2011 Pain Relief World Summit

2012 Tapping World Summit

Website: http://www.2012tappingworldsummit.com

Starts: May 7th, 2012

Ends: May 16th, 2012

Host: Jessica Ortner


Stacey Vornbrock

Carol Look

Nick Ortner

Gwenn Bonnell

Margaret Lynch

Pamela Bruner

Brad Yates

Terri Cole

Carol Tuttle

Steve Wells

Kate Beeders

Mary Ayers

Rick Wilkes

Lindsay Kenny

Donna Eden

Pat Carrington

Tom Hanson

Ruth Stern

Jessica Ortner

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2011 Pain Relief World Summit

Website: http://painreliefworldsummit.com/

Starts: October 3rd, 2011

Ends: October 8th, 2011

Host: Nick Ortner, Jessica Ortner

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Margaret Lynch

Rue Hass

Carol Look

Lindsay Kenny

Mary Ayers

Gwenn Bonnell

Dawson Church

Nick Ortner

Stacey Vornbrock

Pat Carrington

Rick Wilkes

Donna Eden

Julie Schiffman

Carol Tuttle

Rhys Thomas

Ruth Stern


The Basics - An Introduction to Tapping

Nick Ortner

Quick Start Guide

In this amazing session, you'll learn:

How to take advantage of this event to get the best results

The genesis of the event and how it all works

The amazing results that people are seeing with EFT and Pain Relief

Carol Look

Introduction to Tapping

In this amazing session, you'll learn:

Step by step instructions on how to tap

Why one technique can help with so many different challenges

What to do when you aren't getting the results you want

How to know what to say and focus on while you're tapping

Dawson Church

Tapping and Modern Science: The Science Behind These Astonishing Results

In this incredible interview you will learn:

The new scientific explanations for the success of tapping

How tapping re-wires our brains and deactivates old conditioned thoughts of stress or trauma

Astonishing information on the research behind tapping and cortisol (stress) levels

Dawson’s personal story of back pain relief

Day 1

Gwenn Bonnell

Basic and Advanced EFT Tapping Techniques for Pain Relief

EFT Tapping has proven again and again that pain relief, both chronic and acute, is possible. In this powerful interview, you’ll learn:

How Gwenn healed her chronic leg pain in one tapping session!

The difference between acute and chronic pain (and how it affects your healing journey)

Strategies for dealing with the stress and anxiety that comes with pain

How metaphors can help you understand your body’s messages (and how to use Louise Hay’s work to support this)

Stacey Vornbrock

Tapping Protocols for Injuries, Accidents, Falls, Surgery and more...

In this interview, you’ll learn about what happens to the body on a cellular level when it is injured. It doesn’t matter how long ago your injury happened – these things are still sitting in your cells unprocessed and therefore healing isn’t complete on the cellular level.

You’ll learn:

How these techniques are helping professional athletes get back in the game 3-4 weeks earlier than expected (imagine what they can do for you!)

Clearing the common fears before the surgery to improve your experience and the results of the surgery

Tapping protocols for Trauma, Adrenaline, Emotions connected with the injury, surgery, rehab, fear of re-injury, habit of pain and more

This particular presentation is particular helpful if you’ve suffered from:


Car Accidents




Medical Procedures

Dental Work

Day 2

Mary Ayers

Anger and Physical Pain: The Hidden Connection

For some people the physical response to anger is evident, adrenaline pumps throughout their body, their heart begins to beat faster, their face might even turn red. And others may repress their anger creating tightness and tension in their body.

Regardless of how you experience anger one thing is true for everyone, anger is a physically taxing emotion.

But the question isn’t how do we avoid anger, but how do we experience it in a healthy way and let it go? And how can letting it go improve our health?

In this interview you’ll learn:

The hidden connection between anger/rage and pain (and if you don’t think you have any anger, then this is a MUST listen to!)

About the two different “camps” when it comes to pain in the body

Specific tapping to release anger on a variety of topics

Margaret Lynch

The Unfairness of Pain

Do you look back at the moment your pain began and feel an emotion of unfairness? Maybe a sense of being a victim of a person’s negligence or a victim of an unfortunate event that you feel could have been prevented?

It can seem hard to let go of the natural feelings of hurt. anger, victimization and loss around an injury, especially if your present pain and suffering goes invalidated. It may seem hard but it is possible, and essential if you want to live the life you truly deserve

If your pain is the result of someone else’s actions (such as a car accident or a medical mistake), then this is a MUST listen for you

You’ll learn

How to have your energetic “day in court” to right a wrong

A quick test to determine if you have truly and fully let go of your injuries

Tapping to move from being a victim to being empowered

Day 3

Julie Schiffman

Releasing the Energetic Causes of Painful Joints

The connection between emotional stress and physical pain has been well documented. Many studies prove that stress makes arthritis pain and other symptoms even worse. but it can seem hard to feel stress free and strong emotionally when dealing with the aching, throbbing, hot and stiff pain of arthritis.

