Segment Intending


Segment Intending is the process whereby you define the vibrational characteristics of the time segment you are moving into. It is a way of pre-paving your vibrational path, so to speak, for easier and more enjoyable travel.

If you are in a bad mood, meaning that there is considerable resistance in your vibrational frequency, then, because you do not have access to very different thoughts from where you currently are, you usually project that same vibrational expectation into the segment that you are moving into. For that reason, we encourage the application of Segment Intending when you are already feeling good. If you are feeling bad in this moment, try one of the other processes in order to improve your current mood and point of attraction. And then once you are feeling better, you could return to this powerful Segment Intending process.

This process will help you be more deliberate about focusing your thoughts. It will help you become more aware of where your thoughts currently are, and it will help you be able to more deliberately choose the thoughts that you offer. In time, it will feel very natural to you to stop for a moment upon entering a new segment and direct your own intent or expectation.

You enter a new segment anytime your intentions change: If you are washing dishes and the telephone rings, you enter a new segment. When you get into your vehicle, you enter a new segment. When another person walks into the room, you enter a new segment.

If you will take the time to get your thought of expectation started even before you are inside your new segment, you will be able to set the tone of the segment more specifically than if you walk into the segment and begin to observe it as it already is.

Abraham ,
through Esther Hicks

Book: ASk and it is given
Jerry and Esther Hicks


Pre-paving is a conscious, positive programming of the sub-conscious mind . When you place a positive command into your sub-conscious mind, it starts working immediately toward making it happen . This is the power of your thought and spoken word . This is the power of pre-paving.

Positive pre-paving is consciously choosing your thoughts and words for a specific result . When you set a pre-pave in motion, it physically “lines up the energy” for its manifestation.

What does it mean to “line up the energy”? Let’s look at the analogy of your daily commute to work . If you get in the car and pre-pave safety, the Universe will physically orchestrate circumstances around you in order to keep you safe.

On the other hand, if you do not pre-pave safety as you start your car, you personally may not have accident-consciousness, but the driver next to you may . The result is that you could wind up in an accident situation just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time .

How many times have you found yourself there, “the wrong place at the wrong time”? This is not by chance . These things can be avoided by positive pre-paving . When you pre-pave, you are never in the wrong place at the wrong time, because the Universe “lines up the energy” for you to be in the right place at the right time.

You do not need extra time in the day to pre-pave. You are already doing it. It is a matter of practicing it consciously, practicing it positively and choosing pre-paves to create specifically what you want.

The most powerful times to pre-pave are first thing in the morning and last thing at night. These are the times that your consciousness is most powerful for creating. It is when the consciousness is changing from the wakeful state to the sub-conscious state and back again.

Elisabeth Fayt
Author and International Speaker
Book: Paving it Foward


You are actually pre-paving your future experiences constantly without even knowing you are doing so. You are continually projecting your expectations into your future experiences, and this Segment Intending process helps you to consciously consider what you are projecting—and it gives you control of your future segments.

You can pre-pave future experiences that are immediate, or experiences that are in your more distant future, and once you have an opportunity to see how your deliberate thought positively impacts your experiences, you will want to do it even more. And like all processes, the more you apply it, the more skilled you become and the more fun it is, and the more effective your results will be .

Whenever you are setting forth your intentions about how you want to feel and how you would like the segment to unfold, it is always beneficial if, when you find yourself struggling for a positive scenario, that you do not continue the process. Change the subject in your own mind; think about something pleasant, and apply another process later.

Abraham ,
through Esther Hicks

Book: ASk and it is given
Jerry and Esther Hicks

Here Is the Key to Your Deliberate Creation

The point of the Segment Intending Process is to clearly identify what you want so that you can deliberately begin to set forth the attraction of that which you want.

Here is the key to your Deliberate Creation: See yourself as a magnet, attracting unto you the way you feel at any point in time. When you feel clear and in control, you will attract circumstances of clarity. When you feel happy, you will attract circumstances of happiness. When you feel healthy, you will attract circumstances of health. When you feel prosperous, you will attract circumstances of prosperity. When you feel loved, you will attract circumstances of love. The way you feel is actually your point of attraction.

And so, the value of the Segment Intending Process is to encourage you to pause many times during the day to say, “This is what I want from this period of my life experience. I want it and I expect it.” And as you set forth those powerful words, you become what we call a Selective Sifter. You attract into your experience what you want.

However, the reason why segments are so effective is because although there are many things you want to consider, when you try to consider them all at the same time, you become overwhelmed and confused. The value of your intending, segment by segment, is that you do not try to chew on so much at any one time. You say, “What is it that I want now?”

If you want many things all at the same time, it adds confusion. But when you only focus upon the specifics of what you want in any particular moment, you bring clarity and power to your creation—and therefore, speed. And that is the point of Segment Intending: to stop, as you are entering a new segment, and to identify what it is you most want so that you may give your attention to (and therefore draw, power unto) that.

Some of you are focused during some segments of your day’s experience. But there are very few of you who are focused much of your day. And so, an identification of segments—and an intent to identify what is most important within those segments—will put you in the position of being a deliberate, magnetic attractor, or creator, in each of your segments throughout your day.

Not only will you find that you are more productive, but you will find that you are happier, for as you are deliberately intending, and then allowing and receiving, you will find great contentment. You are growth seeking Beings, and as you are moving forward, you are at your happiest. When you are having a feeling of stagnation, you are not at your happiest.

Abraham ,
through Esther Hicks

Book: ASk and it is given
Jerry and Esther Hicks

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