Healing Superwoman Syndrome

Healing Superwoman Syndrome

Website: http://www.healingsuperwomansyndrome.com/

Starts: September 7th 2011

Ends: September 27th, 2011

Host: Becky Lyter McCleery

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Becky McCleery

Sheila Unique

Cindy Hudson

Aimée Yawnick

Tara Sage Steeves

Lori Radun

Jennifer Lee

Kendra E Thornbury

Teresa Aziam

Jana Beeman

Nan Akasha

Shannon Bush

Sarafina Well

Paula Gregorowicz

Joyce Lynn

Whitney McMillan

Nilofer Safdar

Cari Murphy

Tambra Harck

Doreen Fulton

Peggy Collins

Samantha Bennett

Elayne Doughty

Catrice Jackson


“Enter with an Open Mind: Unlocking the Treasure Within” With Becky Lyter McCleery

3 keys to connect with your inner wisdom and spiritual guidance

How to follow your feelings to find, flow with and flourish in your inherent brilliance

A playful path to a passionate, purposeful life

“Awareness for Self-Empowerment” With Sheila Unique

Awareness of your intentions when doing things

Awareness of what is being communicated to you throughout your day (through the people in your life, through the pain in your body and through the situations in your life)

Awareness of your reactions – what is causing them

“I Love to Give, So Why Do I Feel So Empty?

Uncovering the Truth About Giving and How to Give Yourself Permission to Receive for a Change” With Cindy Hudson

What’s really hiding behind my need to give? This may shock you!

What others lose when I give too much…especially those I love the most

Finding MY power source and flipping the switch ON…finally!

“How to Develop Your Partnership With the Divine and Bring Your Soul’s Purpose to Light” With Aimée Yawnick

Discover the #1 secret to connect with Divine energy

Learn how to activate your Sixth Sense

Retrieve the RIGHT information to make the BEST decisions for you

“A Playful, Practical Path for Dream Realization: The #1 Essential Piece to Go From Dreaming to Reality” With Tara Sage Steeves

How to Identify What You REALLY Want

Why dream (BIG), and why dream NOW

The #1 Misconception About Dream Realization (and how to keep it from sabotaging your dreams)

How to get on the FAST-TRACK to Living Your Dreams Now

That your crazy idea isn’t so crazy after all

“Guilt-free Parenting: Mom, Zap the Guilt and Parent with Confidence” With Lori Radun

Discover the difference between valid guilt and invalid guilt

Understand the five step process for releasing guilt

Learn the strategies for overcoming the most common guilt traps mothers often fall into

“The Right-Brain Business Plan – How to Turn Passion into Profit” With Jennifer Lee

Are you an creative soul starting or growing a business? Hate the idea of writing a business plan, but know you need one? The Right-Brain Business Plan provides an authentic, playful, and highly practical process for turning your passion into profit. Join us for a fun and engaging session to jump start or enhance your business plan.

You’ll discover:

How to leverage your most valuable business asset – your creative genius

Why left-brain thinking can derail your goals so they never get off the ground

Three creative goal setting and action planning tools that work like magic.

“Liberate Your Superwoman and Claim Your Goddess Wealth” With Kendra E Thornbury

What you need to release to break free from the guilt & obligation that comes with superwoman syndrome

How the “good girl” in you is longing to be unleashed to her full Goddess state (it’s an underdeveloped part of you ready to be awakened)

What the hidden shadow has to do with your pent up creativity, purpose and prosperity (and what you can do about it)

Tips for claiming your true Goddess wealth

“Stop the Ride, I Want to Get Off!” With Teresa Aziam

The 3 most urgent reasons to get out of overdrive (or face the consequences)

The 2 most important things you MUST change if you want to experience the kind of life you’re only dreaming about now

The #1 motivator you have for doing whatever is necessary to live your best life NOW

“Balance Your Life and Shoot Your Energy Through the Roof” With Jana Beeman

Learn how to deeply and completely relax and shed your stress

Find out what you’re doing that’s creating more stress and tension you don’t need

How you can create deep focus and be able to accomplish more every day

7 easy things you can do to feel better each day…. and so much more!

