Spiritual Path to Food and Body Freedom

Spiritual Path to Food & Body Freedom Summit

Website: http://foodandbodyfreedomfestival.com/

Starts: July 11th , 2011

Ends: August 4th , 2011

Host: Sharon Crawford

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Week 1 ~ The Inner Journey...

Week 2 ~ Developing a New Relationship with Food...

Week 3 ~ Developing a New Relationship with Our Body & with Ourselves!

Week 4 ~ Completing the Shift!

PLUS Additional bonus interview transcripts:

Geneen Roth ~ Women, Food & Money

Sarah Maria ~ Love Your Body, Love Your Life


Week 1 ~ The Inner Journey...

Christian Pankhurst, Accelerated Awakening

Cordelia Francesca Brabbs, Riches & Joy

Angela Stokes-Monarch, Raw Reform

Naomi Paulson, Sunflower & Sage

Week 2 ~ Developing a New Relationship with Food...

Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach

Jenny Brewer, Cleanse Organic

Cora Poage, Sexy Soul Wellness

Christy Love, Feed Your Chakras

Week 3 ~ Developing a New Relationship with Our Body & with Ourselves!

Laura Fenamore, OnePinky

Gareth Stubbs & Jeroen Coenen, Ego Invenio

Rachelle Anslyn, Concentric Balance

Siddiqi Ray, Au Ray

Week 4 ~ Completing the Shift!

Michelle Melendez, Women Getting Fit

Golda Poretsky, Body Love Wellness

Sheva Carr, HeartMath's HeartMastery Program through Fyera!

PLUS Additional bonus interview transcripts:

Geneen Roth ~ Women, Food & Money

Sarah Maria ~ Love Your Body, Love Your Life


Dr. Christian Pankhurst, Accelerated Awakening ~ Understanding Why You Feel the Way You Do, & What You Can Do About It

Lenn’s Law, & what it has to do with our relationship to food & our body;

The new age bypass vs being in our physical body;

Heart Intelligence & why we need to come more into our heart;

Daily practices for how we can begin to feel better about ouselves, inside & out.

Dr Christian Pankhurst, D.C brings a fresh energy to the personal development space. His gentle knife-cutting clarity has drawn thousands of people around the world keen to live life more deeply & openly from the heart. Christian, after working as a Chiropractor, studied with some of the most well known leaders in the personal development industry & later created the ‘Accelerated Awakening Experience’ a powerful program that has touched the lives of thousands of people around the world.

In October 2009, Christian won the ‘Britain’s Next Top Coach’ award, receiving 52% of the votes from 91 different countries. Today, Christian is a sought after teacher & travels extensively sharing his huge heart, clarity & wisdom.

“Christian knows how to articulate these messages as well as, if not better than I do. He is a profound source of clarity & understanding of the richness & depth of this material.” Neale Donald Walsch – Best Selling Author of Conversations with God.

Cordelia Francesca Brabbs, Riches & Joy ~ Love Your Body, Love Your Life

Would you like to finally make peace with your body, & have the freedom to live with greater love, joy and abundance instead?

Why you’ve been programmed to do battle with your body, & how to claim back your freedom from this dangerous war zone;

How to finally accept the body parts that you love to hate (& how doing this can transform every area of your life – even your finances!);

Learn the steps you must take before you even think of trying to change your shape with diet or exercise (if you don’t do this, you’ll constantly repeat old patterns);

Why making a conscious choice about the food you put in your body is the most profoundly spiritual thing you can do;

Experience a beautiful process that will forever transform the relationship you have with your body and set your spirit free!

Cordelia Francesca Brabbs helps you dive into your heart to release your deepest blocks, transform your limiting beliefs, & step up into your highest life of love, joy, passion & purpose. She combines unique clearing & manifesting techniques with transformational coaching to help you move from struggle, fear & lack into love, peace & abundance.

Her soothing voice is infused with healing energy, making her sessions of t he ZPoint Process, The One Command & guided visualization extra special. Cordelia is the creator of the transformational ‘Your Soul Sparkle’ program, & author of Goddess Power Pack.