That is why it is so essential to learn a tool like tapping to help support you on your journey to wellness.

In this interview, you’ll:

Hear about the incredible results Julie has personally witnessed with arthritis pain

The most common emotions and traits behind arthritis

How to release the fears of the situation getting worse

Specific tapping sequences to relieve arthritis pain

Carol Look

Stress and The Body: Sustainable Solutions for Pain Relief

Many people have accepted stress a just part of their daily lives without realizing the awful consequences that come with stress. Stress has become an epidemic in our society and it eats away at our mental and physical well-being.

Digestive upsets, headaches, high blood pressure, a compromised immune system, and of course, physical pain; this is just a short list of the vast amount of health challenges that stress contributes to

So in this interview we’ll take a hard look at how stress is contributing to your health challenge and what you can do about it to really see results.

You’ll learn about:

The connection between stress and pain

The four doorways into permanent and lasting stress relief

Tapping to release the trauma of the medical diagnosis

How to clear and unpack the stress and anxiety about the symptom

Day 4

Lindsay Kenny

Clearing the Energy of Guilt, Shame and Remorse to Heal the Body and Relieve Pain

We’ve all made some mistakes in our lives. Things we might have done differently if we had known better. We’ve all failed or screwed something up. It is part of the human experience.

The question is how are you reacting to those past experience? Are you beating yourself up? Being too hard on yourself? Not showing yourself forgiveness?

The act of beating ourselves up emotionally has physical consequences.

And in this interview we are going to learn about the consequences and how we can begin to let go of the emotions that cause us to beat ourselves up.

You’ll learn:

How guilt, shame and remorse can cause pain and other physical challenges

Clearing self-recrimination and criticism once and for all

The cone of shame technique for rapid results

Rue Hass Fibromyalgia: Exploring New Possibilities for Relief

The medical dictionary defines Fibromyalgia as a neurosensory disorder characterized by widespread muscle pain, joint stiffness, and fatigue.

It also states that that exact causes of fibromyalgia are not known, the disorder is believed to be caused by the interplay of biological, psychological, and sociocultural variables.

Whatever the cause, the reality is this condition is painful, debilitating and severely affects quality of life.

Rue Hass has seen incredible results with Fibromyalgia and Tapping and in this interview, you’ll learn:

The common emotional patterns surrounding Fibromyalgia

The questions to ask yourself to determine exactly what to tap on

Specifics tapping rounds for Fibromyalgia

Day 5

Rick Wilkes

Back Pain: Using Tapping to Relieve Back Pain and Heal the Body

One-half of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year. Experts estimate that as many as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some time in our lives.

These are shocking statistics!

And makes it clear why this presentation is so vital to listen to.

You’ll discover:

How what you’ve “heard” about your back can be affecting your situation

How to determine the contributing emotions to your back pain

Specific tapping sequences for back pain

Pat Carrington

The Choices Method: Beginner and Advanced Applications for Pain Relief

In this advanced session, you'll learn:

The shortcomings of "traditional affirmations" and why the Choices Method is far more effective than affirmations

A step-by-step strategy to implement the Choices Method for pain relief

Tapping Choices Statements you can use immediately

Day 6

Carol Tuttle

The Battle with Our Bodies: Finally Finding Peace

Most of us strive to have a good relationship with our body. We want to feel peaceful and grateful about it but when dealing with pain the relationship with our body quickly turns sour and we feel like we are battling our selves.

Battling the pain, Battling the limitations.

It’s exhausting and can leave us feeling defeated.

In this interview we are going to explore the relationship we have with our body and pain to learn how we can end the battle once and for all!

Jessica Ortner

Cancer Pain

Through Jessica’s experience of working at a cancer center that provides free alternative treatments she has learned some powerful ways to apply this technique for pain and stress management. A majority of people with cancer will experience pain that’s either associated with the cancer or the treatment.

In this call you'll learn:

How to tap on the many symptoms that come with radiation and chemotherapy.

How the emotional struggle with your changing body affects your health and what to do about it.

The difference ways people are using tapping to support them through their experience with cancer.

Donna Eden

Bonus Topic: Energy Medicine Techniques for Pain Relief

In this advanced bonus sessions you'll discover:

Energy techniques that go beyond tapping and can improve the results you get from the tapping

The “radiant circuit” and how it affects your body

How our bodies haven’t evolved for this modern world and the strategies we can use for health and wellness

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