Better Than Ever After Divorce Telesummit

Better Than Ever After Divorce Telesummit


Starts: October 11th , 2011

Ends: November 9th, 2011.

Host: Dr. Dee Adio-Moses

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Jana Beenan

Patrick McMillan

Don McAvinchey

Vivienne Talsmat

Sylva Dvorak

Suzy Miller

Susie Heath

Shelley Whitehead

Natalie Lamb

Michelle Manning-Kogler

Lisa Thomas

Lisa Page

Fi Ivin

Donna McCallum

Wendi Friesen

Debra Thompson Roedl

Adele Theron

Dr. Enyinna Erengwa

Janet Bray Attwood

Dr. Dee Adio-Moses

Angela Harrington Rice

Sharon Wilson

Mary Allen

Dr. Shea Willis

Christina Rowe

Rhonda Ryder

Gay Cartier

Jessica Brams

Antiqua Libbey

Delaine Moore

Vincent Leleux

Hollis Colquhoun

Lauren Dibiase

Lisa B. Iverson


Who is Adele Theron?

Adele Theron has a 12-year background as change management specialist, helping people adapt to new situations and experiences created by mergers, acquisitions and large software implementations. The techniques she uses and created to help companies and individuals adapt to change were used very successfully to aid thousands of individuals within 18 separate organizations.

Adele went through a very high profile divorce 2 years ago. As a professional career woman, Adele found that she could not afford the time to have an emotional breakdown and was desperate to find a solution. She spent the next year drawing on a decade of change management techniques and processes learnt and developed within the corporate world and developed a clear cut 21-day strategy based on the principles of PerturbationTM for getting over a divorce, capable of dealing with the most dramatic of situations. Inevitably, she began using her process with people around her struggling with divorce and later with their friends and friends of friends. The demand for her process grew as she realized that professional career women, like herself don’t have the luxury to fall apart. Women wanted an alternative to therapy – something which would hold them together whilst helping them heal around their busy schedule that would enable them to build healthy, future relationships which are drama-free. And so, the naked divorce was born.


Angela Harrington Rice is committed to open up gateways of communication for all people. As an Emmy Award television host and producer, she uses tools of her trade to help persons open up to their personal realities and forge a new future. As a minister and certified marriage counselor, she helps men and women realize that marriage is more than just two people coming together, but an opportunity for soul growth. Angela is a workshop leader, inspirational speaker and writer who believes that everyone deserves and can live a life that is filled with joy and purpose.


Within each of us is the little girl who believed in the fairy tales and the knight in shining armor. When we learn that the fairy tale was just that, a tale – it shakes us to our core. The little girl inside of each of us longs to be the princess who is captured by the prince; however, when our hearts are broken it can be a gift, because we get to re-examine the myths that we brought in to. Healing the Inner Girl helps us to re-examine the beliefs that have been our mode of operation and then begin to create a story that is real, nurturing and life transforming.


Antiqua is a victory expert, coach, speaker, author and master yoga teacher. Her purpose is to share her God given gift, which is her ability to bring light to her client’s worth and purpose, so they can live fully aware and on purpose sharing their God given gifts and loving life.

Referring to her harrowing experience as a sexual abuse victim, cancer survivor, and the bought of depression she faced and over came. She says that she has “ passed life’s tests of being a victim, then a survivor and now she lives in the realm of victorious living”. She is very passionate in sharing what God has taught her about the Trinity within us all, to help you trust your life completely without compromising any part of yourself or your faith. By balancing the Trinity within, she began to experience her intuition and took back her own authority, which allowed her to sense her highest needs, healing from hormone imbalances, cancer and depression. This is what she wants to help you achieve, the ability to know and trust yourself completely, so you are the authority in your life.

