My Most Important Relationship Is With My Source... There is no relationship of greater importance to achieve than the relationship between you, in your physical body, right here and now, and the Soul/Source/God from which you have come. If you tend to that relationship, first and foremost, you will then, and only then, have the stable footing to proceed into other relationships.

Your relationship with your own body; your relationship with money; your relationship with your parents, children, grandchildren, the people you work with, your government, your world . . . will all fall swiftly and easily into alignment once you tend to this fundamental, primary relationship first

Esther and Jerry Hicks
(The Teachings of Abraham®)

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The Four Truths of Quantum Love

by Laura Berman

The key to amazing, deep, passionate love is in harnessing your energy consciously for the benefit of your relationship. This is Quantum Love. This is a love that goes beyond even the intensity of new love, and is imbued with intimacy, joy and passion. It’s a love that allows you to tap into your soul and that of your mate, consciously feeling and experiencing the depth of that soul-to-soul connection. And it’s available to absolutely everyone.

When I use the word ‘energy,’ I don’t just your physical energy (like feeling awake and active versus tired or worn out). Instead, I mean the vibrations you are putting out into the universe. Every single of us gives off a vibration (think of it as a radio frequency) to the people around us. Indeed, for the past 50 years, discoveries in Quantum Physics reveal that we are all pure energy on a atomic level, and that energy is not static and contained within our bodies, but rather vibrates into the world around us.

Quantum Love Truth #1: Your Emotions Have an Energetic Frequency that Deeply Impact Your Partner

Quantum Love Truth #2: Your Partner is Your Greatest Teacher

Quantum Love Truth #3: The Lens Through Which You View Your Partner is Everything

Quantum Love Truth #4: It Is Always Possible to Shift into Quantum Love

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Dr Laura Berman article The Four Truths of Quantum Love


It is certain that you can find the relationships that you desire, but first there is something very important that you must do: you must become a Vibrational match to the qualities that you seek, because what comes to you always matches you.

Often people believe finding a mate who loves them will be the answer to everything missing in their life experience. They want to find that one person who will, in essence, complete them. And almost without exception, they want that person, right here, right now!

But because we understand the Law of Attraction as we do, we encourage them to ease up a bit on the “right here, right now” part, for this very important reason: If you insist on choosing a mate right now, that mate will be a Vibrational match to how you feel right now. The person who comes right now will be a match to the person you are right now.

When you are feeling misunderstood or lonely, or unloved, you cannot find a mate who will offer anything different to you. If you have predominantly been noticing the absence of a wonderful relationship, the presence of a wonderful relationship cannot occur. Not right now.

If you are seeking a joyful relationship, you must become joyful first. Asking for a relationship to make you joyful is a backwards approach. If you are seeking a satisfying relationship, you must become satisfied first. If you are seeking a relationship full of fun and great timing and excitement, you must become full of fun and great timing and excitement, first.

How you feel equals who you are. And who-you-are equals everything that comes to you. The powerful Law of Attraction insists on that.

The most accurate way to assess your chronic Vibrational offering is to pay attention to the relationships you now have. The people who are drawn to you are a perfect reflection of your chronic thoughts, how you are feeling, and of your point of attraction. And you have complete control about that.

Esther and Jerry Hicks-
(The Teachings of Abraham®)

BOOK: Getting into the Vortex-
Guided Meditations CD and User Guide

Focus on the best you can in others:
and when characteristics you want are missing,
practice seeing them anyway—
for when you practice the thoughts
of the things that you desire,
they must show up in your experience.
It is Law.

Esther and Jerry Hicks-
(The Teachings of Abraham®)

BOOK: Getting into the Vortex-
Guided Meditations CD and User Guide

When people show you who they are, BELIEVE THEM the first time.

Maya Angelou

American author and poet

ABRAHAM HICKS Esther Deals With A Pissy Waitress

ABRAHAM HICKS Esther Deals With A Pissy Waitress

You have in every moment of your life, no matter who you are interacting with, the ability to activate the best in them , and when you do , your life will be good.

or, you have the ability to observe them wherever you might have bumped into them, let them activate that in you, and then you don´t have a very good time and you blame them , and then you feel powerless because the world stinks . everywhere you go, there is someone troubling.

and we say, you get to choose , you get to choose what you activate in everyone and you would be amazed at the personalities that they have just ready to show you. They are brilliant, they are loving , they are adoring, they are good, they are reliable, they are helpful, and they want to play with you.

but sometimes, that´s not where they are vibrating. and it really is your job if they are in your world , to do something about that.

now you say:" well , it´s not my job to vibrate for them!"

and we say:

no, it certainly isn´t . but it is your job to maintain your vibration.

Esther and Jerry Hicks-
(The Teachings of Abraham®)

ABRAHAM HICKS - Send Love To Their Teacher

ABRAHAM HICKS - Send Love To Their Teacher



what happens when ...with the pink imagine you send love to somebody else. What happens metaphysically ?


you activate a vibration of connection within yourself, which causes the object of your attention to have the same vibration activated within them.

in other words, whatever you hold as your object of attention IS vibrating , but everything is that two-ended stick that we were talking about.

so , every person that you look at has things within them that you would like as you see them, and things within them that you would not like as you see them. and , the way you feel about them is not so much about what they´ve got activated , it´s about what YOU´VE got activated which is causing you to rendezvous with that aspect of them.

We would like you to understand that every person on the planet has the potential of thrilling you beyond description and causing you despair beyond description...IT JUST DEPENDS ON WHAT PART OF THEM IS MOST ACTIVE IN YOU.

Esther and Jerry Hicks-
(The Teachings of Abraham®)

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