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Starts: Monday, August 8th , 2011

Ends: Thursday, August 25th , 2011

Host: Holly Tse

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Kim Le

Dr. Rose G.S.

Annie Lin

Sacha Chua

Kristina Wong

Marielle Smith

Olivia Vicky Lee

Murshidah Said

Ellen Shing

Stacie Tamaki

Marja West

Holly Tse


"Awakening the Heart and Soul: World Peace is Possible!"

Kim Le, Founder of the Nurturing Spa for Wellness, Kim is an energetic healer, who is Known as "The Love and Peace Coach" by her clients because she loves unconditionally and perpetually radiates the warmth and serenity of these healing energies.

"From Maverick to Maven: How to Embrace Your Differences to Make a Difference in the World"

Stacie Tamaki, Award-winning blogger, geeky girl, designer, illustrator, foodie and advocate for the National Marrow Donor Program and advocate for shelter dogs

"The Message is Love: Unleash Your Inner Power"

Dr. Rose G.S., A strong advocator that LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL ENERGY. Helps individuals lead a balanced life and unleash their potential. Has inspired, motivated and touched thousands of people through her brand of love.

"Shiny Pebble People: Kickstarting the Creative Rebel in You"

Marielle Smith, The "Soul" Proprietor of LifePath Designs and co-host of Everyday Spirits Radio, Marielle Smith is an "Eclectic", creative spirit embracing every moment with wide arms and an open heart. She is an Intuitive Soul Coach and a catalyst for conscious change.

"The Evolution of a Creative Life"

Kristina Wong, Nationally presented solo performer, writer, actor, educator, culture jammer, filmmaker, community activist, DIY crafter, and guest contributor to Playgirl Magazine

"Self-Discovery Through Blogging and Social Networking"

Sacha Chua, Generation Y Tech Evangelist who is passionate about helping people discover themselves and connect and collaborate through blogging and social media. Sacha's a fellow adventurer figuring out life through writing and relationships, and happy to help others along the way

"Release Your Dragon Spirit: How to Take Your Passion and Make It Happen NOW"

Holly Tse, Life Adventurer who follows her spirit to accomplish amazing things effortlessly without any previous experience. Creator and Host of the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit.

"Find Your Soul and Your Soulmate! How To Harness Your Inner Power to Meet Your Match"

Annie Lin, The heart and soul of New York Life Coaching—the smart girl’s go-to source for transforming from single to soulmate through spirituality, passion, and authenticity.

"Spiritually Sexy: Embodying the Sensual Life"

Marja West, Non-guru lineage spiritual teacher, healer, writer, yogini, lover of nature & laughter; devotional-singer-songwriter-musician-multi-instrumentalist, dancer, performer & old school rocker; inspirational speaker, minister, geeky-coutured-über-sis-STAR, and semi-wrathful dakini :-)

"LOVE & RESPECT for You"

Murshidah Said, Speaker, trainer, Love and Respect advocate, entrepreneur, mom and wife, daughter, sister and friend. Murshidah helps press the Re-Set button on people (only if they allow her to). Murshidah is a regular speaker at conferences, Malaysian television and radio as well as a regular contributor in magazines.

"How to Build a Road Map to Your Success"

Olivia Vicky Lee, is an intuitive business/life coach & author who combines spirituality with breakthrough techniques for individuals and corporate teams.

"Finding Your Perfect Fit"

Ellen Shing, Owner of Lula Lu Petite Lingerie, a specialty lingerie store and e-commerce site for petite women


Awakening the Heart and Soul. World Peace is Possible! With Kim Le

Join us for a live guided session with Kim as she leads you through a transformational healing that will align your mind, body, heart and spirit. You will experience an incredible sense of connection, inner peace and energetic expansion. This is one interview not to miss, as Kim will:

Awaken your soul so that you remember who you truly are

Help you restore the love and peace within yourself to find your way home to wholeness

Share the very simple formula for world peace. World peace is possible!

