Get Beyond Divorce Summer TeleSummit

Get Beyond Divorce Summer TeleSummit


Starts: Monday, August 8th, 2011

Ends: Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Host: Don McAvinchey

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Garnet Mireau

Ron Lasorsa

Lisa Decker

Delaine Moore

Patrick McMillan

Nicolle Kopping-Pavars

Lee Block

Rhonda Ryder

Rosalind Sedacca

Dr. Dee Adio-Moses


*Monday, August 8th, The Mental Mindset for Getting Beyond Divorce

*Tuesday, August 9th, How to Be the Best Parent and Co-Parent You Can Be After Divorce

*Wednesday, August 10th, Dating, Sex and Relationship After Divorce: The Best Ways to Think About It and Get Yourself Out There Again

*Special Bonus Call: Thursday, August 11th, Special Coaching Call with me on: "The Beyond Divorce 7 Touchstone Path" and Special Q&A Session

Panel of Divorce Experts in the Summer TeleSummit

*Delaine Moore on dating after divorce.

*Patrick McMillan on raising your kids to be happy through the divorce process.

*Nicolle Kopping-Pavars on Collaborative Divorce and our responsibility to be good people through this challenging time.

*Lisa Decker on Beginning a Winning Divorce (and what it takes to make sure you're coming out of divorce in the best shape possible!)

*Ron Lasorsa on putting kids as your first priority through the divorce transition.

*Lee Block from talk about the challenges of moving from being married to being single, and loving yourself again.

*Rhonda Ryder from on "Why Hating Your Ex is Screwing Up Your Kids--and how to stop it!"

*Rosalind Sedacca from on "Being Big so Your Children Can Stay Little--Taking a Stand for Your Kids Sanity Through Your Divorce"

*Dr. Dee Adio-Moses on 'The Mental Mindset Needed to Move Through Divorce--Get It, Now!"

*Garnet Mireau, on 'Children and Divorce and the Six Basic Human Needs'

* Don McAvinchey, on ""The Beyond Divorce 7 Touchstone Path and Q&A Session"

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