Creative Souls Telesummit



Starts: April 26 , 2011

Ends: May 20 , 2011

Host: Tamra Fleming

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I am an Artist and have no idea how to monetize my work

I am a Right-Brainer, I think differently and I want to organize my thoughts and execute a plan

I am a Renaissance Soul and I have so many ideas, I don’t know where to focus

I am a Scanner and I desperately want to take one of my creative ideas and make it happen

I am a Pioneer and I want to connect with like-minded people so that I’m not alone

I am a Visionary and can’t seem to bring my ideas to fruition

I am a Maverick Creative and need to get clear and focus so that I can go into action with my creativity

I am a Free Spirit and I have intense curiosity about many seemingly unrelated topics and I want that to mean something

























Here’s What the Telesummit Included

Week 1: FOCUS – How to Get Clear, Align with Your True Purpose and be Your Authentic Creative Self

Discover how to unleash your true self

Hear by example how to break through your creative fear and become the you – you’ve been waiting for!

Learn how to focus on a niche for now and leave the world of commitment phobia behind.

Get examples of processes that will help with focusing, decision-making, and motivation.

Get inspired by getting clear and getting ready to go into action

Week 2: TRACTION – How to Remove Blocks and Get into Action with the Steps and a Plan

Remove the blocks to your creative authenticity

Learn what you need to do most to get prepared to go into action

Embrace your inner creative and take bold steps to bring that creativity into form

Learn the sound-bite technique to organizing and planning

Explore how your planning paves the way for your financial flow

Week 3: FLOW – How to Turn Your Creative Fire into Financial Flow

Find out how your revenue models can be created and implemented

Discover 5 key things that you can effortlessly put into place to help you succulently and creatively activate abundance

Learn how you can use your personality traits and dive into a creative project and turn it into your work (play) for life

Simply, learn how to market and sell your products

How to create multiple streams of income


Surprise Kick-off Speaker!


Magical Muse Cruise: The Power of the Creative Imagination to Manifest Your Dreams

Come aboard an imaginary cruise that will traverse the rocky waters of your creative fears, your overwhelm, and your procrastination delivering to the shores where you calmly embrace the beauty of your creative dreams. This “Muse Cruise” will awaken your subconscious so that all telesummit offerings after it will be received and processed effortlessly in a way that makes the most sense to your authentic nature. Encounter the buoyancy of your own magnificence, the power of your imagination to overcome barrier reefs, and the occasional renegade penguin waving from a row boat to keep you in a sense of play. When imagination collides with intuition, a thousand creative ships can sail to the ports of joy and to dreams realized. Come aboard and experience some of the most potent creative tools discovered with Captain Jill Badonsky.

Jill Badonsky, M.Ed., is an internationally recognized workshop leader, keynote speaker, creativity-coaching pioneer, illustrator, yoga teacher and humorist. She has creatively consulted with national magazines, filmmakers, comedians, artists, writers, women in business, and spiritual groups through-out the country. Her background is in occupational therapy, writing, marketing, educational media and instructional design. She writes a monthly column for Creativity Portal and is editor of the monthly Muse Flash Jill is founder and director of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching – an unprecedented model for coaching resistant, blocked, and sensitive creative people or anyone experiencing procrastination, overwhelm or other blocks to positive changes. She is author of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard): 10 Guides to Creative Inspiration for Artists, Poets, Lovers, and Other Mortals Wanting to Live a Dazzling Existence and the award-winning, The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder from Running Press. Creativity Portal . .

Week 1: FOCUS – How to Get Clear,Align with Your True Purpose andBe Your Authentic Creative Self


Discover Your Iconic Trait and Unleash Your Own Creative Spiritual Revolution in Your Life & Business

Laura Hollick is an award winning artist and shaman. She is the creator of Soul Art®, an innovative creative process that activates your soul’s purpose on Earth. BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laura’s art and life called ‘The Artist’s Life- Laura Hollick’. She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called ‘The Artist’s Lifestyle’. Laura was nominated for ‘Woman of Distinction in the Arts’ for her Soul Art® work. Her own visionary art has inspired audiences around the world. 2011 marks the launch of Soul Art TV’s Creative Spiritual Revolution, and the beginning of the Soul Art Certification program. Experience your own awakening, take a Soul Art® journey today!