Cordelia weaves the beautiful energy & teachings of the whales & dolphins into her work, & hosts healing ocean retreats in stunning locations. She is co-founder Women for Whales – a conscious organization to peacefully protect cetaceans – & organizer of the International Whale Celebration.

Angela Stokes-Monarch, Raw Reform ~Raw Emotions, Deeper Connection

What is a raw food diet, & why is it beneficial?

Emotional eating ~ how to change our long-held patterns, & what to replace them with;

The quest for greater connection & how to achieve it;

Why most traditional diets & exercise programs typically either don’t work, or don’t yield long lasting results;

The importance of getting support on our journey to food & body freedom;

Developing a relationship with the land & where our food comes from, for better health & consciousness.

Award-winning author Angela Stokes, released an amazing 160lbs with a raw lifestyle, reversing morbid obesity. 32-year- old Angela went raw in May 2002 & her life has since dramatically transformed. Her website & books share her amazing story of recovery, along with guidance & inspiration for others.

She shares videos, before/after pictures & also blogs almost daily on her popular blog. Angela offers books, retreats, consultations & lectures internationally on raw foods.

In February 2007, she completed a 92-Day Juice Feast & her juicing book inspires countless others into juicy journeys.

Her most recent book ‘Raw Emotions’ explores raw food transformations beyond the physical level.

Naomi Paulson, Sunflower & Sage ~ From Cravings to Compassion: The 3 keys to turning obsession & anger into compassion & choice to create a lifestyle you love

Pay attention! Recognize types of cravings & where they come from; awareness is key;

Physical vs emotional – It’s not always just a matter of will power so cut yourself some slack!

Crowd ‘em out – How to fill the space where the cravings usually reside. Learn how to “fun” your way to healthy.

Compassion & Commitment – Setting up for long-term success.

Naomi Paulson is the founder of Sunflower & Sage, a company dedicated to improving the health & wellness of today to positively impact the health of the next 7 generations. Having experienced her own food-related health issues, body image issues & the obsessive need to pursue an unrealistic state of ‘perfection’, Naomi is no stranger to the struggles & frustration many women face today.

She now helps women achieve a higher level of health, create a lifestyle they love, find personal balance, & put into practice the tools to help maintain long-term success. Her feisty & no non-sense approach inspires clients & audiences to get excited about taking on their lives.

Based in southern California, she works with clients by phone & during in-person seminars. As a personal trainer, yoga instructor & wellness coach, Naomi has worked with & taught hundreds of people. She has taught at numerous private, public & corporate facilities, including Yahoo!, Google & AOL. Naomi is a member of AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) & is committed to working with clients through whole food nutrition.

Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach ~ How Working with the Energy of Food (and not the label on it) Will Change Everything For You

Why trying to eat anyone else’s way but your own authentic way is a sure-fire way to feel frustrated, disappointed & sadly, like a failure;

The different energies of food, how to tune into them & how this will benefit you & your body forever;

Which eating philosophy is the most effective when it comes to becoming a truly intuitive eater & why;

The concept of reaching true mastery around food & emotions, & what that means to your body, mind, heart & soul.

Karen Knowler is “The Raw Food Coach”, author of Go Raw For a Day!, founder of International Raw Food Day & the International Association of Raw Food Coaches & Teachers. With almost two decades of personal experience of eating a raw food diet, Karen has been teaching, writing & coaching professionally on raw foods since 1998. Owing to her ground-breaking work in the field of raw foods & human potential, & dubbed “The world’s premier raw food coach”, Karen is also “trainer to the trainers” & has trained hundreds of raw food coaches & teachers worldwide.

Co-author of Feel-Good Food & author of Raw Food Made Simple, Karen has lectured around the world, has been seen by over 6 million viewers live on national TV, appears frequently in the national press & has coached & worked with people from all backgrounds including well-known celebrities. She is currently working on her next book, publishing in spring 2012 with Hay House.

Karen’s extensive knowledge & experience of all issues relating to raw food eating, working with the energy of food, & eating according to the truth of who you are & who you want to be, make her one of the most innovative, original & sought- after holistic eating experts in the world today.

