life Journal

Ruth Folit, designer of the award-winning LifeJournal, has kept personal journals for more than 30 years. Life Journal is a unique, secure journaling software that is organized, inspirational and heartfelt. Life Journal combines the thoughts, suggestions, and philosophy of many journal writers to help you express your innermost feelings. Ruth will discuss the benefits of journaling through difficult transitions.

Life Journal is a tool that helps you open incredible paths for learning to name and live deeply the joys, failures, weaknesses, and victories that form my creative and spiritual growth. As part of the Telesummit, Ruth will be introducing a special Divorce Module for Life Journal specifically designed to carry on the tips and strategies provided during the Telesummit and to support you through your divorce transition.

Jai Kissoon – Our Family Wizard

Jai Kissoon is the CEO and one of the original founders of the OurFamilyWizard website. Over the past 10 years, Jai has helped turn a good idea into a thriving business that is helping divorced and separated parents in over 38 countries worldwide. The OurFamilyWizard website is so effective at removing or reducing conflict that courts across the USA and Canada have ordered usage of the site in contested cases. Due to the large number of families that the OurFamilyWizard website has serviced, Jai is able to bring a unique understanding to the bigger picture of divorce and its effects.

The OurFamilyWizard website is designed to help empower families to help themselves. They can reduce divorce conflict and remove the “he said/she said” that keeps families returning to court over joint custody and co-parenting issues. The Our Family Wizard website helps reduce the face-to-face contact between high-conflict parents. Even for families who are not in conflict, the Our Family Wizard site helps keep both parents up-to-date and informed about the children. Communicate, organize and manage all of your family information, share messages, journals, expenses and more. Learn more at http://www.OurFamilyWizard.com

On this Telesummit Jai will share why online co-parenting solutions like the OurFamilyWizard website are so effective.

Raising Happier Kids Despite a Difficult Ex

Patrick McMillan – Author, Speaker & Single Dad

Thursday, October 6th

Patrick McMillan is an expert in childhood emotional development and the science of happiness. He is the co-founder of HappierKidsNow.com, the founder of Kids Can Do Anything.com and the author of The Science of Happy Kids and Joyful Parenting™. This E-book and Audio Program explains in depth the extremely important role you play in your child’s emotional development and in helping your children form empowering beliefs that will guide them throughout life as you watch them grow, thrive and be HAPPY. What many people don’t know is that Patrick is a single father. Even before that, Patrick was the primary caregiver to his sons.

During this Telesummit Patrick will share:

The Single Parent’s “Oxygen Mask”

How Your Divorce Affects Your Kids is Entirely Up to YOU?

Focusing on Happiness in the Midst of Divorce. (Wait, WHAT?)

Co-Parenting 101: What We Learned (So Far)

Deesha Philyaw and Mike Thomas – Co-Parents and Authors

Friday, October 7th

In the wake of their divorce and despite the problems that ended their marriage, Deesha and Mike have managed to establish a successful, congenial co-parenting relationship which allows their children to thrive and which causes those who know them to ask, “How in the world do they do it?” They are not, however, advocates for divorce. In fact, they tell couples who seek their advice to only consider divorce as their very last option. They won’t debate whether staying together “for the sake of the kids” is best for children. That’s a personal decision each thoughtful couple must make for themselves.But they have heard from many co-parents who report that using “for the sake of the kids” as the glue to hold their marriages together didn’t work ultimately.

Deesha and Mike began a podcast Parenting Matters on Blog Talk Radio (Sunday evenings at 9:30 pm ET). They also established coparenting101.org as a resource for those who find themselves parenting after divorce or separation for whatever reason. They are proud to announce their forthcoming book, Co-Parenting 101: Advice from a Formerly Married Couple on Parenting Across Two Households (New Harbinger, 2013).

On this telesummit Deesha and Mike will share The “Big 3? of Co-Parenting (according to their daughter)

Respect Everybody. Kids, Parents, Step-Parents

Communicate and Stay Connected so You Know What’s Going on With your Kids

Relax. You Can’t Freak Out Over Everything That Goes Wrong

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