Unlock Your Purpose & Make Money Living It!

When we can allow ourselves to be a creative channel, rather than a slave to our to-do lists and linear thinking, we enter into co-creativity both with Spirit and each other, and this is what brings resources, lasting change, and realization of vision. 90 percent of our perceived reality is governed by the subconscious mind- the part of us that stores memories of every time we were told or made to feel like we aren’t “Enough.” Join us learn to move forward through the fear, listen to your intuition and discover what it really takes to live a purposeful career.

Sage Lavine, MA, CLC is a gifted Speaker, Business Coach and Life Purpose Mentor. Sage is the CEO of Purpose2Prosperity and host of the Women on Purpose telesummit series. Sage speaks to groups all over the country and has helped inspire over a thousand people to clarify their Life Purpose and live it through creating a business they love. Sage helps women entrepreneurs define their divine right market and teaches them to use their authentic self as a magnet to attract clients who are perfect for them. Sage has presented alongside women like Janet Attwood, Reverend Deborah Johnson, Dr. Sue Morter and Loral Langemeier. Last year Sage hosted a telesummit called the Women on Purpose Entrepreneurial Telesummit which launched her business into the 6-figure world and helped her reach over 3000 women entrepreneurs in 17 different countries. Sage filled her practice and is having more fun in her business than ever before, speaking around the world and hosting retreats in Bali and California.


Are You HyperCreative? Learn Four Kewl Ways to Help You Focus and Gain Clarity

I will discuss how the following processes will help with focusing, decision-making, and motivation: knowing your core values, your archetypes, create a vision boards, and know about EFT – emotional freedom technique.

Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli, MA is The Expressive Arts Coach and also the Founder and CEO of the Global Network of Expressive Arts Facilitators. She’s the author of an ebook, Create Your Vision Board at Home: Learn to clarify your needs, desires, and goals using your creativity and also the author of 99 Things Women Should Know Before Turning 40, which is scheduled to be published in 2011. When she isn’t at her computer or running expressive arts and creativity workshops, she’s in her studio making abstract paintings and mixed media pieces (some of which can be found at or she’s constructing cool Hot Wheel tracks with her 4 year old. Her Master’s degree is in Expressive Arts Therapy and prior to grad school she held the position of Director of Communications for a Chicago arts advocacy organization. Her favorite color is vermilion orange. and


Ingredients for a Juicy Vibrant Life

With years of life & work experience plus client and personal success stories, Marielle’s mission is to share the fun, flexible and saucy ways anyone can unleash their authentic creative life – which will be as juicy and vibrant as YOU are willing to create it!

The “Soul” Proprietor of LifePath Designs and co-host of Everyday Spirits Radio, Marielle Smith is an ‘Eclectic’, creative spirit embracing every moment with wide arms and an open heart. She is an Intuitive Soul Coach and a catalyst for conscious change. She thrives on everything she creates, has created and is going to create! Using tools such as PSYCH-K® to change subconscious beliefs, as well as her spiritual skills and soul coaching, she helps to unlock doors and inspires people to discover their own unique, juicy and vibrant life. Marielle embodies a dynamic, energetic grace that is contagious and invites you to embrace your life purpose. She resides in Vancouver, Canada with her two amazing, creative children and awesomely handsome husband. What does she do for fun? “I’m a Scanner at heart. I love to dance. I’m proud to be ‘unschooling’ my 8 year old son. Every chance I get I do something creative and fun – beading, scrap-booking, photography, writing or painting. It’s what brings balance and joy into my life. What I do…is love my life.”,, Shiny Pebble People – Facebook.