“Transform Your Family Money Karma & Legacy: Discover what is Unconsciously Sabotaging you from Attracting, Keeping, Growing more money, clients and meaning, while living your Soul purpose – Time to free your mind, so your wealth can follow!” With Nan Akasha

Why those deep & often invisible beliefs and contracts with your Family and past life keep you stuck in a pattern of under- earning and overachieving

Identifying your Key Attachments that keep you stuck, even when you know it consciously, and how to break free

Guided process and Magnetic Wealth Affirmation to help you Stop feeling alone and not good enough and Breakthrough your inner agreements that block your courage power and passion to Money, Purpose and Happiness on your terms.

Spiritual Secrets to 6 Figure Breakthroughs for coaches, healers & entrepreneurs ready to step into a spiritually fulfilling, financially freeing life that feeds their Soul.

“6 Steps to Embracing Creative Flow: How to Bring More Ease, Prosperity and Fun Into Your Life” With Shannon Bush

How to give yourself permission to be the feminine leader in your life, empowered and connected whole-heartedly to yourself so you can learn how valuable you really are, naturally and easily

The #1 action you can take immediately to stop self-sabotage and negative thoughts and return to a feeling of trust and balance

How to connect to your natural cycles, your inner feminine expression, so that you stop being trapped by busy-ness and experience more fun as you live each day free to flow in the moment as you journey the path of your inspired purpose

“Know Your No” With Sarafina Well

Aaaaah, the temptation to do it all! As Superwomen, we tend to put everyone ahead of us, and neglect the most important person in the equation – ourselves! The word ‘No’ can be so hard to keep in our vocabulary. The reasons for repeating this pattern over and over again can be as different as each one of us is different. But whatever our reasons, we can harness the power of what we’d like to say ‘No’ to and transform it into joy and laughter. Would you like to know how? Join us and learn:

How to identify internal and external forces and sources of feeling obligated.

How to take advantage of a chattering mind to embrace those forces and sources.

How to transmute and transform the energy behind those forces and sources into body and soul-filling joy and laughter – in an easy and fun way!

“Intuition + Intelligence = Wise Decisions: 3 Keys to More Purpose, Prosperity, and Playfulness” With Paula Gregorowicz

Participants will walk away from our time together:

Getting at the heart of what’s really going on for them right now in a way that creates clarity and a powerful Aha moment for choice.

Putting their finger (and more importantly their heart) on what feels like its missing in their personal/professional life.

Creating untold confidence around the importance of their unique Why.

“The Heroine’s Journey: Women’s Quest for Wholeness” With Joyce Lynn

Drawing on experiences from her personal journey as well as her work as a spiritual midwife and guide for women on a path of Self-discovery, Joyce will share with us a roadmap of the feminine healing process.

Learn a framework for understanding the deep, unconscious forces at work in the psyche, that leads to the development of Superwoman Syndrome.

Understand why “feeling all of your feelings” is necessary for a woman to reclaim the lost pieces of her self and bring balance to her life.

Experience the profound freedom, joy and peace that come from being fully aligned and deeply connected to the essence of who you really are and what you are here to do.

“Three Boulders Weighing Down Your Overwhelm” With Whitney McMillan

Are you overwhelmed with living a hectic full-on life?

Do you feel your self-trust is “on vacation?”

What would it be like to live your life fully with clarity, balance and freedom?

Three Boulders Weighing Down Your Overwhelm highlights three of the key pressures that overwhelm us daily. As overwhelm becomes more common in our hectic lives, it consumes how people live, with the toll of overwhelm impacting relationship breakdowns, challenging family dynamics, unsatisfying careers, financial stress, and/or failing health. But how is this really living? Discover practical ways to effectively lighten your load. It’s time to release the weight of your overwhelm!

During this call, we’ll focus on busy-ness, shoulds, and deserve-ability.

“The Shadow of Perfection” With Nilofer Safdar

What is your biggest fear about being Imperfect? Experience the gift of Imperfection.

What is the trap of Perfectionism and how you can break free.

Experience the The Wholeness Journey™ Process, to embrace both the Perfection and Imperfection within your being.

“What is Soul-Driven Success?” With Cari Murphy

Learn how to shift from being a victim of your circumstances to being a powerful conscious creator!