Open your heart to receiving the gifts that each speaker will share in this inspirational event

Kim Le is a Holistic Energetic Healer who shares her love and compassion unconditionally. She is the founder of the Nurturing Spa for Wellness in San Francisco. A typical bio would not do Kim justice. Here is a poem by "Thich Nhat Hanh" that captures her true essence:

Since I learned how to love you,

the door of my soul has been wide open,

to the wind of the four directions,

reality call for change.

The fruit of the awareness is already ripe.

And the door never closed again.

From Maverick to Maven: How to Embrace Your Differences to Make a Difference in the World With Stacie Tamaki

Have you ever felt like the black sheep in your family? Your true gifts and talents are found in your uniqueness. Learn how to embrace everything about yourself in order to make your impact on the world.

Discover the twin joys of giving and receiving

Learn how one person can start a movement and how you can too

Get your message online and rally people to support your cause

Stacie Tamaki, is an award-winning blogger, geeky girl, graphic illustrator, web designer and developer. She's also a foodie (cooking, baking shopping and dining) who calls herself an accidental omnivore because she only eats meat by accident. Stacie is an optimist, a realist and advocate for the National Marrow Donor Program and shelter dogs.

You may spot her around the Bay Area photographing everything that crosses her path because she's also the Flirty Girl who writes The Flirty Blog.

The Message is Love: Unleash Your Inner Power With Dr. Rose G.S.

We were born winners. We are gifted and full of talents. However, many of us go through life not realizing our true potential. This is because we have forgotten our powers and gifts given by GOD. We forget because of the hurts in our lives that never healed. And this attracts negative energy and becomes a block to a harmonious and abundant life.

Understand how "The Law of Attraction" influences and creates your life circumstances

Learn the technique that will allow you to let go of your hurts and heal

Find out how to create your own wonderful destiny by taking control of your thoughts

Fall in love with YOU and appreciate all your gifts and talents

Discover ways that you can share your gifts with the world

Dr. Rose G.S. is a strong advocator that LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL ENERGY. Her approach of communicating the precept that each individual is special and can make a positive difference in this world has caused her to devote her entire life to helping individuals become better, achieve excellent results in their careers, unleash their potential and lead a balanced life. Thousands of people have been inspired, motivated and touched by her brand of love.

Shiny Pebble People: Kickstarting the Creative Rebel in You With Marielle Smith

Are you a Shiny Pebble Person? Shiny pebbles are another name for all the ideas and projects that pop into your head, one after another, and they just keep coming and coming. While it's amazing to be brimming with ideas all the time, do you sometimes feel guilty if you start a project and leave it unfinished, sometimes without really knowing why you stopped in the first place?

Find peace within and respect the beautiful shiny pebbles that are waiting to be treasured!

Stop feeling guilty and discover inspirational and awesome ways to live the life of a Shiny Pebble Person with honor and respect for self.

Learn how to create a juicy vibrant life by understanding who you are as a Shiny Pebble Person and kickstart the creative rebel in you!

Marielle Smith, is the "Soul" Proprietor of LifePath Designs and co-host of Everyday Spirits Radio. She is an Intuitive Soul Coach and a catalyst for conscious change. Using tools such as PSYCH-K® to change subconscious beliefs, as well as her spiritual skills and soul coaching, she helps to unlock doors and inspires people to discover their own unique, juicy and vibrant life.

Marielle embodies a dynamic, energetic grace that is contagious and invites you to embrace your life purpose. She resides in Vancouver, Canada with her two amazing, creative children and awesomely handsome husband.

The Evolution of a Creative Life With Kristina Wong

Kristina takes you behind the curtain and shares her truths behind living a creative life. What's it really like to choose creativity as a career path?

Kristina will discuss her creative journey, including:

Her inspirations as an artist and how you can find creative inspiration in your own life

How she began and grew her career as a solo performer and artist

The day-to-day aspects of owning and receiving a creative life

How to continue evolving as an artist once you've "made it"

Kristina Wong, is a nationally presented solo performer, writer, actor, educator, culture jammer, and filmmaker. Described by the East Bay Express as "brutal but hilarious... a woman who takes life's absurdities very seriously," her body of performance work includes short and full-length solo performance works, outrageous street theater stunts and pranks, subversive internet installations, and plays and sketch comedy.