Antiqua began teaching yoga and fitness professionally 18 years ago and has been in training from birth to bring the Trinity of Approach and it’s empowering method to light. Her courses, workshops and her book all help deepen your relationship with yourself, so you can live the life you were born to experience. You can find them all at

Christina Rowe Bio:

Christina Rowe learned the hard way about the perils of divorce. She was a happily married woman with four children. Then Christina caught her husband cheating and her life spiraled out of control. What followed were two years of hell. She went through it all: money problems, dealing with a deadbeat ex-husband, navigating the court system, corrupt lawyers and more. Eventually Christina’s Life got better. She made it through the storm. In her hard-hitting, tell-all book, Seven Secrets to a Successful Divorce-what every woman needs to know, Christina shares her own personal divorce story and gives specific tips and recommendations on how woman can protect themselves and not be taken advantage of during their own divorce process. She teaches down to earth survival skills that can save women time, money and heartache during their divorce. She is a respected and sought after media guest who has appeared on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, CBS 4 Miami, NBC Miami, Channel 7 News, Fox 29 in W. Palm Beach, WXEL TV in Boynton Beach and was featured in South Florida’s Sun Sentinel and Palm Beach Post and many other publications. Christina has also been a guest on many radio shows across the U.S. and is one of the stars of the 2 Blondes and a Redhead Internet based TV show.

Debra Thompson Roedl

If you are really serious about turning over your new leaf to create a new life for yourself following your divorce, then our guest expert Debra Thompson Roedl is going to teach you how you can make money building a highly profitable information empire teaching YOUR expertise based upon your experience, your systems and your strategies. This is the perfect training for women who are starting over in their life and want a new positive direction. Debra will share with you how you can create wealth in your part time that could lead to a brand new full time profession for you where you are creating wealth from your passion and living the life of your dreams.

For the past two decades Debra Thompson Roedl has been behind the scenes silently building multi-million dollar empires (each ranging between $1 to 12 Million) for herself and her partners as EXPERTS in their fields. In 2003 Debra opened her doors and offered to share her secrets with a select few and highly regarded millionaire experts that she chose to work with. The word soon got out on the street as to the fast results they realized…. and the industry exploded into a fury as top marketers seized the opportunity to work with her so they too could quickly take their business to the next level.

She became known as “The Expert Strategist” and was the top secret marketing weapon behind their success… The Expert to the experts so to speak.

Today, Debra continues her journey and passion to make a difference and help others to live the life of their dreams and achieve success. She speaks around the world sharing her expert marketing secrets and strategies.

She has shared the stage with Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Joe Sugarman, Ted Nichols, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, John Childers, Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Atwood, T. Harv Eker, Ted Thomas, Les Brown, Dr. Barbara DeAngelis, Art Linkletter just to name a few.

Donna McCullum

Donna McCallum, International coach for dream realization, the fairy godmother

The Fantastically Fabulous and Magical Fairy Godmother (a.k.a Donna McCallum)

Over the last five years Donna McCallum, the Fairy Godmother has helped over 10 000 individuals in South Africa, Europe and the USA to realize their dreams and goals and has helped small and big companies like Nedbank, Mica Hardware, Estee Lauder, Sun International etc. align their teams and start getting the results that they want. Her inspiring talks, workshops and online training programs leave audiences enthralled, able to Dream Big and then just do it!

Her success led to her being approached by South Africa’s largest publisher to write a book – “The Fairy Godmother’s Guide to Getting What you Want” which is available in stores throughout South Africa.

In 2009 Donna was nominated by the Mail and Guardian as one of the 300 most influential young South Africans.


Sylva Dvorak, Psychoneurologist and Integrative Healer

Dr. Sylva Dvorak holds a PhD in Psychoneurology and Integrative Healing from Barron University and undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Dr. Sylva has consulted with numerous Fortune 100-500 clients including: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Arco, Deloitte & Touche, Pfizer, Blue Cross-Blue Shield and Prudential as well as others clients such as Herbalife, Amway, Amazon Herb Co, and One World Projects, Inc. Currently, her business clients are organizations that are dedicated to humanitarian efforts. Dr. Sylva serves as the Director of Integrative Healing for Courage for Peace Charitable Trust and is on the Faculty of Barron University.

Dr. Sylva has a private practice based in Pacific Palisades, California and other locations. She has also published numerous articles, is the co-author or “Health Fairs for the Healthy Workforce,” and is completing her first solo authored book. Dr. Sylva has dedicated her life to spiritual pursuits, has spent 20 years studying health and healing along with the inner workings of the mind. Dr Sylva has a passion for integrating ancient wisdom with our newest understandings of the body, mind and spirit and for over 20 years has studied the art of creating deep and loving relationships which she believes are the most important experiences for us to have during our lifetime.