Christy Love, Feed Your Chakras ~ Are you starving your chakras & leaking precious energy?

Things you don’t know about food that affects your chakras;

How the health of your chakras affects your overall health;

Ways to feel more creative, sensual, flexible & in the flow;

How fun, pleasure, & relaxation can boost your metabolism;

How to feed your chakras for a more intuitive, sparkling, radiant you.

Christy Love is a holistic health counselor, energy healer, intuitive soul coach, & transformational spiritual teacher.

An expert in natural health & mind-body nutrition, her approach advocates food as medicine, providing the body with what it needs nutritionally & spiritually to achieve radiant health. She has developed Feed Your Chakras, a high vibrational wellness program that integrates delicious whole foods with the chakra system to rejuvenate the body, balance the mind & nurture the soul.

She is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition & a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She’s also completed advanced training in Mind-Body Nutrition from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating & Intuitive Soul Coaching through The Center for Transformational Presence.

Christy’s healing approach combines the best of modern science with ancient spiritual healing traditions. She is a master at teaching smart, savvy & sensitive souls how to balance their energy & boost their mood so they feel more peaceful, powerful, productive & fully alive.

Gareth Stubbs & Jeroen Coenen, Ego Invenio ~Personal Excellence Through Self Discovery

The 3 step cycle that will get your health back into balance & ensure you don’t go back again;

6 simple steps everybody needs to take to create a massive health explosion in their lives;

Know, deep down inside, that a healthy way of life if possible, & indeed very simple;

Be inspired to take massive action towards your new way of life, & with the tools to do so!

Gareth Stubbs Whilst studying ministry & clinical counselling, Gareth refined the mental skills required from his years as a national level gymnast & diver, as well as a top level international competing Ballroom Dancer, before moving to London.

Since then, Gareth has been working with people with drug & alcohol abuse, severe self harming & suicidal depression for the last 10 years, having had first-hand experience of this “world”, helping them regain their own personal freedom & power.

Jeroen Coenen was a boxer & Tai-boxer for 15+ years & has trained with some of the most respected people in the industry. Health, fitness & vitality have always been crucial for him & he now shares his knowledge & experience with others, providing top level physical training & health programs as well nutrition & diet.

Now qualified & highly experienced Master Practitioners of NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis & Creation Technologies, as well as Certified Trainers of NLP, Gareth & Jeroen have met & worked with some of the leading experts in the world. Their project, Ego Invenio, is about personal excellence through self discovery; Harnessing the power of combining physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health & well being IN ONE COMPLETE PACKAGE. Their new book, is a practical, no-nonsense guide on how to radically transform your life, giving you challenging yet liberating steps to follow to create the life of your dreams.

Inside Out – Personal Excellence Through Self Discovery is a truly unique & simple way for anyone willing & daring enough to create their own lives.

Jenny Brewer, Cleanse Organic ~ What if you could finally have PEACE with food?

Learn how to determine the best foods to eat for your body;

Learn how to know the best foods for your body, so you can stop listening to everyone else’s opinion about what you should & shouldn’t eat;

Discover easy ways to bring the joy back into your relationship with food.

Jenny Brewer - After years of yo-yo dieting, Chef Jenny Brewer turned her major struggle in life (food) into her passion (FOOD!) & is on a mission to help women live passionate lives that include feeling great in their bodies, whilst eating delicious food! She’s an author, speaker & the co-host of Green Tea & Honey, a weekly radio show about food, health & the joys of eating.

Jenny is an in-demand nutritionist & natural foods chef, & is passionate about helping to change the way people look at healthy food. Through cooking classes, interactive workshops, & her online Healthy Meal Plan, she educates & inspires individuals to prepare healthy foods that taste amazing AND unlock their bodies’ optimal potential. Jennifer’s recipes have been featured on numerous websites, magazines, & books such as Free To Eat: The Proven Recipe for Permanent Weight Loss.

Jenny is a graduate of the Chef’s Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in New York City & has a Masters Degree in Nutrition.