Self-Discovery Through Blogging and Social Networking With Sacha Chua

Intimidated by the thought of personal branding or social networking? Connecting is a lot easier – and a lot more fun – when you focus on learning more about life, other people, and yourself. Good times, bad times, they're all part of your story.

Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, pick up a few tips and share your own in this conversation about discovering yourself through blogs, status updates, and social networks.

Sacha Chua is a Generation Y Tech Evangelist. She didn't fall in love with writing until she found out that she could write for herself, not just for grades. Sacha has been blogging about her questions and experiences since 2002, and has discovered that it's a great way to figure things out. She looks forward to helping you learn how you can use technology to learn from your experiences!

Release Your Dragon Spirit: How to Take Your Passion and Make It Happen NOW With Holly Tse

Now that you're ready to step into your brilliance, it's time to take your passion and make it happen. If you're at a point in your career or business where you're ready for change, how do you know where to begin?

Inside everyone is a Dragon Spirit. This is your inner voice that craves adventure and exploration. It also happens to be uber-wise and knows the answers to all of your questions. Some may call it their higher self, intuition, super ego or even angels, but whatever you call it, it is YOUR voice. By connecting with your Dragon Spirit, you'll be able to move mountains effortlessly and know exactly what to do next.

Connect with your Dragon Spirit so that you can know, FEEL and experience what the next steps are to create your latest life adventure

Recognize with clarity the people and the opportunities that will help you make your dreams come true

Find your passion and take action to make it happen NOW

Holly Tse is a Dragon Spirit Guide. She helps people who are at a transition point in their career or business to discover what their next steps are for moving forward in an expansive manner with ease, grace and a sense of adventure.

Holly is a also a Life Adventurer. She bicycled across Canada without knowing how to ride a bike and overcame a fear of water by simultaneously signing up for swimming lessons and a triathlon six weeks away. In May of 2011, she had an epiphany that her life purpose was to empower and inspire women around the world and thus, she created the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit.

Find Your Soul—and Your Soulmate! How To Harness Your Inner Power to Meet Your Match With Annie Lin

You don't need to be perfect to have an ideal love life. Learn how embracing your identity—imperfections and all—can draw you closer to the partner of your dreams with the added benefits of hotter sex, a healthier self-image, and a happier day to day life.

Stop getting in your own way.

Uncover the 5 major mistakes that every single woman makes and identify which one is keeping you from meeting your match.

Plus, find out why being an Asian woman isn't only something to celebrate but the secret ingredient that will take you from single to soulmate!

You are ready for true love—no fixing, faking, or fancy feats needed. Discover just how easy it can be to bring lasting love into your life. Find your soul—and your soulmate. (Isn't it about time?)

Annie Lin, founder of New York Life Coaching, is a master life coach and relationship expert based in the Big Apple. Author of the book, Fall In Love and Stay There, Annie has helped hundreds of singles from all over the world to find themselves and true love by tapping into their passions and embracing their imperfections. Annie's greatest joy is helping each and every client go from single to soulmate—lovefully.

Spiritually Sexy: Embodying the Sensual Life With Marja West

As waking women, we are the gatekeepers to Conscious Presence on the planet. You know this—that's why you've worked so hard in discovering how you can serve humanity through sharing your Divine gifts with the world.

Our moms are our first intimate contact with the Divine Feminine. As little girls we learn to mistrust our deepest Feminine wisdom. Re-gaining trust in the Divine Feminine is KEY to our empowerment as humans.

Activate your deepest Divine Feminine Wisdom and...

Forgive and regain trust in mom, yourSelf, and all women

Stop blaming men and the masculine

Relax and take care of yourSelf first

Activate all 7 of your senses

Open and receive Divine guidance, pleasure & prosperity

Balance your doing & being with the Pleasure Principle

EMBODY your FULLY AWAKE, juicy, sexy Goddess-Self, and your Sensual Life WITHOUT guilt, shame, and needless self-sacrifice.