Dr. Sylva is originally from the Czech Republic and spent time in refugee camps as a child. Her passion is to help others find their personal freedom, which forms the foundation of all her work.


Dr. Enyinna Erengwa is an international consultant with a specialization in developing and preparing leaders in government agencies, charitable organizations, and private corporations. He is also a devoted humanitarian and a catalyst for change across the globe who has firmly undertaken the duty to strengthen the lives of those around him. In his passionate pursuit of cultivating future leaders and bolstering the social fabric of communities, he is committed to first encouraging and empowering women as the most critical step for community-wide advancement. With this goal, he founded the Empowerment Institute over sixteen years ago in London England in order to assist women, particularly divorced women, to gain internal clarity and certainty regardless of how uncertain their external world had become.

As a strong global leader with a social consciousness, he wholeheartedly embraces his responsibility to provide programs that supply tools of personal enrichment and improvement. Even though he is a very private person, through the Empowerment Institute’s Certainty Creation Workshops and Seminars, countless women have found resolution in their lives from numerous emotional, financial, and spiritual problems that often plague far too many women. In recognition of his contributions to education and life empowerment, Dr. Erengwa who is loving referred to by everyone as “the voice of reason” has received multiple honors and accolades from a variety of organizations, societies, and monarchs around the world. Dr. Erengwa is confident that the tools for a new and improved life for women across the world are available, and he is committed to being a channel through which these instruments of growth may be accessed.

Fi Ivin

Fi Ivin, Author, Coach and Personal Branding and Image Consultant

Fi Ivin is an author, speaker and independent consultant in personal development working with women aged between 35 – 50 who have lost all sense of value and purpose because of changes to their personal lives or careers.

She engages with them to re-launch their lives. They are Women on a Wobble..

Her background is in education and training but she has spent the last 17 years as a coach & stylist working with hundreds of women. Fi has gone through her own wobble and have accrued lots of skills, resources and tools, which she has assembled to bring lasting change in a 3 step program

Her journey has been a challenging one and took her many years and much determination to resource help. It is difficult to find those kind of help and many reach breaking point and find themselves in a life of pills and counselling which does not provide long term solutions.

When women are ready for change Fi helps women identify the root causes of their issues, reconnect them with their core identity and rebuild their inner and outer confidence and credibility taking them from lonely frustration to, as one woman said “Wow this is me. This is who I am and what I can achieve.” Leaving their wobbles behind women begin to make meaningful contributions back into their families and communities instead of being consumers.

Fi utilises her unique combination of skills and experience in Coaching, Image Consulting, Personality Typing, Personal Branding and Behavioural Assessment, to create customised packages and toolkits that best meet the specific needs of her clients, combining one-to-one coaching and consulting sessions with group workshops and presentations.

She is known for her ability to understand her clients at a deep level leaving them feeling like a light has gone on in a darkened room.

Gay Cartier

Gay Cartier, Addiction Counselor, Recovery Expert and Life Coach

Recovery Coach, Spiritual Coach, Communications and Transformation Specialists and Stress Management Expert, is passionate about helping you to unlock your potential and walk in your own personal truth, so you can live your life and dreams with purpose.

Known by many as the ‘transformer’ she has assisted her clients to make that 180 ° turn from self-destruction to self- creation. Gay’s clients have learnt strategies and techniques to achieve a formula for living to gain control over the decisions they make, discover who they are, live the life they always wanted and be the person they know they are.

Her services include telephone and online Life and Recovery Coaching, Law of Attraction Coaching and Addiction Counseling.

Within her trademark system called the New Life Recovery Program, Gay inspires you to transform your life, gain independence, and freedom from all things that block happiness, find peace with self and others!

Hollis Colquhoun


Hollis Colquhoun is a financial expert, writer, speaker and martial artist. She worked on Wall Street for twenty years as one of the first female institutional traders. She married her co-worker, the head of the trading department, together they became a very successful professional team, and as a family had three daughters.