Gain clarity on your divine purpose for this lifetime learn practical ways to increase your wealth consciousness and increase flow of money and abundance in your life

“Discover the 3 Essential Energy Channels for an Ecstatic & Meaningful Life” With Tambra Harck

Life is meant to be joyous, loving, full and rich. Even if you’ve felt stuck… or alone in your desire to make a difference… or if it seems the forces are against you… or if you’re convinced that it’s not “reasonable” for you to pursue and live your purpose… That doesn’t matter. When you discover these 3 essential energy channels and how to apply them in your everyday life, you will discover your unique access for living your potential now and always.

“Finally, an IEP for Mom! An Individualized Empowerment Plan for the Mom Who is Overworked, Overstressed and Overloaded!” With Doreen G. Fulton

Learn the formula to make your dreams come true and confront your challenges with ease

Listen to multiple success stories of how this formula has been used!

Learn what you can do today to sleep easier tonight and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead!

“The Self-Sufficiency Syndrome – Your Barrier to the Spirituality You Desire and Deserve” With Peggy Collins

Be made aware of a self-limiting behavior you may take for granted

Understand where it came from and how it’s keeping you from a full spiritual potential

Hear remedies to bring you into your True You, where you’ll live more balanced, happier and fulfilled.

“Get a ‘C’ – A Radical Approach to Success for Recovering Perfectionists” With Samantha Bennett

The story of how a simple houseplant ended Sam’s perfectionism – forever

The REAL reason you aren’t moving forward on your great ideas (and how to get unstuck – live on the call!)

How to hit the Energy Button on your project – instantly!

“The Superwoman Soul Spa Hour: Take Off Yor Cloak, Put Up Your Feet and Relax, Let’s Talk…” With Elayne Kalila Doughty

Do you know that YOU are perfect just the way you are? Yes I know this is not what you really think… Let’s talk about why we have the hardest time believing this.

Do YOU know you are loved no matter what ? How often do you hide behind that superwoman cloak and hide your truth, what you really think, feel- who you really are because you think you won’t be accepted or loved? Let’s talk about 3 ways to get out of hiding and free yourself to be REAL

Do you know that YOU are magnificent beyond measure ? How often do you compare yourself to others and think that you need to be more? If only I was… Let’s talk about the dis-ease of comparison and how it dims your innate beauty and 3 ways that you claim your beauty inside out.

“No More Capes! Living From Your Brilliance with Courage and Resiliance” With Catrice M. Jackson

Don’t believe the hype: Why now is the time to wake up from the illusion of your superpowers and put your ShEgo to rest.

What does the “S” on your chest say about you? How to gracefully shifting from servant to service.

Catrice. M. Jackson will share insight on the psycho-social-spiritual experiences of living in the superwoman syndrome. Her witty, candid yet compassionate life empowerment strategies will highlight a common feminine battle; Superwoman vs. Shero: Catrice will share tips to inspire you to take off your cape, shift from servant to serving and live from your brilliance with courage and resilience.


Becky Lyter McCleery

Becky Lyter McCleery is a coach, teacher, writer and your host for the Healing Superwoman Syndrome Virtual Retreat. After seven years as an elementary school teacher, she chose to leave the public school system in order to be home with her three young children and pursue her dream of helping women free themselves and love who they are. Her message to women is: You are here for a reason, you have unique gifts to share and the world needs you right now. It is her great passion to help each woman she works with reconnect with her inner wisdom, uncover her inherent brilliance and shine through sharing her soul’s great work. She is honored and delighted to bring her mission and vision to life through the Healing Superwoman Syndrome Virtual Retreat. Beyond her work in self-love, self-care and women’s empowerment, Becky loves playing with her children, spending time with her husband and, in rare moments of peace and quiet, reading inspirational books.

Sheila Unique

Sheila is One Unique Coach. As an Expert Master Intuitive, she works with those parts of you that you don’t see – your energy and your spirit. Sheila shows you how your energy affects not only your physical body, but also affects how you feel, what you say and what you do. Since 2003, Sheila has been clearing paths to self-empowerment through her coaching, training, speaking and writing. She helps you to clear the blocks that keep you from achieving your success and your dreams. Her passion for empowering and inspiring others leads them to a place where they feel more at peace and have a renewed awareness of the greater potential within themselves. The message Sheila shares has been captured in her best-selling book, Quick Shifts, (a book about shifting your perception). She currently offers group work and one on one coaching sessions for both business and personal avenues. Sheila welcomes the opportunity to have a conversation with you to see if her work might be a fit for your needs now.

