Law of Vibration


Everything in our universe constantly vibrates and moves. Both the nonphysical and the physical aspects of our universe are made up of energy and intelligence that vibrates or, in other words, oscillates, resonates, pulsates. Nothing rests. The difference between the physical and nonphysical is the rate of vibration.

This law is responsible for the difference between what we can see with our naked eye, like our hands, for example, and that which we cannot see but is there, like a radio wave.

A table appears to be solid and stationary; however, if you looked through a powerful microscope, you would actually see movement with lots of space between the molecules. With the help of a microscope, you are able to perceive the slowest vibratory rate of the table’s molecules. The same is true with your body. As I’ve mentioned before, although your body looks the same from day to day, it isn’t the same body. You are shedding millions of cells all the time and replacing them with new ones. Even though you cannot see it happening, it is.

Thoughts and feelings are also energy. Whenever you are sensitive to someone else’s feelings, whenever you become aware of your own feelings, this is conscious perception of a vibration. Whenever you say, “I feel good,” or “I feel bad,” you are commenting on whether your vibration is positive or negative in your own mind. You can also decide to feel good or bad (vibrations) by choosing your thoughts. As we’ve already established, only you can choose your thoughts, and you decide when and even the kind of thought energy to send and receive. If you choose negative thoughts, you emit a “negative” vibration or frequency and therefore align yourself with that frequency. On the other hand, when you choose positive thoughts, you do the exact opposite and tune into and attract the “positive” frequency of intelligence and energy.

Whether vibrations are good or bad depends on you; it is totally based on your own interpretation, and your brain is the instrument you use to move your entire being into the vibration you choose. It is your vibratory switching station.

Your brain is the most powerful electromagnetic processing tool ever created, and if you use it wisely to choose positive thoughts, everything you desire will start to move your way until it materializes in its physical counterpart. The more you focus and concentrate, the faster and more potent the frequency gets.

Another way of stating this law is “like attracts like,” meaning that people will attract energies like them. In relationships, this means people who are similar to each other (especially those who share the same or complementary beliefs) tend to be attracted to one another.


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There is one Great Law: namely, "Energy Is".

All physical and mental science is based on this one great law and its seven subsidiary laws which operate in co-ordination with each other.

1. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation

2. The Law of Relativity

3. The Law of Vibration

4. The Law of Polarity

5. The Law of Rhythm

6. The Law of Cause and Effect

7. The Law of Gender

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Everything in the Universe vibrates...nothing rests. "We really do live in an ocean of motion." This truly contains "The Great Secret of Life". You are always moving toward something and it is always moving toward´s action and attraction. This is where your intuitive factor is used ( or should be). You can use it to pick up other people´s vibrations.

When you consciously become aware of vibrations , you call them feelings. When you feel bad, you can change your feelings by thinking good thoughts. When you pick up a bad feeling from another person... you know they must be thinking disturbing thoughts. You must not let their negative vibrations affect your way of thinking.

Your thoughts are vibrations that you send off into the universe. When you concentrate, the vibrations are stronger. Your thoughts are cosmic waves of energy that penetrate all time and space (vibrations). Thought is the most potent vibration and remember that you can think.. that makes you a very special creation (God´s greatest masterpiece) You should always be delighted wth yourself. (All creation begins in thought.) Your thought controls the vibration your physical body is in.

Disease is a body that is not at ease. Health is a body at ease.

1. Your conscious awareness of vibration is referred to as "feeling"... therefore, when you say, "I feel bad, " or "I feel great, " you are declaring that you are in either a negative or a positive vibration.

2. Mind is movement . The law of vibration decrees that everything moves, nothing rests.

3. The brain is the instrument you use to move your entire being into a different vibration. The brain is your vibratory switching station.

4. Your brain will not think, but you think with your brain. Your brain is something you have to use to improve your life.

5. When you say you "think" or you say you are "thinking something," what you are really doing is choosing to activate certain brain cells. They, in turn, affect your central nervous system and you move into whatever vibration those particular cells govern. The Law of Attraction immediately goes to work delivering whatver you are thinking about.

6. Brain cells are where you store mental pictures or images. If the cells you activate have sad or negative images, you will move into a negative vibration and feel bad. If they have happy images, you will move into a positive vibration and fel good. Choose happy pictures and you must feel good. Vibration is everything.

The sound of God evolves through the Law of Vibration. Ignore logic and follow that "gut feeling." God is speaking to you.

Bob Proctor

The SGR Program
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