After being married for twenty years, Hollis went through a totally unforeseen, heart-breaking, two-year divorce process. When her divorce was finalized, she needed to return to the workforce. Using her financial background, Hollis became an Accredited Financial Counselor for a nonprofit credit counseling agency where she counseled thousands of people. Most of her clients were women who were in serious financial trouble after divorce or death of a spouse, because they had no real financial education.

To help rectify this situation, Hollis and a co-counselor wrote a simple book, Women Empowering Themselves: A Financial Survival Guide, to teach women the basics of budgeting, net worth and credit. It has since become an Amazon Bestseller and won a 2011 National Indie Excellence Book Award.

For the last five years, Hollis has written columns and articles for many online sites, such as Technorati, the Newark Examiiner and Wisebread, and for magazines such as Personal Excellence, More and Self. Focusing on helping women, Hollis has conducted financial workshops, provided one-on-one financial counseling and has developed a program Design Your New Life Before You Divorce, which financially educates and empowers a women before she enters the divorce process.

Hollis’ other passion is martial arts. Having practiced for over seventeen years, she has earned black belts in both Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Hollis is passionate about showing women how to harness the power of their mind, body, spirit and money. She likes to mix financial education and empowerment with martial arts philosophy and training techniques so women can master the basics of personal and financial self-defense.

Hollis has created a new website to financially empower her online community of women, and a channel on called Money Mojo in the Dojo, where she discusses financial topics with the help of martial arts weapons. She also hosts a weekly radio show on BlogTalk Radio called Wednesday Afternoon F.E.S.T. (Financial Education and Survival Training) to combine financial news and advice with easy self-defense techniques to ensure a woman’s personal and financial survival!

Janet Bray Attwood

Transformational Leader, #1 New York Times Bestseller Author

Topic: Staying In Love When The Marriage Is Over!

From her own remarkable experiences, Janet created the profoundly impactful Passion Test process. This simple, yet effective process has transformed hundreds of thousands of lives all over the world and is the basis of the NY Times bestseller she co-authored with Chris Attwood, The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose. Janet is a living example of what it means to live a passionate, fully engaged life.

A celebrated transformational leader, Janet has shared the stage with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, Nobel Prize winner, F.W. de Klerk, Stephen Covey, Dr. Barbara De Angelis, and many others.

Janet received the highest award for service from the President of the United States for her work with the homeless and kids in lockdown detention centers.

Janet has personally trained hundreds of Passion Test Facilitators worldwide. Her other programs include, The PT for Kids and Teens, The PT For Homeless, The PT for Coaches, The PT for Business and The PT for Kids in lockdown.

For more info on Janet go to: and

ABOUT Lauren DiBiase

Lauren DiBiase is an International “Holistic Life Coach”. She supports her clients with a, “Whole Life,” approach toward balance and fulfillment by teaching her powerful method of, Visioneering ™ ,”Engineer the Vision for your Life”. In addition her clients also develop a strategy and level of accountability by which they will ultimately, attract their Ideal Life! Lauren is the founder and President of Life Visioneer, Inc and the Visionboard ‘N Beyond process. She holds a BA in Economics, an MS in Mental Health Counseling and is a Certified Personal and Executive Coach. Additionally, she is a business partner of Bob Proctor’s, (a featured expert in the movie, “The Secret,”). She is trained and licensed to represent his organization and teach and train his material.Lauren’s passion in life is to share from the heart in a way that can help others unlock their true desires and to stand by them as they discover their unique path to abundance.

Lisa Page

Lisa Page, International Speaker and Women’s Coach ABOUT LISA

Lisa Page is an Expert Women’s Coach and International Speaker who guides women to create the success they want, without sacrificing the juice and truth of who they are, as an authentically empowered, sensually alive and deeply fulfilled woman.

With her deep insight and practical approach, Lisa has coached women from all walks of life for over 10 years – From highly successful business women, to refugees, stay at home mums and entrepreneurs. And through her workshops, coaching programs and products she has helped them to finally let go of whatever has been holding them back from having the depth of connection, passion, love and fulfilment they really want in their life and intimacy.

ABOUT – Michelle Manning-Kogler

Michelle Manning-Kogler is the author of “Quantum Soul Clearing – Three Simiple Steps for Personal Transformation” and is a contributing author to “Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now.” She is the developer and trainer for “The Quantum Soul Clearing Process.” She is an internationally renowned Life Coach, Distance Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, Bio-Energetic Practitioner and Motivational Speaker.