Cindy Hudson

Cindy Hudson is a Master Coach supporting women who feel inadequate, disillusioned and confused to come out of hiding, understand and break crippling patterns, and really love themselves for who they are. Cindy guides you to see yourself, heal your heart, and embrace the truth of your incredible value. After years of trying, giving, and being “really good” Cindy’s life crashed in on her which led to a time of intense personal growth and transformation. On the other side she became passionate about helping others navigate faster than she did because she knows how it feels to be stuck and believes NOW is the time to make your life work, not 5 years from now, or even one year from now. Cindy helps women wake up, show up, and move bravely into truth, learning how to trust their heart, hear their voice and let it out! She has a gift to identify where you are hiding or blocking yourself and an amazing ability to tap into that block, bring awareness and provide wisdom to create an immediate shift that puts you on a whole new playing field. Cindy believes working with your individuality, your heart and your unique spiritual rhythm is the fastest way to experience change and the strongest way to move you into connecting with your own value in an energetic and practical way. There’s no “cookie cutter” way to freedom it is all very personal, that’s how amazingly unique you are!

Aimée Yawnick

Aimée Yawnick has been mentoring women to make personal growth and development a priority for almost 20 years. First, in the Health and Fitness Industry, now as a Personal Coach and Mentor. Aimée helps heart-centered women build and strengthen their relationship with themselves as a foundation to all the other relationships in their lives, most specifically their spirituality. By creating a loving, healthy connection with their Inner Wisdom, Aimee’s clients gain access to the wealth of personal, professional and divine knowledge that is hidden deep inside each one of us. Aimée guides the way and clears out the junk so you can easily embrace the woman you have always dreamed you could be, the woman you are meant to be. Aimee’s most recent accomplishment is co-authoring the #1 Amazon Hot New Release women’s inspirational anthology, A Juicy Joyful Life: Inspiration from Women Who’ve Found the Sweetness In Every Day.

Tara Sage Steeves

A twice-published author, Tara believes that dreams are the voice of our soul, and listening is our gift to the world. She is devoted to helping people identify, nurture, and manifest their dreams…and does so with creative vigor! Creator of The Dream Party®, a uniquely transformative event that offers a rare and whimsical opportunity to identify and embody dreams for the future, she also offers coaching, workshops, and retreat weekends to support the creative, and sometimes intimidating, process of dream realization. The most popular of these programs is her renowned 8-week Dream-Acceleration™ Program.

Lori Radun

Although it prepared her to be a successful mompreneur, working over 20 years in the business world did little to nurture Lori Radun’s life-long passion for personal growth. In 1993, Lori began to feel a longing in her heart to make a difference in the world. Following her interests, she went back to school to study Psychology, but her heart was set on fire when she decided to become a life coach and began work with the Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaching to receive her

certification. Today, Lori is a life coach, inspirational speaker and support to conscious mothers everywhere. Her mission is to provide simple tools to help moms raise their energy, raise their morale, and raise their consciousness while raising great kids. She believes that a grounded and happy mom will strengthen any family unit, and ultimately lay the groundwork for future generations. Eager to give mothers encouragement and support on their motherhood journeys, Lori founded Momnificent!™ where moms can go for expert advice, coaching and information on topics facing moms today. In her book, The Momnificent!™ Life – Healthy and Balanced Living for Busy Moms, Lori’s openness and conversational style gives moms the feeling they’re sharing “Aha!” moments with a friend while they’re learning to live more fulfilling lives. Lori is the mother of two wonderful boys, the wife of a very supportive husband and a lover of books, chocolate and Tae Kwon Do!

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee is the founder of Artizen Coaching and author of The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success (New World Library, 2011). Her bestselling book has helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world grow their businesses authentically and creatively. After spending 10 years climbing the corporate ladder and getting tired of living her dream “on-the-side,” she took the leap to pursue her passions full-time. Jennifer has been featured in Whole Living, Entrepreneur, Family Circle, Cloth Paper Scissors Studios, and Choice magazines. She received her coaching certification and leadership training through the prestigious Coaches Training Institute. She is also a certified yoga instructor, a certified Intuitive Painting and Expressive Arts Facilitator, and holds a B.A. in Communication Studies from UCLA and an M.A. in Communication Management from USC.