Laura Fenamore, OnePinky ~ How to have a Body You Respect and Love – Living Your Success – From the Inside – Out!

Why having healthy body image is a prerequisite to healthy weight;

How to create a new story about the shape and health of your body;

How to be with your inner critic so that you will never feel forced to overeat again;

Learn how to have a body you love, honor and respect.

Laura Fenamore, CPCC, is a gifted body image mastery mentor, lecturer, & beloved teacher of women worldwide. After battling with addiction, severe obesity & multiple eating disorders for most of her life, Laura released 100 pounds 24 years ago & has kept it off. This journey has led her to help women of all ages, lifestyles & body types to live more joyous, balanced lives.

Laura is the CEO of Body Image Mastery, LLC & she author of several online books, including a 12-week course that guides woman out of the weight loss battle & into a new life rooted in health & self-love. She recently wrote Weightless: A Body Image Revolution, a memoir/self-help book currently awaiting publication.

Laura founded OnePinky, a global online community that extends support & friendship to women who wish to change the way they feel about themselves & their bodies. She continues to work one-on-one with women through Body Image Mastery, & has a private coaching practice.

Cora Poage, Sexy Soul Wellness ~ Co-Manifesting the Body of your Dreams through Soul-Centered Eating

Learn how to stop Dieting & release weight;

Eat the Food your Body Needs & Wants;

Make Peace with Food & your Body.

Cora Poage is Owner of Sexy Soul Wellness. She is also a Board Certified Wellness Coach & will be receiving an MA in Spiritual Psychology in August. Cora’s specialty is guiding her clients in co-manifesting the body & life of their dreams through intuitive eating, excercising & living. She guarentees that her clients love their bodies, own their power, & live their dreams.

She is also a writer & speaker, & has been featured on Kris Carr’s website, Crazy Sexy Life & was recently interviewed for Gabrielle Bernstein, INC. She is also a guest teacher for her alma mater, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she leads classes on Soul Centered Coaching & Business. Cora spent her late teens and early 20's struggling with a diet & weight control addiction. Her dream and passion is to assist other people in finding freedom from weight & body concerns.

Rachelle Anslyn, Concentric Balance ~ Be Sexy, Love Your Body and Live Radiantly

How to create a relationship with your body that you LOVE;

6 magical portals to a sensational life;

What to STOP doing in order to create what you really want;

What the source of sexy is.

Rachelle Anslyn is known for thinking big & living an extraordinary life. Her passion for being authentic, creative & vibrant has taken her to explore the depths of what is possible. She has traveled over 30 countries to work with clients, for volunteer aide, to study with yoga masters & for the delight of cultural wisdom.

Rachelle has studied over 100 different dietary theories & learned straight from leading health experts & doctors such as Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Sally Fallon, Mark Hyman, David Wolfe & many more. Rachelle graduated in 2009 from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Her mindset mastery came from attending The School for The Work of Byron Katie in New York City in 2001. The following year, Rachelle staffed The School working directly with Byron Katie in Los Angeles.

Rachelle has also studied with yoga masters around the globe in several traditions including Kundalini, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Vibrant Living Yoga & Yoga Synergy. Through her experience with self inquiry, yoga, nutrition & the healing arts, Rachelle has cultivated a full spectrum mastery of living a vibrant purposeful life.

Siddiqi Ray, Au Ray ~ Your Soul’s Golden State: Align your body, mind & spirit with the treasure of who you really are!

Learn how to tap into the power of your Soul’s Golden State, experience how that can lead you to transcend the physical difficulties;

Overcoming body obsession & eating struggles with the soulful power of Y.E.S.*!

You are a spiritual being having a human existence ~ three spiritual yet practical steps to loosening the challenges around food, binging & excess body weight.

(*You Evolving Spiritually)

Siddiqi Ray is a California based photographer, inspirational speaker, a certified Health and Wellness Coach & yoga instructor. She has taught & inspired at Mayo Clinic’s Cancer Center, the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, the One80Center for recovery in L.A., & the Zen Center of Minneapolis. In 2009, She created & implemented the first published research study in yoga & mindfulness training commissioned by the Mayo Clinic. As a Wellness coach she is currently working on yet another research study on Naturalpathic medicine & women. As a well-known motivational speaker, Siddiqi shares with her audience her personal struggles with addiction, depression, learning disabilities, & her two-decade battle with an eating disorder.