Using alternative and energetic medicine healing modalities, Michelle has personally overcome a devastating diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. Her experiences led her to develop unique healing processes that help people remove the negative emotional baggage and the old thoughts and beliefs that are the underlying contributors to illness. Her approach to healing is multi-faceted and “whole-istic,” integrating mind, body and spirit for optimal wellness.

For more information about Michelle, her Quantum Soul Clearing Process, and her healing and coaching programs, please go to


Natalie became an AIDS Counsellor at 19 in South Africa. This opened her to frank and open conversations on sex, sexuality and healthy ways to get our love needs met.

Studying a Masters in Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory has given her an overall map of how everything fits together from evolving, diverse and conflicting perspectives and how truly complex we all are with delicious nuances and contradictions.

Training in Psychodrama made her wonderfully crazy, audacious, and had her taste the magic in group transformation. A degree in Psychology has given Natalie understanding and passion to empower your life. Her mission is to transform the quality of love on the planet through growing empathy, improving orgasm, healing abuse, teaching parenting and improving attachment in couples and families.

Having a degree in Drama had her pushing limits of fear and exploding in wildness, dance, creativity and spontaneity – this enables her in taking people into parts of themselves that they couldn’t go before. Being an individual, group, and family therapist stretched and pounded on her heart and mind expanding her Vision in serving more in the Universe. Being a Networking Coach taught her the art of requesting boldly, and having integrity. As a home provider/fosterer for years to emotional challenging and Autistic teens stretched her to find new ways of healing with empathy, embodied presence, laughter and love. Becoming a Master Certified Singles and Couples Coach has spoken to the power of purpose, the joy of love, and the importance of honing down to specifics. Being a mother to two precious beings, has allowed her an intimate channel for patience and play, devotion and celebration, rhythm and consistency.

Patrick McMillan

Patrick McMillan, first and foremost is a passionate loving father of two wonderful young boys who are 13 and 10 years old.

He is an author, Happiness Coach for Kids and Parents and speaker on the science of happiness as it pertains to children and parenting. He is the co-founder of Happier Kids and authored An Exercise in Happiness(TM), an emotional fitness program for children in the 3rd to 5th grade and is used in classrooms and homes around the world. Patrick recently developed the Science of Happy Kids and Joyful Parenting Program(TM) to introduce the strategies to happiness to teachers and parents.

Patrick was a stay at home dad for over seven years and for the past three years a single dad living in Colorado with his two boys.

About Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

Recognized as The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce, Rosalind Sedacca, CCT, is the author of How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook™ Guide to Preparing Your Children – with Love! This easy-to-read ebook prepares parents for the challenges of telling their children about a pending separation or divorce. What makes her book unique is that it doesn’t just tell you what to say. It says it for you!

Therapists, attorneys, mediators, educators and other professionals throughout the US and beyond have endorsed Rosalind’s book and innovative storybook concept. Her now-grown son, who was eleven when she divorced, wrote the book’s Introduction.

The 2008 National First Place Winner of the Victorious Woman Award, Rosalind is an Advisor at, on the Board of Directors of WE Magazine for Women, A Contributing Expert for, on the Panel of Experts for the First Start After Divorce Community, a Contributing Columnist for and a Contributing Author to Parents For Parents Magazine.

Rosalind is also a Certified Corporate Trainer, award-winning national speaker and workshop facilitator. She now shares her expertise on TV and radio programs, print interviews, newsletters, podcasts and articles. To learn more about her new book, free ezine, articles, blog and other valuable resources, visit


Founder of Coaching From Spirit Institute at, is a Master Coach, Certified Spiritual Counselor and author. She guides struggling business owners to success as Spiritualpreneurs including those going through divorce through the principle that successful entrepreneurs rely on ONE business coach – themselves.

Shelley Whitehead

Shelley Whitehead, Master teacher. Relationship coach to divorced and bereaved women

Shelley Whitehead is a Relationship Coach working with individuals and groups of Divorced and Bereaved women who are ready to embrace love the second time around. She is known for getting them on a date in 28 days. Having first-hand knowledge in dealing with the loss of a partner, she took the steps to rebuild her life and entered the dating world again after an abscence of 20 years. Everything had changed. After a series of disasterous mistakes she signed up with a Relationship therapist /coach, and read every single book available on relationships, often with much conflicting advice. She created and successfully implemented a program that led to her marrying her ideal man in 2006.