VIP Bonus Speakers


Sign Sign, Everywhere a Sign

The first step in bringing a dream to fruition is knowing what it is. And the best way to know that is to turn the receiver ON and be willing to hear what you hear. That is, to develop self-reflective practices that strike up a conversation with the part of you that knows what it knows, knows what it’s going to take to make your life literally “come true,” and in the process help answer the Great Vocational Question: “Who am I?” In this dialogue, we’ll explore what some of those self-reflective practices are, the channels through which our passions and dreams typically make their way to us, the signs and signals that indicate the presence of a calling, and the fine art of discerning what’s a true call and what’s not.Gregg Levoy is the author of Callings: Finding and Following An Authentic Life (Random House)–rated among the “Top 20 Career Publications” by the Workforce Information Group and a text in various graduate programs in Management and Organizational Leadership—is a lecturer and seminar-leader in the business, educational, governmental, faith-based and human-potential arenas. He has keynoted and presented workshops at the Smithsonian Institution, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Microsoft, British Petroleum, American Express, Ascension Health, Americorps, the Universities of California/Colorado/Washington/Arizona/Nevada/Wisconsin/Texas and others, the American Counseling Association, the National Career Development Association, the International Association of Career Management Professionals, National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE), Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, and others, and has been a frequent guest of the media, including ABC-TV, CNN, NPR and PBS.



So often we are told that in order to get anything done we need to focus. But that sounds a lot like “choose.” If our problem is that we have lots of ideas, interests, and projects calling to us and hate choosing, that well-intentioned advice isn’t very helpful. In this [talk/interview/session] Renaissance Soul Margaret Lobenstine (author of THE RENAISSANCE SOUL: Life Design for People With Too Many Passions to Pick Just One; Random House/Broadway 2006) will clarify the key differences between choosing and focusing and give concrete practical tips on how to utilizing the strengths of one without having to do the impossible other!

Margaret Lobenstine, M.A. is the author of THE RENAISSANCE SOUL: Life Design for People With Too Many Passions to Pick Just One (New York: Random House/Broadway, 2006.) Ms. Lobenstine uses the phone to coach Renaissance Souls from around the world. (Her book has been translated into such diverse languages as Chinese and Portuguese!) She has also produced a 9 CD set COACHING THE RENAISSANCE SOUL: The Guide to Working With Clients Who Have “Too Many Interests” to Pick Just One for coaches wanting to expand their repertoire. The set includes 9 hours of detailed, practical information and a free half hour coaching session with Ms. Lobenstine.

Ms. Lobenstine has run her own successful coaching and consulting business, Alternative Approaches. During her almost twenty years in this business she has helped over six thousand individuals, businesses, and organizations struggling with today’s challenging and constantly changing work environment.


BE YOURSELF- Cash in on your Gold!

Ever wonder why you hated having your picture taken, or that your photos aren’t a reflection of who you really are? See and experience the difference between an ordinary headshot and a Golden State Soul Portrait. You’ll discover yourself through a new lens, with your spiritual eyes. I’ll share 2 no-fail secrets to overcoming photo-phobia; to experiencing yourself as the treasure you are! Realize the potential to connect authentically by creating a visceral reaction with potential customers and partners. Learn how you can overcome your fear of being seen and how to say “YES” to bringing your beauty and creative genius into the world. Draw people to your business with a photograph of your soul’s DNA. Use this authentic connection to align with your inherent creative genius.

Los-Angeles and Sydney based photographer, wellness coach and inspirational speaker Siddiqi Ray infuses her unique skills, life experience and intuitive gifts into each Soul Portrait. Siddiqi and her camera have summoned the true essence of such diverse subjects as Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, the Buddhist nuns of Tibet, the Kennedy family, the Navy SEALs, and the staff at Mayo Clinic. Trained in film and video at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and photography at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Siddiqi’s portraits have appeared in Time Magazine, the Utne Reader, USA Today, Allure Magazine, South Africa’s Cape Times, as well as her mother and grandmother’s coffee tables.

Week 2: TRACTION – How to Remove Blocks andGet into Action with the Steps and a Plan


Remove Your Blocks So Your Creative Business Rocks!™

Why do some creative businesses owners soar while others fail? Why do some creative business owners seem confident and go out and get new clients while others hide in the corner? 80% of what we think, feel and do is controlled by our subconscious mind. Most thoughts and behaviors are patterns that were imprinted into us between the ages of 8-12. These thoughts and behaviors are called the Success Imprint(tm). The Small Business Administration reports that over 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years. Why? Because as human beings we are programmed for survival not success. Old out dated programming can greatly limit how much business and financial success a business owner can have. When the Success Imprint™ is reset with supportive and positive thoughts and behaviors the business owner can operate from a genuine and powerful place and become a magnet to their ideal clients and to money flowing into to their business. They will also discover the #1 secret to making more money, how to get their mind on their team to create success, how to move from struggle to ease in their business, how who they are is a natural magnet for who they are here to serve.