Kendra E Thornbury

Kendra helps soul-centered women & evolutionary leaders create spiritual and financial freedom so that they have a greater impact & make more money….all while being true to who they are! She is passionate about making it easy for those called to serve the awakening on the planet to effectively help more people while doubling, tripling or quadrupling their income. She provides proven methods and time-tested systems that empower her clients to translate their soul’s calling into a thriving business that makes a real difference in the world. Kendra is an internationally acclaimed coach, spiritual guide, sought-after leader, author and humanitarian. She’s on the cutting edge of spiritual thought and conscious business practice. Labels aside, she considers herself a human being simply doing her best to walk a path of authenticity and integrity while making a difference.

Teresa Aziam

Known as the Conscious Creation Maven, Teresa has a wealth of knowledge, tools, and techniques that she is delighted to share with others who are seeking to live their ideal life. Teresa has deep insight and intuition when it comes to uncovering the things that are blocking you from moving forward and keeping you in a state of constant busyness with little to show for it. A coach for over ten years, she’s super skilled at teaching you how to get laser-focused on the important things in life that bring you joy and harmony so you can move from creating a mediocre life by “unconscious design” to creating a extraordinary life by conscious choice. Teresa uses a combination of tools and techniques gleaned from over 20 years of personal and spiritual growth in many modalities. She’s also a Reiki Master and an empathic intuitive and brings a myriad of skills and abilities to her business.

Jana Beeman

Jana E. Beeman, owner of Balanced Life Today, is a Board Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Practitioner, AADP Certified, Certified in Hypnosis, Yoga & Restorative Yoga, fitness/dance trainer, meditation and stress relief trainer, counselor and sleep improvement expert. Jana invites people suffering from chronic pain or stress to have a conversation with her, to see about helping them find their balance and get their lives back so they can live a full, rich, vibrant life. She is also leader of a large group of health professionals, and conducts regular business trainings, brainstorming sessions and provides accountability and support for group members, with a focus on collaborative business practices. She’s the host of a blogtalk radio show and speaks on many telesummits, radio shows and at events around the world about health & wellness as well as business.

Nan Akasha

As the #1 Bestselling Author of Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind, Nan has an intense passion to empower you to embrace your Divine worth and allow 6 figures or more to flow to you while living the life your Soul designed just for you. Rapidly increase your ability to manifest on demand and make your visions reality is a result of working with Nan. As a dynamic and inspiring international Speaker who has been featured with cutting edge teachers like Gregg Bradden, Joe Vitale, and Doreen Virtue she opens the key places that keep your money pipeline clogged. Using over 25 years of energy, mind and Spiritual work, Nan creates deeply transformative processes and tools that heal your heart and your bank account. More money, more inner peace, more purpose, more joy… all of these are accessible through Nan’s work. Experience is the key with Nan, as she guides you to feel free, wealthy and worthy, and know how to continue to live that way now. Host of the ‘Magnetic Wealth’ radio show on WebTalkRadio. Creator of the Magnetic Wealth Club, Sacred Travel guide…, Nan is here to open your path to Spiritual and Financial evolution. Her mission is to create a world of wealth conscious people who know how to tune in to the abundance that is waiting for them. Trained in over 30 healing modalities, Nan’s inspiring, playful, empowering attitude has helped thousands of people worldwide to transform their lives. A joyful mother of twin girls, Emily and Sierra, “JoyfulNan” says “Free Your Mind and the Wealth Will Follow.”

