Beliefs determine your life


  • Life is simple.

  • You create your life: the good and the bad.

  • Love, service, and giving must be the motives of your life.

  • Money is easy and comes to you as the result of serving others.

  • Service often comes disguised as work.

  • You can be healthy and do not have to suffer sickness.

  • You live the life you choose to live.

  • You can change.

  • Words are powerful and shape the circumstances of your life.

  • Thoughts are creative and control your outcome.

  • Trust your feelings.

  • Whining and refusing to take responsibility kill your chances of success.

  • Results never lie.

  • Most people are lazy and need to get off their butts and do something.

  • All good is rewarded.

  • Guilt serves no purpose.

  • Worry is a waste of time and energy.

  • Personal satisfaction comes only when you rise above the approval of others.

  • Everything in life gets better when you get better and nothing gets better until you get better.

  • When it comes to kids, remember: They grow out of it.

  • God is the Presence of Good and the Action of Love.

  • Love your work and by loving it you will become excellent at it and well rewarded.

  • It is wonderful to have lots of stuff, but it takes more than stuff to make you happy.

  • Fun should be a way of life, not something you have from time to time.

  • Everything in life is a lesson. Refusing to learn the lesson means that it will be repeated until the lesson is learned.

  • In the long run, none of this really matters much anyway so there is no need to get your panties in a wad.


Book: Shut Up,
Stop Whining,
and Get a Life
A Kick-Butt Approach
to a Better Life



What you believe about money determines how much you have. What you believe about women determines how you treat your wife and how you get along with her. Likewise, what you believe about men determines how you treat your husband and how you get along with him. And what you believe about men and women determines how you treat your son, your daughter, your co-workers, and the strangers you meet. It determines how you vote and how you feel about the people you do business with.

What you believe about yourself determines how you dress—whether your clothes are clean and fashionable and whether you shine your shoes. What you believe about love determines how much of it you give and receive. What you believe about success determines how much of you have. What you believe about happiness determines if you are or not.

Now do you see how I can tell you exactly what you believe by just looking at you and your stuff? Your beliefs leave a trail that shows up in every area of your life.

Look at your life. Take some time to consider the way you live. Think about your belief system and how it affects your possessions, your relationships, your success, and your happiness. Maybe for the first time ever, you’ll know why your life is the way it is.

... make your own list about what you believe ...

After making your list, do you see how what you believe has affected your results? Look at your life and try to determine what belief you have that has created and supported that result. If you are not happy with your results, change your beliefs.

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Book: Shut Up,
Stop Whining,
and Get a Life
A Kick-Butt Approach
to a Better Life

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