Jenn August is a business hypnotherapist and success coach. She has been called the mother of business hypnotherapy and is one of the world’s leading experts in removing subconscious blocks to business success. John Assaraf of the smash hit The Secret said “Hypnotism is where it’s at and Jenn August knows how to do it and help you!” Jenn has pioneered a patented system called C3 that has helped thousands of business owners clear their subconscious blocks and double, triple and quadruple their income. The most important thing that happens for her clients is that they are no longer living in fear, doubt and feelings of unworthiness. They see their true selves, their true gifts and their true mission and begin to live a life of true purpose and abundance. She is the author of the block buster CD set/workbook: “Remove Your Blocks So Your Business Rocks” ™. As the co-creator of a global association called Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs International (SWE) she gets to support business women all over the world to accomplish their goals. Jenn’s speaking schedule brings her to exotic destinations, in May 2011 she will be speaking on a cruise from Italy to Greece called “Celebrating Abundance” where she will be teaching about how to have the time of your life creating a wildly successful business. Jenn is in the process creating a social entrepreneur curriculum with visionary social entrepreneurial leaders: Jack Canfield, Cynthia Kersey, Marcia Weider, Janet Attwood, Chris Attwood and Julia Butterfly Hill and many more visionary business leaders. Because of Jenn’s stand up and improvisational comedy background she is a very fun and lively speaker inspiring her audiences to believe in themselves and giving them powerful content so they know how to create the success they desire and deserve.


MOMENTUM LAB: Planning + Productivity + Community for Creatives with an Aversion To Such Things

If you ever find yourself struggling with the dichotomy between working intuitively and making plans, I invite you to set up a test lab in your mind to put some of your current methods under the benign and enlightening microscope of curiosity. Let’s get to the meat of how to utilize your wild ideas to make the best use of your time, to channel your creative momentum how you want to, and to create a community of support that wants nothing less than to see (and help!) your creativity thrive.

I’m a seeker and a finder, an asker and a listener, a poet and a mute. I intend and aim to live consciously. I live for the biggest little things – for wide skies, getting up early to see the sun rise, my girls’ laughter, my man’s faith in me, and for learning. Can’t get enough of it. I love making things that remind others of their inherent beauty through a sideways sort of resonance that feels a bit like a gentle nudge from a friend saying “yes, you’re doing pretty darn well. Keep on shining.” Having taught sold out workshops all over the United States and internationally, I’m often humbled and inspired by the power of collective creative energy and support. I love gardening, sewing, cooking, making things, generally being domestic, reading and writing and writing about what I’m reading. I eat peaches over the sink. My insides like to boogie while my outsides keep a cool front. I love green shoes and wearing them while perhaps driving a little too fast because I like the way my stomach tickles when I go over that one little hill…You can learn more about me on my blog as well as glean some new skills from my book “Semiprecious Salvage” (Northlight Books, 2008) – an adventure in making found object jewelry. Keep your eyes peeled for my newest book Plaster Studio (Northlight Books, 2011 – co-authored with Judy Wise) coming May 2011.


You and Your Big, Sexy Brain: How To Use Your Creative Genius To Beat Procrastination Every Time

You have a great idea…now what? Creativity/Productivity Specialist Samantha Bennett will open her vault of innovative techniques to help you design the perfect project plan (including a budget – eek!). Sam’s proven strategies are guaranteed to help you beat those twin demons of chaos and overwhelm and be moving forward on your work in a way that feels great! Plus, she’s hilarious – seriously funny and wise. Don’t miss this one!Samantha Bennett is the creator of The Organized Artist Company dedicated to helping creative people get unstuck from whatever way they’re stuck, especially by helping them focus and move forward on their goals. This year alone, Samantha has produced two books, “By The Way, You Look Really Great Today” – a book of poems that includes “In Praise of the Capable” and “Ode to the Overwhelmed” and her latest book, “365 Reasons To Write.” She is also the author of several plays, including, “Kiss The Monster,” “Miss Millicent’s Fall Recital” and “In A Booth At Chasen’s.” Based in Los Angeles, Samantha offers her revolutionary “Get It Done” Workshops, teleclasses and private consulting to overwhelmed procrastinators, frustrated overachievers and recovering perfectionists everywhere.