Shannon Bush

Shannon Bush , the Creative Possibility Coach, founder and Director of Creative Possibility, has an infectious enthusiasm for teaching visionary feminine entrepreneurs how to transform their dreams into reality. Shannon offers a unique, empowering, colourful and fun experience that teaches you to quickly turn any issue into opportunity and prosperity. As you learn to work from a more holistic space you will begin to quickly understand the incredible benefits that are easily accessible when an innovative and creative approach to business is adopted and embraced. As a certified NLP Practitioner, Transpersonal Art Therapist and Money Breakthrough MethodTM Coach with a Graduate Degree in Business, specialising in small business management, Shannon brings to your relationship, her extensive background in arts, health and business, genuine understanding and compassion as well as an abundant wealth of experience as the Empowerment Expert. She is based in beautiful Perth, Western Australia. Shannon works with women from around this glorious globe who are committed to being the best they can be, leading them on empowered journeys to succulent success, believing without a doubt that when you learn to step up as the holistic feminine leader of your life and business the rewards do flow freely and easily. In her time off, Shannon loves nothing more than to get out and about on a creative play date to nurture her inner Creative Goddess. She’s inspired most by travelling and experiencing the world and its bright colourful mix of people, a good book or conversation that challenges her to think in fabulous new ways, little moments in time to stop, breathe and create, and spending quality time with her husband, family and friends.

Sarafina Well

Sarafina Well, founder of The Exhausted Women’s Project™, is a coach, author, inspirational speaker, Stanford graduate (MA in Sociology), highly trained energy kinesiology and Shamanic Arts practitioner, and a survivor. Faced with her own life or death decision brought on by multiple autoimmune disorders, Sarafina developed The Shakti Palace,™ a process that transforms fear into a key to unfolding our ultimate purpose. With her grounded compassion-with-an-edge approach, Sarafina works with chronically exhausted women who are sick and tired of being worried and fearful about their financial situation to help them to be free from stress about money. She is currently working on her forthcoming book, The Exhausted Woman’s Dilemma – The Breakthrough Approach To Financial Security For Women Who Can’t Afford To Sleep.

Paula Gregorowicz

Paula Gregorowicz, owner of The Paula G. Company, helps people get out of their own way and make wiser decisions through the power of Intuitive Intelligence(tm). She helps people break free from the terrorist of negative voices in their own minds that hold them back from discovering and successfully creating the work they are most meant to do in the world.

Joyce Lynn

Joyce is a gifted transformational teacher and emerging thought leader on the path of evolutionary enlightenment. She is well-known and highly regarded for her intuitive gifts, illuminating insight, and unique ability to spark dramatic shifts in consciousness through what she calls “Transformational Conversation.” She is an invaluable and trusted guide for people in major life transition and helps people to let go of what no longer serves them so they are free to live an authentic, purposeful life. By holding an unwavering container of sacred, energetic space, she inspires a level of Self-Trust that allows people to quickly drop into the deepest Truth of who they really are and what they are here to do. It is her art to return people to the recognition of their True Innocence. A modern-day mystic with a simple message………………… “Trust the process. It’s all perfect!”

Whitney McMillan

Whitney transforms overwhelm! Whitney McMillan, BSW, MSW, HYLTC, CCP, RP-CRA, is a life coach, workshop facilitator, motivational speaker, intuitive consultant, energy healer and writer. During her 20 years in social work, Whitney focused on supporting people in need, often at the expense of her own personal and professional overwhelm. Directly experiencing the ripples of divorce, generational family addiction, cancer and toxic career paths, Whitney merges a variety of highly effective, proven coaching techniques with her natural intuitive abilities and her sassy personality, offering workshops and one-to-one sessions, individualized to meet your needs. Living her values of curiosity, integrity, gratitude, presence and humour, Whitney passionately empowers people to get out of their own way by releasing overwhelm boulders, living with greater clarity, balance and freedom, and listening and trusting their inner wisdom. She aims to positively awaken the world by inspiring and facilitating people to consciously create their ideal lives based on inner wisdom. Whitney’s first book, focusing on overwhelm, will be published in November 2011.

Nilofer Safdar

Nilofer Safdar, founder of Ascension Codes™, is a channel, coach, author, inspirational speaker and the only Teacher of the EMF Balancing Technique in India and the Middle East. In her journey to find inner peace and stillness she developed The Wholeness Journey™, a process which allows individuals to look at, accept, love and ultimately embrace the shadows in their beings and love themselves exactly as they are. In her workshops, coaching, teleclasses and retreats she helps individuals to break free of the limitations of their circumstances and find love, joy, freedom and fulfillment in life.

