EFT Hub Video Summit 2011

EFT Hub Video Summit 2011

Website: http://www.eft-universe.com/eft-hub-video-summit.html

Starts: November 28, 2011

Ends: December 6, 2011

Host: Gary Williams

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Carol Look

Brad Yates

Alina Frank

Jade Barbee

Tania Prince

Margaret Lynch

Sue Beer

Emma Roberts

Dr Gabriel Rutten

Kate Beeders

Linda Wood

Gwyneth Moss


Day one - Top Ten Tapping Tips - Carol Look

Carol Look shares a wealth of great new ideas to put into your EFT tapping tool kit including:

Opposite hand tapping and cross over tapping

Argument tapping

Refusal tapping

Look in the mirror

Singing affirmations (while you tap)

Thank you tapping

Guest tapping

Photo tapping

Past tense tapping

“You” tapping

Bonus tip – Kiss and tap

More about Carol Look at her website: www.attractingabundance.com

Day One - Getting EFT Right - Brad Yates

When we get started with EFT we may fall into the trap of thinking that we need to get the words and the tapping perfect and this can limit us. Brad Yates explores the subject and walks us through a tapping round. You will also discover what we call borrowing benefits, and that means if you tap along with a video on an unrelated topic to your own issue, you may well find your own issues become less troublesome.

Coming up with the set-up phrase

Being global rather than being stuck

Just tapping

Discovering Borrowing Benefits

A tapping round on “not being creative”

Day Two - Shifting Aspects - Alina Frank

Alina Frank talks about how some people may think that EFT is not working but it may be because of a shifting aspect. Alina also shares her thoughts on:

Associative memory

Not chasing “the daisy chain”

Sensory aspects

Working thoroughly on each aspect with EFT

Day Two - Psychological Reversal - Jade Barbee

Jade Barbee continues our look at Psychological Reversal and how we can use the tapping process to overcome the limitations it can cause in our lives. Jade also looks in at:

Awareness of psychological reversal

Acceptance of energetic blocks (PR)

Working intuitively

Self-acceptance of where we are

A tapping round

Day Three - Before Tapping - Tania Prince

EFT Master Tania Prince talks about some of the important areas we need to look at before we even get started with tapping on the points. This will be useful for practitioners and also give many insights to those who are just looking at working on themselves. Tania looks at:

Finding the words

Using the SUDS scale

The relevance of physical sensations

The importance of listening

Tapping along with more experienced practitioners

Setting up ways to get feedback

Day Three - EFT and the Chakras - Margaret Lynch

Margaret shares with us the 7 Chakras and how we can use the tapping process to work on each one to improve all areas of our life in relationships, health, money and much more. Margaret truly is an expert at combining both, and you will learn many insights with the video including:

The Chakra system and levels of consciousness

Correlating beliefs and energies

Using the Chakra system to work on issues with EFT

Day Four - Association and Disassociation - Sue Beer

Sue Beer explores an important area for those thinking of working on others or who want to learn more about the subject of Association and Dissociation and EFT, she talks about:

Knowing something happened but having no feelings about it

The unconscious mind keeping us safe

Over-association with a traumatic event and constantly being triggered

Using disassociation techniques such as the Movie Technique to clear trauma

Day Four - EFT and Cancer - Emma Roberts

Emma has been working with EFT and cancer for some time and shares her wealth of experience in this video, Emma talks about:

The need to get training in this and other areas

How to work with people with cancer

Her own special experience of working in this area

What EFT can do for people with cancer and the people around them

Day Five - A Slimmer You - Brad Yates

This video is in two parts and Brad shares with us why loving the self is so important and how EFT can help us to reach such a place and then by doing that having the bonus of dealing finally with our weight issues, Brad shares more about:

Loving yourself and treating yourself with love

Clearing out emotional stuff which possibly causes us to treat ourselves in an unhealthy way

A tapping round on many emotions that may play a part in all kinds of negative thoughts and behaviour

Day Five - EFT in the Medical World - Dr Gabriel Rutten

Gabrielle Rutten is a medical doctor and she shares how and why she uses EFT and how other doctors are starting to use it also. Gabrielle also talks about how stress could be handled so well with EFT and many other insights from a medical point of view. Gabriel also explores:

Relating physical symptoms to emotions

Looking at your body’s symptoms metaphorically

The difference between “Healing” and “Medicine” in the western world

The importance of emotional balance to health

The Personal Peace Procedure

Day Six - Creating a Successful EFT Business - Kate Beeders

Kate Beeder's talks about creating a successful heart centered EFT business and what you really need to focus on if you want to get beyond any blocks you may have.Kate also talks about:

Creating a Successful EFT Business

First steps to heart centred marketing

Being passionate about your work

Leading a balanced life

Releasing blocks to abundance

Working with mentors

Clearing blocks with a tapping round

To discover more about Kate Beeder's and her work click here.

Day Six - Marketing Your EFT Business - Linda Wood

Linda Wood uses her wealth of experience to look at marketing your EFT practice and offers many insights including:

Energy marketing

The Law of Attraction

Working on ourselves before marketing

A tapping round on releasing blocks to marketing yourself

Day Seven - Surrogate Tapping - Gwyneth Moss

Gwyneth is a very respected EFT Master and has worked in many areas including using EFT for surrogate tapping, Gwyneth covers many areas including:

Learning to do surrogate tapping using animals and the practical results of that

Borrowing benefits

We are all connected

A tapping round

Day Seven - 7 Top EFT Tapping Tips for Abundance - Carol Look

In the video EFT Master and Abundance Expert Carol Look shares many tapping tips on combining EFT with the law of attraction to create the life you have always wanted.


How to visualise to materialise what you want

The importance of hearing your success

Why you need to “act as if”

How identity can become a stumbling block

Why we need to expand our comfort zones

More about Carol Look at her website: www.attractingabundance.com

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