Financial Wisdom for Your Creative Soul

Learning to use your creative soul and your personal strengths to deal with how money flows in your life is an essential skill in the twenty first century. Up to this point the world of money has been controlled by left brained, male dominated thinking, yet this is outdated and ineffective for creatives. Though we are often left feeling inadequate at best and despairing at worst, the truth is that you are not missing the money gene, you simply haven’t been taught using language that you understand– the language of image, story and metaphor.Luna Jaffe, CFP, MA does financial planning and money coaching with a visual twist. Luna has been the CEO of two successful fine art companies: Lunasilks and Dreamtime Designs. She now uses her experience as a professional artist, expressive arts psychotherapist and Certified Financial Planner™ to help creatives make peace with money. She firmly believes it’s possible for everyone to have a solid, abundant relationship with money, we just need tools that suit our wildly creative unstoppable selves. Through workshops, classes, and individual coaching and financial planning Luna helps people to understand their beliefs and revision the future using creative process and writing, while also teaching grounded, practical money management skills. More info at and

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The “When I Grow Up” Coach

Michelle is going to rock your socks off with creative tips and tools for getting your creative self into action!

Michelle Ward, aka The When I Grow Up Coach, helps creative people devise the career they think they can’t have – or discover it to begin with! A certified life coach from ICA & a musical theater actress with her BFA from NYU/Tisch, Michelle has served as an expert source and contributor for such outlets as Newsweek, Etsy, and Psychology Today, as well as leading workshops and seminars at SXSW 2011, CUNY and The Etsy Success Symposium. She encourages everyone to claim their uniquity via The Declaration of You, an e-course with Jessica Swift, and could be found coachin’, bloggin’ & givin’ away free stuff at


Your Time, Your Money: Leverage Them Both!

Entrepreneurs have long been making use of tools and resources that musicians, artists and other creative types often think wouldn’t apply to THEIR career fields. Well, that’s about to change! In Mark’s interview, we will explore how YOU can put Email List Services, a Virtual Assistant- even a Personal Assistant- to use, getting more from your valuable time and money.

A percussion artist/educator and world traveler, Mark Powers has found numerous creative methods of turning his passion for music into a full-time career. He has shared the stage with everyone from Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen, Devon Evans (of Bob Marley and the Wailers), Rolling Stones saxophonist Tim Ries and America’s Polka King- the late Frankie Yankovic, to the world famous disco sensation The Afrodisiacs and 80’s nerd-rockers The Spazmatics. Mark facilitates a variety of group rhythm-based programs, including Rhythms At Work, a corporate leadership/teambuilding workshop. His blog at is focused toward teaching creative types how to utilize the [often overlooked] tools and concepts of other successful internet entrepreneurs and location independent self-starters. . .


Leave a Sparkling Legacy

Kimberly Wilson, Director of Tranquil Space Foundation, will share her favorite tips for leaving a legacy, making a difference, and giving back to others.

Kimberly Wilson is a teacher, author, activist, entrepreneur and designer with a Masters Degree in Women’s Studies. She is the creative director and founder of Tranquil Space which started in her fourth-floor walk-up apartment in 1999 and now has two locations. Tranquil Space has grown into a socially conscious haven named among the top 25 yoga studios in the world by Travel + Leisure. She penned Hip Tranquil Chick and Tranquilista, has a passion for do-gooding, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Social Work. When she’s not bookstore browsing, you’ll find her designing the eco-luxe TranquiliT lifestyle collection, sipping oodles of tea, or leading retreats globally. Connect with Kimberly at

Week 3: FINANCIAL FLOW – How to Turn YourCreative Fire into Financial Flow


Leverage Your Creative Genius to Pluck the Ripe and Truly Valuable Ideas from Your Idea-Generating Frenzy and Harness Their Power to Grow Past Your Revenue Plateau and Design a Flourishing, Sustainable Business

For creative souls, again and again the question arises: how do you choose from among all the ever-emerging ideas and focus? Sound familiar? What if you could pluck the ripe and truly valuable ideas from your idea-generating frenzy and harness their power to grow past your revenue plateau and design a flourishing, sustainable business on your creative genius? Listen to this interview and you’ll discover some answers and you’ll hear about Rebecca’s free offer to learn more!