Marja West is a non-guru lineage Spiritual Teacher, mentoring today's men and women—the Heart-Based New Humanity—with practical tools to dissolve their rage, blame and mistrust at the Feminine, so that they can live spiritually wide awake from a place of openness, balance and enjoyment while gracefully navigating the ups and downs of life unfolding—mastering the masculine—feminine energies within, engaging all seven senses, embodying Divine Wisdom, and the Sensual Life. Permission to relax—activated.

LOVE & RESPECT for You With Murshidah Said

Oftentimes, you may have felt that you have gone through all the training, gained the necessary knowledge, and know your dreams and goals. You have your action plan done—yet you still experience difficulty in moving forward.

This is becaue you are not aware of the energy blocks that are stopping you from moving forward in your life, in your career, your relationships, and your wealth. Do you feel stressed, feeling that you have so many dreams but are unable to move towards them? Do you find that you lack confidence? Energy blocks often stem from our past pains.

In this session, Murshidah will be sharing how to:

Heal through forgiveness, gratitude and instilling LOVE & RESPECT in your life

Understand people better and why they do what they do.

Develop a strong purpose in your life in order to live a happy life while achieving personal and professional goals

Murshidah Said, is a speaker, trainer and entrepreneur. She is passionate about spreading LOVE & RESPECT and has reached out to children, men and women from a broad walk of life, ranging from those in prison and shelters to corporations, government offices and schools. Murshidah is a regular speaker at conferences, Malaysian television and radio, as well as a regular contributor to magazines.

Murshidah has a 5-year old daughter, and is a business partner with her husband who is also her life coach.

How to Build a Road Map to Your Success With Olivia Vicky Lee

Are you ready for a major upgrade in the areas of money, health, relationships or career?

Vision Mapping is a transformative tool, which individuals and corporate teams use to map out life changes and business expansion, through an accelerated and breakthrough process. It cracks the code of years of the same behavior and unfulfilled desires, and allows you to see new solutions that weren’t possible before.

This step-by-step process is mapped out onto a large vision map. Vision maps provide you with a strategic map of where you are now and where you want to go. It is a road map to your dreams. In this informative talk, you’ll learn how to get your own “aha” moments from this process.

Olivia Vicky Lee, is known in executive circles as the CEO’s secret weapon to solve problems and map out the path to business and life success. She is founder of Vision Mapping, a unique methodology used in private corporate board rooms, as well as New Thought classrooms. She is author of "Vision Boards: A Guidebook for Mapping Out Your Vision".

Finding Your Perfect Fit With Ellen Shing

Have you ever wanted to create your own product because you couldn't find what you were looking for in a store? That's exactly what inspired Ellen to open Lula Lu, a specialty lingerie store for petite women. As a petite woman on the hunt for the perfect petite bra, Ellen found that nothing was affordable or unpadded.

She decided to do something about it. In 2004, she opened her own petite lingerie boutique. But she didn't stop there.

Frustrated at visting lingerie tradeshows and being unable to find products for her customers, Ellen dove in and developed her own line of lingerie, Lula Lu Petites.

Join us for a fun and informative talk as Ellen shares how she built her business. And, she'll also share her expert knowledge on finding the perfect-fitting bra!

What does "petite" really mean in the lingerie industry and what are the fit issues specific to small busted women?

Tips on ensuring a perfect fit— what you should look for when you try on a bra

How does the Lula Lu Petites collection address the needs of small-busted women

Ellen Shing, is the owner of Lula Lu Petite Lingerie, a specialty lingerie store and e-commerce site for small-busted women of all heights and sizes. Offering sizes AAA, AA and A cup sizes, Lula Lu carries comfortable and fashionable lingerie that not only fits the petite figure but is flattering as well. The Lula Lu Petites collection is also the first in the United States to develop the AAA cup, starting at size 32AAA to 36AAA.

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