Universal Laws

Dancing with the Universe


"...There are some laws that are universal. They have been around forever. They work whether you know them or not – whether you use them to your advantage or not. Laws work all the time irrevocably for everybody, irrespective of anything.

The force of gravity exists between all objects. This is the universal law of gravitation. Therefore, if you step off a building, no matter who you are, the force of gravity will pull you toward the ground.

The same holds true with the universal laws in this book. The laws affect every person in the same way. It’s important to gain an understanding of these powerful tools which will allow you to experience what you want out of life...."

Choice, not chance, determines destiny

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"...The universe operates perfectly. It’s mind-boggling when you think of everything that happens around you and inside you that you take for granted. Think about the oceans, the planets, nature, the gallons of blood pulsing through your veins and arteries. Each is a piece of perfection operating by precise laws.

When you learn how you fit and function in this precision, it’s much easier to appreciate who you really are and how you can create a wholly successful life. It’s time to celebrate your inherent greatness and to understand you were created perfectly. It’s time to stop limiting your abilities with your insecurities and inaccurate beliefs.

Each one of the laws in this chapter relates directly to your everyday life. It is not an accident that these laws exist, and no matter what your belief is regarding who or what created them,the laws are irrefutable. Understanding these laws and how you can use and coexist with them will forever change your life..."

"...Once you understand these laws as I do and understand that everything is connected, they’ll take on a new meaning. They are like an exact map to follow. Once you read and think about each of the laws, reflect on how you can apply it to your past experiences. Of course, in creating a masterpiece of the now and potential future, you should give each law even more, deeper consideration.

Take the time to consider and work in concert with these laws in your daily life and every action, and you’ll experience both joy and calm in your life...."

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You cannot break a law.
You can only break yourself against it.


Law of Perpetual Transmutation

Circumstances and things are perpetually coming or going according to your thoughts.

Law of Relativity

Your situation is not fundamentally good or bad until you compare it to something else.

Law of Vibration

Your thoughts control your personal vibration. Change your thoughts, get emotional about them, and you’ll change what is attracted to you.

Law of Polarity

Everything has an opposite. A bad situation is equally good. Look for the good, and more good will be on its way.

Law of Rhythm

When you feel down be assured that an upswing is coming. Plan on endless progression upward.

Law of Cause and Effect

Action and reaction are equal, in opposite directions. Focus on what you can give, not what you will get.

Law of Gender

Plant your own idea seeds, and then be patient. Don’t uproot your idea seed with doubt.

Vacuum Law of Prosperity

Nature abhors a vacuum. Make room for the thing you desire by giving away that which you do not like or use. Give it away, and let the Universe compensate you. God pays better than yard sale shoppers.

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The Law of Attraction

Things of the same vibration or frequency are attracted to one another. Like attracts like.

The Law of Deliberate Creation

The recipe for consciously creating includes these ingredients:

1. Intuition: Being clear on what you want.
2. Desire: Unwavering focus on what you want.
3. Belief: Matching your beliefs with your desires.
4. Action: Making a move and paving it forward.

The Law of Allowing

I am that which I am, and I allow others to be as they are.

The Law of Giving

That which you give, you receive.

Book: Paving it Foward


The best definition of Natural Law seems to be that, "It is the uniform and orderly method of the omnipotent God."

Unlike any other form of animal life that has been created, we were given the power of choice or free will; along with this power came certain responsibilities. The capacity to choose does not involve freedom from the consequence of our choice. The laws or rules which govern every individual, are as exact as the laws which govern the material universe. You can act in accordance with these laws or you can disregard them, but you cannot in any way alter them. The law frever erates and holds you to strict accountability, and there is not the slightest allowance made for ignorance. The Law of Attraction will deliver to you what you do not want as quickly and as certainly as it will deliver what you do want.

The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way (by law). Those who do things in this certain way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get rich. Those who do not do things in this certain way, no matter how hard they work or how able they are, remain poor.

It is a natural law that like causes always produce like effects. Therefore, any man or woman who learns to do things in this certain way will infallibly get rich.

Bob Proctor

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