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"...While most of us are aware of the healing influences of the placebo effect, few are aware of its evil twin, the nocebo effect. Just as surely as positive thoughts can heal, negative ones-including the belief we are susceptible to an illness or have been exposed to a toxic condition-can actually manifest the undesired realities of those thoughts..."

"...Considering that a minimum of one third of all medical healings are attributed to the placebo effect, what percentage of illness and disease might be the result of negative thought in the nocebo effect? Perhaps more than we think, especially since psychologists estimate that 70 percent of our thoughts are negative and redundant..."

"...Perceptions have a tremendous influence in shaping the character and experiences of our lives. They’re the reason why those faith-filled folks can swig poison, joyously play with deadly snakes and lift a car to free a loved one. Perceptions shape the placebo and nocebo effects. They are more influential than positive thinking because they are more than mere thoughts in your mind. Perceptions are beliefs that permeate every cell. Simply, the expression of the body is a complement to the mind’s perceptions, or, in simpler terms, believing is seeing!..."

Accurate perceptions encourage success; misperceptions threaten survival.

Almost all of us have unknowingly acquired limiting, self-sabotaging misperceptions that undermine our strength, health, and desires.

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What are your values with regard to physical fitness and well-being? How important is physical health to you? How high does it rank in your hierarchy of importance? How do you think about physical well-being, and how often do you think that way?


What is your long-term vision for your health? Project five or ten years into the future. If your health were perfect in every respect, what would you look like? How would you feel?

Make out a dream list. Describe your perfect self and lifestyle in terms of health and fitness. How much would you weigh? How much would you exercise? How many hours per night would you sleep? What time would you go to bed, and what time would you get up? What sort of physical activities would you engage in regularly? If your physical life were perfect in every respect, what would you be doing and how would you be doing it?

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