Utilising her skills as an accredited coach and NLP Practioner, Shelley has helped many women over the past 5 years embrace the unique relationship they have with themselves. Her program supports and guides women suffering with a lack of identity, zero self-confidence and self worth, as they identify the patterns and behaviours that chase men away while working towards a date in 28 days.

The women Shelley works with are left feeling re-connected to life and love again, well equipped with the tools to deal with relationship challenges. Equipped with good intercultural knowledge and a solid expertise in the process of CHANGE, Shelley’s approach to personal and professional transitions is direct and result oriented.

South African born, Shelley has lived in Europe and has made her home in London with her husband and three children.

About Susie Heath

Susie Heath is a pioneer in the area of masculine/feminine dynamics both in the workplace, and in relationships and intimacy.

She is an inspirational speaker and facilitator of workshops both in the corporate and public sectors using the power of music, dance and movement, NLP, mind technology and coaching. Best-selling author of “The Essence of Womanhood – re-awakening the authentic feminine;” “Little Gems – selected from “The Essence of Womanhood;” “The Potency of the Feminine in Business – the 7 secrets of success;” and co-author of “Written in the Rainbow – a woman’s secret to self-esteem”.

Rather than promoting assertiveness-training and the empowerment of women, Susie encourages women to explore and embrace the true potency and intrinsic strength of their feminine energy. In turn, this empowers men in their greatness again rather than the macho, passive-aggressive or over- feminised behaviours that are all too commonplace.

Susie’s work came about primarily when she found herself being the “Man” and the “Father” as she became a single Mum during the teenage years of her three children following a very traumatic divorce, when as she said, her “femininity flew out the window.” As a result of the stress and overwhelm, she was constantly unwell, and felt her spirit was squashed into the size of a pea. Her journey was long, intense and immensely challenging, but she has emerged as a woman of joy, love and inspiration, with so much to share.

Her professional career spans teaching languages and working in large corporations including the fashion industry, marketing and relocation, and as a production assistant in the film industry. While bringing up her children, she founded a conservatory horticultural consultancy, which led to her creating displays at Chelsea Flower Show, running workshops, writing, making guest appearances on TV and radio, becoming an after-dinner speaker, and being featured in many top national magazines and newspapers. Clients ranged from film stars to royalty. She was a popular speaker for the Royal Horticultural Society.

Trained as a Corporate, Executive and Personal coach, and Coach the Coaches qualified, she is also an Educo™ Mind-Master, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist with NLP, specialising in stress, sexual therapies and related topics. She is a qualified Biodanza™ teacher (music, movement and dance) as well as a Relationship and Intimacy coach, and a trained TV presenter.

Alongside her coaching, she runs workshops focussing on interpersonal and communication skills; mind-mastery; personal growth; workshops for women; stress relief, as well as an experiential programme called “The Physiology of Success”™ for mixed groups, and “Dance Your Way to Success” ™ for women in the corporate market.

Susie is also in corporate training and coaching and her works include Mine Your Own Business™; The Awareness Principle™; The Transformational Selling System; Successful But Something Missing? Powerful Presentations; Effortless Marketing; Transforming the Bottom Line; Vision and Purpose; How to Use More of the Mind.

Susie is author of “The Essence of Womanhood – re-awakening the feminine” and has co-authored “Written in the Rainbow – A Women’s Secret to Self-Esteem” both of which are first in a series. She is also co-authoring a series of books and coaching and training programs for women in business.

Suzy Miller

Suzy Miller, Founder of Starting over show and Non-Adversarial breakup expert.

Suzy Miller is the Founder of Starting Over Shows – the original ‘divorce fair’ in the UK – provide information and inspiration (along with tea and cake) to those going through major life changes such as divorce, relationship break up, redundancy and bereavement. The Starting Over Shows combine mediation and collaborative family lawyers alongside divorce coaches, photographers, redundancy experts, massage and the mystic housewife. It is the first UK event to help people bounce back from divorce, relationship break ups and life crises. On the day, we create a safe haven in which you can take professional advice to build the confidence and skills you need to go it alone.