Hi, I’m Rebecca. Obsessive List-maker. Project-o-holic. Wordsmith. Colorsmith. Verbal Learner. Visual Thinker.

Complexity Explainer. Simplicity Seeker. Yoga Practitioner. I have attorney credentials. I graduated from Princeton University and Boston University School of Law and, over the last decade, have served at two United States Courts of Appeals and in private practice at two major firms. But I’ve never been simply an attorney. I paint. I write. I sing. I teach yoga. Counsel to Creativity LLC is the result of my struggle for integration and passionate, meaningful work. I built Counsel to Creativity LLC to put my strategic and creative mind to work for the right-brained entrepreneurs doing the creative work for which I so deeply care. I believe that creative, right-brained entrepreneurs, armed with a solid business foundation and strategy, can grow thriving businesses around their creativity. I counsel right-brained entrepreneurs on how to harness and leverage their creative genius to grow their businesses.


Activate Empowered Abundance and Boldly Claim Your Prosperity!

As a creative soul it can be challenging to support yourself in a way that allows abundant prosperity to flow to you freely and easily. Too often creative souls are great givers but struggle when it comes to receiving, particularly in relation to their creativity. This is your opportunity to discover 5 key things that you can effortlessly put into place to help you succulently and creatively activate abundance in a very empowering way so you can boldly claim your prosperous birthright and be abundantly rewarded for sharing your creative gifts with the world time and time again.

Shannon Bush; the Creative Possibility Coach and founder of Creative Possibility is the original Creative Biz Goddess from down under. A lot of creative women (and men) are brilliant when it comes to their creative expression but struggle when it comes to the business side of their business. They feel overwhelmed and challenged when it comes to surviving in the left-brained dominant world as a naturally right-brained creator without compromising their creative integrity. Shannon works with creative women in business, creative women entrepreneurs and women who want to be more creative, teaching them how to claim their rightful empowered abundance (their rich self value) so they can leap forward to succulent success with ease, grace and authenticity and without compromise. With an extensive background in arts, health and business and an abundant wealth of experience working with women and their creativity, Shannon knows first hand the challenges faced by creative women in life and business and is on a dedicated mission to help women just like you to re-claim your Creative Goddessness in all it’s beautiful valuable glory so that you can be well rewarded for sharing your creative gifts with the world. Shannon is a certified coach, Trans-personal Art Therapist, has a Graduate Diploma in Business specializing in small business management, certified Money Breakthrough Method TM Coach, writer, visual artist and the Creative Goddess of her own life and business.

Shannon works with women from around this glorious globe, leading them on empowered journeys to succulent success believing without a doubt that CREATIVE WOMEN CAN!,


Put Your Dream into Action: How Creative Entrepreneurs Can Market and Sell Their Products

One of the biggest road blocks to marketing and selling our creative products is to understand your unique selling proposition, your audience and your readiness for the market. To help you think “big picture,” I will share how to create multiple income streams, sell your work in retail, trade shows and online, as well as, wholesale, showrooms, trunks shows and more. We will explore the importance of branding yourself and your product and building on your existing customer base and claiming referrals. This interview will be packed!

Carolyn Edlund has been involved in the arts, marketing and selling since 1980. Her experience includes: Twenty years as owner and manager of a production studio, designing and producing handmade ceramic jewelry. Extensive experience with retail and wholesale, selling her line to over 1,000 store and catalog accounts. Seven years as a road rep for art publishers and gift companies, interacting with store buyers including independent and chain accounts. She ranked #2 out of 120 reps for number of new accounts opened, and was awarded Northeast Rep of the Year. Founder and author of, a site for emerging artists, providing vital information for creatives who are launching and growing their businesses. Artsy Shark features articles and interviews on marketing, selling, art licensing, art publishing, networking and more. She is also a featured author for Art Bistro.


