Living on Purpose

Everyone has a purpose in life ... a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.

Kahlil Gibran
Book: The Prophet


"...Each one of us is born with a unique life purpose. We are all here for a reason, and we are all here to serve each other......"

"... A life of purpose is not only a true expression of who you really are - it is your gift to the world - and the world needs what you have to offer.

When you are living your life "on purpose" , you will find greater fulfillment and joy in all that you do. The universe will support you in all your endeavors when you are living in alignment with your purpose, your passion, and your inner truth..."

"...You have a purpose in this life and in this world, and your contribution matters..."

Motivational speaker,
author, Success Coach
Co-Author of Chicken Soup
for the Soul® books
Book: Key to Living
the Law of Attraction



"...Life is here to enjoy. The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness. When it appears otherwise, you are off the path of destiny. Look at your life and ask, "What do I need to change to choose in favor of my passions..."

"...Passion has the power to transform your life. When you discover your deepest passions, you connect with the essence of who you are. Living life aligned with your passions, your personal destiny unfolds naturally and effortlessly.

When that happens, life becomes an expanding field of joy, happiness and fulfillment, along with all the same inconveniences, challenges, obstacles, and discomforts everyone experiences . The difference is, on the path of passion, those things just don´t have much significance..."


NY Times bestselling authors
BOOK: The Passion Test

There are two great days in a person´s life - the day we are born and the day we discover why.

William Barclay
Scottish theologian


A) Make a list of all the times you can remember in your life that have made you feel the most truly alive and joyful.

B) Now, answer the following questions.

1) What are my natural gifts?

2) What are my skills and talents?

3) What do I love to do?

4) When do I feel the most alive?

5) What am I passionate about?

6) What brings me the greatest joy in life?

7) When do I feel the best about myself?

8) What are my personal strengths and characteristics?

9) What have others always said that I am really good at?

10) How do I most enjoy interacting with other people?

11) What would I change in the world if I could?

C) Ask through prayer or meditation for clarity, divine guidance, and inspiration. Ask to be shown how you can best use your gifts and the joyful places within yourself to not only earn a living, but to be of service to the world.

D) Now , take your answers from these questions and your list and consolidate them into two or three complete sentences.That is your life purpose statement.

My life purpose: ......................

E) Now, open your mind and your heart to the possibilities that already exist. Listen for the answers to your prayers, and become aware of the ideas, inspiration, and opportunities that present themselves.

Things will begin to unfold for you as exactly as they are meant to - and within the timeframe that will serve your highest good. Be willing to let go, and let God.

Motivational speaker,
author, Success Coach
Co-Author of Chicken Soup
for the Soul® books
Book: Key to Living
the Law of Attraction

What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.

American author,
poet and philosopher


"...So, what is your purpose? Contrary to popular belief, your purpose isn´t your job or profession - it´s much bigger than that. It´s an overarching intention to do what´s meaningful to you in your life..."

"... Living inspired by purpose can take many forms - the real key is to first discover the sense of meaning and purpose within you.

The research on happiness clearly shows that people who are deeply committed to whatever gives their life meaning are much happier than those who don´t have this greater sense of purpose.

According to the psychologist Edward Diener, who researches subjective well-being in the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, one of the vital ingredients for happiness is "having a meaning in life...and having goals embedded in your long-term values that you´re working for, but also that you find enjoyable. "

Health and longevity studies show that when people live with a sense of purpose, no matter how big or small, they live longer and healthier lives..."

Motivational Keynote Speaker
and Author
BOOK: Happy for No Reason


Ask God to reveal His plan to you . Ask Him very specifically:

  • What would You have me do?

  • Where would You have me go?

  • What would You have me say, and to whom?

Start your day by asking those questions.
Close your eyes.
Take a few deep breaths.
And ask.

A Course in Miracles
Book: A Course in Miracles
Lesson 71, excerpt

" We are not human beings on a spiritual path, but spiritual beings on a human path."

Episcopal priest and
labyrinth pioneer


" ...The Sanskrit word for "your purpose in life" is dharma. According to the Law of Dharma, we each have unique talents that we are here to discover. When we express those talents, we find joy. According to the law, we are most likely to discover those talents when we ask: "What can I give?" rather than: "What can I get?"..."

Bestselling Author,
Cartoonist and
International Speaker
BOOK: Follow your Heart


"...People from all walks of life share an innate drive for meaning, direction, and purpose. This drive to understand our life purpose seems as important to our psychological growth as eating is to or biological survival.

Although many of us don´t consciously recognize or acknowledge that we even have a specific life purpose, our subconscious knows what we are here to do ; it reaches out to us, sending messages through our dreams, intuition, and innermost longings. The call of our destiny manifests as our deepest drives and abilities - the hidden forces behind our personality. These drives shape our career and our relationships, and influence the quality and direction of our life.

Until we recognize and live in accord with our underlying purpose, our life may feel like a puzzle with missing pieces ; we may have a sense that there´s something we´re here to do, but we can´t quite grasp it. We work and rest, eat and sleep, make money and spend it, have our share of pleasures and difficulties, but the fundamental recognition of our life purpose may continue to elude us..."

Motivational Speaker and Writer,
Former World-Champion Athlete,
University Coach, and College Professor
Book: The Life You Were Born to Live


A Personal Mission Statement is a declaration of what you believe to be your purpose in life. It is highly recommended that you keep your personal mission statement brief. You can say a lot with only a few words.

When your personal mission statement is completed, display it where you can see it every single day and read it out loud or silently to yourself. It will have a profound effect on your life.

Having a personal mission statement will cause you to perform better, handle challenges more effectively, and stay focused on your life purpose. Your level of happiness will increase because you are living a fulfilled life.

The following are some suggested guidelines for creating your personal mission statement:

  • State it in the positive

  • Use action verbs such as "focused", "empower", "create" , "be"

  • Be able to experience it

  • Be relatively brief

  • Do not include universals such as "always", "never"

  • Use inspiring, emotionally charged words

  • It should inspire you and make you proud

  • It represents the most important values

  • It demonstrates the contribution you will make

The following is a sample of a Personal Mission Statement:

The purpose of my life is to remember who I am, demonstrating the greatness within me every day, building on my strengths. To be grateful for the many gifts in my life and giving thanks. To be a world-renowned master in the field of personal, professional and corporate development, making a positive contribution to millions of lives all over the world.

A mission statement should be repeatable in order to be most powerful. A single sentence or a few words will suffice for most people.

Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling Author
Speaker and Mentor
Book: On Being the Creator of your Destiny

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