Suzy is collaborating with the Ministry of Justice in promoting non-adversarial break up. Divorce is an emotional and psychological journey, not just a legal and financial one.

The question that is usually asked is “Why did it take a woman to make the first ‘divorce fair’ in the UK a success?” and the answer is that she organized the show with a holistic approach, which brings an expectation of emotional courage in the visitors.

The other question is “What makes SOS different from other European ‘divorce fairs? And the answer here is that there are no private detectives or DNA testers exhibiting at the show.

About Suzy

Suzy and her partner ended their 10 year relationship in 2003. Their three children were aged 6, 4 and 1 at the time, and it was the most painful and traumatic experience of her life. However, as the years passed, she soon became grateful that her ex had the courage to end a relationship that was not truly feeding either of them and they now have a healthy respect for each other.

It was tough getting to where they are now, Suzy admitted. She also admitted that on the way she learned that accessing the right information, support and help both legally, financially and emotionally was essential. Her ex partner is a supportive co-parent, living in the same village, sharing the same values and sometimes it amazes her how they got to be in such a good place despite some very difficult times getting here.

It takes courage and vision and a determination to believe in a positive future when life seems nothing but a struggle, but the joy of children is that they provide a massive incentive to make that extra effort. It is not a journey anyone needs to make alone. Join us at the Better than Ever after Divorce and you will definitely get a lot of answers from the experts, including yours truly.

Vincent Leleux

Vincent Leleux, Energy healer, International relationship coach TOPIC – THETA HEALING FOR TRAUMA AND PAIN ERADICATION

Vincent Leleux was a successful web designer who experienced a miracle, when he was healed after one single session of the healing technique Theta Healing.

He was so amazed, that he changed his career to become a Theta Healing Practitioner and has since become one of the sought after healers of the Theta Healing Community.

Theta Healing is a highly effective technique that is gentle and instantaneous. It allows you to change deeply held belief systems that have guided your decisions since childhood. Even though some of these beliefs may have been passed down across generations. Theta Healing® quickly reveals these systems, showing the body how to replace limiting beliefs or feelings with positive ones. You find yourself experiencing mental clarity, emotional well being, and with the ability to manifest abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life.

Vincent, using the ThetaHealing™ has already helped thousands of people in countries around the world. With divorced and divorcing women Vincent uses Theta Healing to help them release the blockage they experienced because of the trauma and the pain of Divorce. For those that have been in a bad relationship for a long period of time. Vincent compassionately helps them to feel the shift in the release of this past experience showing them how to move forward, regaining the ease and grace of their lives, reconnect to their hope, their personal freedom and personal serenity that comes from the deep and sustained connection with Self.

About Wendi Friesen

A worldwide leader in creating rapid change for life’s difficult problems. Since 1994 has influenced the lives of millions worldwide and brought insight, wisdom and spiritual growth to people in need.

Wendi is described by her colleagues as a powerful healer, teacher and a creative marketing expert, she is one of the most loved transformational trainers in the world.

She has created over 300 programs on CD and Video that teach people how to really use their brains! The programs lead them through a process of changing their brain’s neural networks, the chemicals of depression, and the habitual and compulsive thoughts that prevent them from being happy. She has been called a Miracle worker, described as a Mind Coach Genius, and a Life Changing Strategist by her colleagues, clients and the media. She is known worldwide for creating dynamic mental strategies that are used by executives, athletes, addicts and students for the past 15 years. She has appeared in Financial Times, had a 10 page interview in Men’s Health, GQ magazine, Fitness Magazine, Health and Fitness, LA times, and 100s more. She has been a featured guest on Fox and Friends, Fox Strategy room, Comedy Central, Showtime, and GMTV in England.

Wendi is an intriguing and inspiring trainer that will show you your true potential. Healing from divorce is something Wendi loves to help people with making you emerge powerful, successful and confident and healed.

People struggling with divorce are released from the anger and guilt. Hypnotherapy is an amazing and transformation experience. Letting go and truly moving on is something you deserve. Wendi can help you to thrive!

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