How to Use Valuable Spiritual Money Practices with Practical Marketing Tools to Turn Your Creative Ideas into Financial Success

Plant the seed (your idea) in the fertile soil of prosperity consciousness, so that you attract allies, build allegiance and create assets. Enrich the soil with a powerful vision and a bigger “why” that inspires you and empowers others, so that clients and customers invest in you and what you offer. Grow your financial harvest with ideas, programs and services that meet needs, relieve pain and solve problems. Accept financial prosperity as the fruit of your creative process.Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA, is Founding Director of The Wright Resort – A BodyMindSpirit Wellness Center, a Certified Money, Marketing and Soul™ Coach and Expressive Arts Facilitator who empowers you to enrich your life. She helps mature women leaders, managers and entrepreneurs prosper by living their divine purpose. As she companions you on your journey to discover/uncover your unique brilliance, she helps clear away stifling beliefs and behaviors, so that you not only shine, but soar in every aspect of your life; prosperous, free and fulfilled by sharing your gifts and making a difference in the evolution of people and the planet. Harriet also facilitates empowering interactive Salons (bodymindspirit workshops and retreats) on altar-making, money matters and stress release/self-care, engaging participants in holistic health practices, expressive arts and sacred ritual to restore creativity, balance and focus for optimal spiritual and financial well-being.

Cory Huff

The Starving Artist Is A Myth

The idea that you have to starve in order to create great art is story made into romantic myth by writers like Henri Murger. There are literally hundreds of artists who have turned their passion into profit and are enjoying a life of abundance and prosperity. As an artist, you have a unique vision to offer the world. Learn how to entice more people to pay attention.Cory Huff is an artist, storyteller, actor, and digital strategist who fell into online marketing while trying to figure out how to get people to see his shows. Over the last two years, Cory has helped dozens of artists go from no sales to selling pieces for $10,000 or more. In addition to his work with artists, Cory also consults with large corporations on social media strategy and creative communication. Some of his past clients include ADP, MTV, and Universal Music. Cory is on a mission to dispel the starving artist myth and help 100 artists turn their passion into an abundant lifestyle.

VIP Bonus Speakers


Author, Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the life of your dreams through art

Artist, author, Feisty Female™ and facilitator of women’s dreams, Sheri Gaynor spent the first half of her life attempting-without much success-to walk the straight and narrow cultural path. As someone with an insatiable curiosity, she spent her early years trying on a lot of hats, trying desperately to make them fit-photojournalist, rubber stamp artist, t-shirt designer and psychotherapist, to name a few-attempting to figure out what she wanted to “BE” when she grew up. The journey wasn’t always an easy one and much was learned through the school of hard knocks; a formidable education. Little did she know that by walking that wide, crooked and creative road, she would find the trail to her authentic self and living the life of her dreams. Sheri Gaynor is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Expressive Arts Therapist and professional Life Coach. In 1981 she received her Associate of Arts degree from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, with a major in photography. She received her Masters in Clinical Social Work from Barry University in 1989. Sheri’s art has been shown internationally and she has contributed various freelance writings and photographs to such publications as the Miami Herald, the Sun Sentinel, the Florida Post newspapers and the Aspen Times Weekly. Sheri has been leading women to creative success for almost 20 years. She does this through her company Feisty Females™ offering women, individual transformational coaching, on-going creative expression workshops and retreats. Sheri’s first book, Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the life of your dreams through art, was published in 2009.


Screw Work Let’s Play

John will explain the key to getting paid for doing the things you love.

John Williams is author of the best-selling book Screw Work Let’s Play, described by the London Times as “A compelling 10-step escape from corporate life that could spell a rash of resignation letters”. John also runs the sell-out monthly London event, Scanners Night, for multifaceted creative people.


Shift Your Energy for More Joy and Success

Learn how, as a creative entrepreneur, to build healthy and holistic businesses based on SpiritRich™ principles of joy, authenticity and prosperity. In this interview, Laura West will show you how managing your energy to shift your mindset and confidence, along with smart business practices, to build a business that is personally fulfilling and financially successful.

Laura West is Founder of the Center for Joyful Business and As a certified business coach, author and speaker, she has helped 1000’s of women entrepreneurs create a successful business filled with spirit, authenticity and prosperity. Ms. West is the author of several information products including the Business Goddess’s Guide to Creating Powerful Sales Pages and the popular Joyful Business Guide™, a marketing plan system which uses law of attraction principles.

She is also author of the upcoming book, Awaken Your Inner Business Goddess. She works with women business owners helping them balance both the feminine and masculine in business – for deeper, richer joy and success. More information about her programs, products and speaking can be found at

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