Cari Murphy

Cari Murphy has offered thousands of clients worldwide a unique blend of spiritual and intuitive counseling, business and lifestyle coaching, and energetic mindset mentoring that has served to promote powerful awakening, healing, and expansion in all areas of their lives. This well rounded, holistic approach to supporting her clients is one that is unparalleled, and has produced phenomenal results and lasting change. She coined the term “Soul Success Coaching” and describes this method of coaching as one that is divinely fueled from the soul, serving her clients from a grand perspective that allows for the unveiling and fulfillment of their soul’s mission. With over 17 years of experience in counseling psychology, combined with over 5 years of life and business coaching through her company, Empowerment Coaching Solutions, and a deeply intuitive gift heightened after her near death experience years ago, Cari is driven to support her clients in clearing their energetic blocks, heightening their intuitive abilities, shifting their perspective to allow for phenomenal new levels of success, and manifesting the physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual rewards their soul deserves. She thrives on coaching spiritual leaders who are ready to shine in front of millions. Cari is also an Award Winning, Best Selling Author and Poet, having published 5 books in the fields of Spirituality, Personal Development and Inspiration, including her Best Selling book, CREATE CHANGE NOW: Reflections for Personal Transformation. Cari is an International Talk Radio Host leading her Create Change Now Radio Show to worldwide success and raving reviews with well over 200,000 listeners. As a Keynote Speaker and Coaching Mentor, Cari leads a variety of highly popular and successful group coaching programs, workshops and retreats. Cari is also a celebrated media personality, hosting and interviewing some of the world’s leading thought leaders, soul-driven trailblazers and visionaries. Cari is dedicated to supporting spiritually driven success seekers and conscious entrepreneurs clear the pathway to limitless wealth and success, build their lives and businesses and experience spiritual expansion, soul-driven success, and purposeful living. Cari offers consistently inspirational messages of individual empowerment and personal accountability, and she inspires her clients, audience, listeners, and readers to expand the horizons of their imaginations, unleash their greatest potential, and open energetic doorways to unlimited abundance and success!

Tambra Harck

Spiritual mentor, author and inspirational speaker, Tambra Harck, guides clients and audiences to empower themselves through accessing their innate wisdom, creativity and true desire. Her warm and insightful nature makes her a powerful speaker, often creating unexpected ahas and expanded possibility. One of Tambra’s passionate missions is to show women how they can create new definitions and experiences of success in the world today.

Doreen G. Fulton

Doreen is a Certified Dream Coach and Group Leader. She created and used the Believe in a Ray of Hope Visioning Formula to adopt her three children, to buy a beach house, and to get special education services for her youngest son when things appeared hopeless. Recently, she used the same formula to develop an Individualized Empowerment Plan for Moms. She never gave up in her quest to find appropriate educational and medical care for her youngest son, but she was tempted mightily. While on the quest, she felt like she was driving through a desert, while being very angry, hungry for revenge, resentful, and lonely. After many years of traveling through this never ending desert, she was near a collapse, and then by the Grace of God, she found an Oasis. There, she shifted her focus from her children and their IEPs to herself and developed an IEP for herself. Feeling as though she had already benefited from the Individualized Educational Plan that God had provided to her, she turned inward and with God’s help she developed an Individualized Empowerment Plan for herself. Doreen feels very blessed and is called to share the Oasis she has found with other Moms of Young Adults with Special Needs who are wandering in the desert, thirsty for hope, support and salvation. She is determined to make the world brighter, more inclusive, and more appreciative of our specially challenged children and finds she is most effective in working with their Moms. She firmly believes that we must support Mom if we expect her to support her young adult with special needs for the long haul. She has written Finally, An IEP for Mom! and led a very successful workshop entitled, If Mama Ain’t Transitioning, Ain’t Nobody Transitioning! Beginning on October 10th, 2011, Doreen plans to launch an IEP Telesummit for Moms of Young Adults with Special Needs and will interview many teachers, parents, leaders who have been instrumental in nourishing her soul and facilitating her own empowerment in a three week time span. Many of these experts have successfully overcome academic and social challenges and are ready to share their wisdom with Moms who are in the Desert and looking for an Oasis of hope and support.

