Free Online Summits 2024

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Eleanor Roosevelt


The Summits are free while they are active , not when they are over.

You can usually buy the whole series at any time , directly from the websites hosting them.



Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit

More Natural Approaches to Osteoporosis and Bone Health 2.0

Fasting and Longevity Summit

Quit Sugar Summit

Beyond the Contrast

Freedom from Alcohol

Feng Shui Masterclass Series

Finally Feel Free

Plant-Based Beginner's Bootcamp challenge

Rock the Stage

Better Sex Summit

The Trauma Super Conference

10 day Mentally Strong Challenge

Health Transformation Summit

Portal to Divine Fortune

AI Mastery Summit

Self Love Revolution

The Dog Gut Health Summit 2024

Conscious Leader 5 day global event series 2024

7-Day Boost Your Metabolism in Midlife Conference 2024

Minding Dementia Summit 2024

Back on Track for Parents and Professionals 2024

You Can Heal Your Life Summit 2024

Miracles Extravaganza 2024

Real Coaches Summit Pregame 2024

Legend Life Summit 2024

The Embodiment Festival 2024

Thriving Farmer Vegetables Summit

The Power of Meditation Summit

AI Summit for Creators

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Global Summit

Art of Meditation Global Summit

The Best Year of Your Life Summit

The Live Long and Thrive Summit

Bringing Magic Down to Earth

Dr Sue Morter Yoga Challenge

Seekers Solution Summit 2024

Inspired Living Giveaway 2024

Quantum Shift Academy 2024 Season 13

The Optimal Living Ayurveda Summit 2024


The Vitality Summit

The Truth About Weight Loss

Healers and Helpers Summit

Thrive State Summit

Beyond the Contrast

Sleep Deep Summit: A New Approach to Beating Sleep Apnea and Insomnia

Silent Killers Summit: Reversing The Root Cause Of Chronic Inflammatory Disease Summit

Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity

One-Day Summit: Somatics & Psychedelics in Trauma Healing

The Get Your Stuff Together Summit

Reclaim and Empower You Summit

Go Big Summit 2024

The Inflammation Solution

The BIG Immunity Masterclass

Better Brain Blueprint

Legend Life Summit 2024

Art of Meditation Global Summit

AI Summit for Creators

Finally Feel Free

Plant-Based Beginner's Bootcamp challenge

The Trauma Super Conference

10 day Mentally Strong Challenge

Portal to Divine Fortune

The Dog Detox Summit

The Holistic Oral Health Summit

HEAVY Movie 7 part docuseries

Living a Joyful Life Summit


Reversing Hypertension Naturally Summit

Reverse Alzheimer’s 4.0 Summit

Beyond Functional Medicine: Deep Healing and Advanced Therapies

Reversing Heart Disease Naturally Summit 2.0

The GUT RESCUE Summit: Evidence-Based Solutions to Finally Fix Your Health

Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity

Financial Freedom 101 Penelope Jane Smith

7-Figure Chiropractor Summit

Expanded States of Consciousness World Summit


12-part docuseries Cancer Secrets

Beating Autoimmunity Masterclass

Emersion ( GAIA)

Beyond the Brain

Food Matters Masterclass Series

Hacking Happiness Series

Out Of Control Dog Summit 2.0

Kick Sugar Challenge

The Women of Wisdom Summit

High-Ticket Sales Crash Course


The Stop Dieting to Start Living Summit

Online Biz Owner's Pot of Gold


Beyond Functional Medicine: Deep Healing and Advanced Therapies

Reverse Alzheimer’s 4.0 Summit

Beyond Infertility: Navigating Your Path to Parenthood Summit

My Healthy Home Summit

Positive Approach to Grooming Your Dog

EMF Hazards Summit 2024

Unlocking Love Summit

The Human Longevity Project Documentary Series

Vets for Holistic Transformation Conference

The Life Reawakened Show

Unlocking Love Summit

The Inflammation Equation Docuseries

Productivity for Perfectionists

Cognitive Compass: Mapping Strategies for Better Brain Health

Ecstatic Woman Summit

The Business Reinvention Summit

2024 Food Revolution Summit Docuseries

The Heart of Nature Summit

Boundless Psyche, Timeless Soul Online Summit

World Tai Chi & Qigong Summit

5-Day Metabolism Boost For Midlife Women


The Brain-Body Summit

The Peptide Summit: Harnessing the Power of Peptides for Health and Longevity

Cracking the Chronic Illness Code

Resolved: Healing Nervous System and Trauma-Driven Illness

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Summit 2.0

Rewiring Your Brain World Summit

Rewire Your Brain Masterclass

The Full Body Fix Event

2024 Mental Health & Well-Being Global Summit

5-Day Metabolism Boost For Midlife Women

Psychedelics Super Conference

Conquering Cancer: The Missing Link 2.0

Shatter The Stereotypes Summit

The Pro-Age Woman

2024 Recovery & Sleep Summit

The Next Steps Summit

Experts Extravaganza Livestream

Quantum Vortex Experience Masterclass

The Art of Influence Summit

The Ultimate Goal Getters Summit

The Virtual Speakers Success Summit

Embodied Intimacy One-Day Summit

Superfood Garden Summit

Relationship Rescue Bootcamp

Mindvalley Health and Body Summit 2024

Reinvent Yourself Summit

Life Beyond Addiction Online Conference

Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind Through a Detox Summit

The Over 40 and Fabulous! Summit

Unshakeable Business

Natural Fertility Possibilites Summit

Mastering Trauma Masterclass Series

The Healthy Gut Summit

Thriving Beyond Childhood Challenges Series

Plantapalooza Fit Over 40 Festival

Ticket To Freedom

The Breakthrough Summit 2

Emotional Eating Masterclass

The Belief Day Live Event with Peggy McColl 

Healing With Nature Masterclass

High-Ticket Summit

Immune for Life Docu-Series

The KingdomPreneur Summit

Conquering Cancer: The Missing Link 2.0

Rewire Your Brain For Unstoppable Success

Live Lighter with Less Masterclass

Toxic World Weekend

Finally Feel Free Event

Big Leap Author Summit

The Rise + Lead Gift Extravaganza

Perfect Pitch Summit

The Menopause Summit


Healing Lyme Summit

Hormonal Havoc: The COVID Fallout and How to Fix It

The Gut-Whole Body Connection: Integrative Approaches to Holistic Health Summit

Reverse Aging Revolution Summit

Systems And Marketing

Acquisition Summit

Indie Film Summit

5-Day Metabolism Boost For Midlife Women

Money Mastery Summit

Post-Traumatic Growth Global Summit

Liver and Gallbladder SOS & Rescue Summit

The Power of Love Summit

The Microbiome Masterclass Series







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