Peggy Collins

Peggy Collins is credited with the discovery of a self-defeating behavior that’s never been talked about before. She’s named it The Self-Sufficiency Syndrome. Many, many women can’t ask for help, do everything all by themselves, can’t delegate because no one else can do it as well and they’re headed for burnout and spiritual bankruptcy. She’s found it to be an epidemic. This has become the pivotal piece of her work with conscious women who want to claim their True You spiritual selves.As a professional speaker, author, coach and teleseminar leader, Peggy has carried this message to thousands of women all across the US since her McGraw Hill published book, Help Is Not a Four-Letter Word: Why Doing It All Is Doing You In, came out in 2007. 92 radio interviews later, she has warned heart-centered women of the separation from others and from themselves that takes place when a cultural value rears its head – falsely reminding them that asking for help is a weakness, not a strength. Before becoming a professional speaker in 1993, Peggy had senior vice president, president and owner after her name as her successful career in sales culminated with the ownership of her own company. Her journey to overcome being an accomplishment-driven Self-Sufficient and move toward a heart-centered spirituality that Peggy calls THE TRUE YOU, is part of her important message as she helps others overcome The Self-Sufficiency Syndrome. Peggy is a mother and grandmother. She lives in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina where she has nurtured and grown her spirituality, reaching out to others in a balanced way.

Samantha Bennett

Samantha Bennett is the creator of The Organized Artist Company, dedicated to helping creative people get unstuck from whatever way they’re stuck, especially by helping them focus and move forward on their goals. Based in Los Angeles, Samantha offers her revolutionary “Get It Done” and “Get Your Work Out There” Workshops, teleclasses and private consulting to overwhelmed procrastinators, frustrated overachievers and recovering perfectionists everywhere.

Elayne Kalila Doughty

Elayne Kalila Doughty MA, MFT, Co-host of The Inspiring Women Summit, Founder of the Soulful Women Wisdom School, The Soul Spa, and The Queens of Transformation. She is a Psychotherapist, Soul Midwife, Ordained Priestess, Speaker,Transformational Coach and Women’s Empowerment Expert. With her extensive background in addictions, recovery, trauma, mental health and spiritual guidance she has over 20 years experience of working with women who are transforming a painful past to a powerful present and an extraordinary future.Elayne is the author of the Soul Spa Breathe Cards and Meditation Audio Series and The Soul Spa Experience – 9 Guided Meditations to Cleanse Your Soul, Nourish Your Heart & Transform Your Life. Both audio programs blend clinical expertise, artistic creativity and deep soulful wisdom to empower women to live their “greater than imagined possibilities. Elayne has designed The Safe Embrace: 7 Steps to Healing Trauma and Coming Home to Yourself a global program that promotes trauma healing, empowerment, and actively seeds the vision of a world where women are respected, adored and revered. Her work is profoundly informed by the knowing that healing women and girls is paramount to the survival and evolution of our communities, our humanity, and our planet. Currently Elayne is implementing this program with Eve Ensler (the Vagina Monologues) and her foundation,www.VDay.org , at the City of Joy in Bukavu, Congo. This transformational program will seed women leaders at a grass roots level throughout the Congo. Elayne is a sought after teacher and speaker in the field of Women’s Healing, Transformation and Leadership, and has a private practice seeing in person clients in the Bay Area and globally via the internet.

Catrice M. Jackson

Once a job-junkie now a jazzy speakerpreneur, Catrice serves up delicious life recipes that inspire women to *Get NAKED*, discover their juicy spot, own it, celebrate it and sprinkle it into the world. Catriceology, Catrice’s signature life empowerment brand, a unique concoction infused with a savvy and sassy flavor that helps women experience the freedom to be fearless, fierce and fired up in their lives. Catrice graciously serves as a bridge helping women leap from where they are to where they desire to be. Through candid-compassion coaching she guides women to re-discover their voice, honor their soul and live BRAVE! Catriceology comes in many flavors: speaker, delicious life designer, fear-free living expert and author who passionately pioneers her global mission to liberate the souls of women by helping them master The Art of Fear-Free Living by awakening the genius within to live their SHero’s life; a luscious one they crave. Catrice’s messages ooze with life strategies for living a big, bold and brilliant life because every woman has the ingredients to show up and shine. She invites women across the world to take a seat in the empowerment café, her weekly internet radio program, the Fearlessly Delicious Life Show to feast, be fulfilled and never gain a single pound.

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