Siddiqi is also known as the photographer behind the Soul Portrait phenomenon. In this work she combines her gifts as a psychic ‘soul reader’ with decades of work as a star photographer. Over the years, a roll call of international subjects have found themselves in front of Siddiqi’s lens – including Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, the Buddhist nuns of Tibet, the Kennedy Family & the Navy SEALS. Now she uses psychic readings of her subjects’ ‘Soul DNA’ to help them open up in front of the camera, so their images become magnetic, authentic & infused with love.

In her work, Siddiqi delivers an important message of hope – meeting struggles head on, making difficult choices, overcoming failure & saying “YES” to every opportunity in life!

Michelle Melendez, Women Getting Fit ~ The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Starting an Exercise Program

Learn to create goals that inspire action every day;

Discover the 3 things you need to prepare for, or your fitness program will fail;

Learn the #1 secret you won’t learn in a gym that keeps you stuck.

Michelle Melendez has been a fitness expert for over 15 years. She has trained hundreds of people in her bootcamps, Pilates Cardiocamp, Platinum Plus Weight Release programs, personal training & has been a fire academy fitness instructor for Bay Area fire departments in San Francisco. She founded the Pilates Cardiocamp in Los Altos in 2001, & the Women Getting Fit Wellness Teleseries in January of 2011, where she teaches women all over the world to make simple changes to increase their health.

Michelle has over 10 fitness certifications including: Master Bender Trainer, The Pilates Coach, ISSA Personal Trainer & R.I.P.P.E.D Instructor. She also created a weight loss board game called the Easy Weight Loss Game, & is the author of ‘Get Thin This Time’, soon to be a published book on how to create a fitness program you love in 90-days or less.

Golda Poretsky, Body Love Wellness ~ Why Intentional Weight Loss Is Never The Answer – the ‘Health At Every Size’ movement & what it can mean for you!

Why diets never work (hint: it has nothing to do with willpower);

The difference between healthful actions & intentional weight loss;

How to feel great in your skin, no matter what your size; Lifestyle changes that have been clinically proven to improve health on a long term basis (& this is really, really, not a diet);

Why accepting & loving your body right now, lumps, bumps & all, will improve your health.

Golda Poretsky, H.H.C is a certified holistic health counselor & founder of Body Love Wellness, a program designed for plus-sized women who are fed up with dieting & want support to stop obsessing about food & weight. Through her non- judgmental, ‘Health At Every Size’ counseling programs, Golda helps women transform their relationship with food & feel gorgeous at any size. Her programs & activism work have been featured on CBS’s The Early Show, ABC’s Nightline, NBC’s LX New York & Time Out New York. She is also author of ‘Stop Dieting Now: 25 Reasons To Stop, 25 Ways To Heal’, available in softcover, Kindle & Nook.

Golda’s big, fat dream is for every plus sized woman to own her power, beauty & body, whatever her size.

Sheva Carr, Fyera! ~

Sheva Carr is the founder of HeartMath’s HeartMastery Program through Fyera!, as well as the founding Executive Director of the Fyera Foundation & Sunflower SunPower Kids. She speaks to people all over the world on how to access heart intelligence, & on how to receive the benefits of the heart’s impact on consciousness, health, performance & creativity.

Sheva has trained & coached numerous hospital staff across the US, & founded the first HeartMath hospital patient education program at Earl Bakken’s Heart-Brain Institute in North Hawaii. She co-authored HeartMath’s Stopping Emotional Eating Program with Doc Childre & Deborah Rozman & was the coach & manager of the participants involved in the study done on that program.

Previously on the Faculty of Alternative Medicine at University of Minnesota, & a professor of Oriental Medicine at Emperor’s College, she has worked as a coach & consultant to leading cardiologists, heart-brain researchers, & physicists, & has been published in such prestigious journals as Perspectives in Biology & Medicine. She has trained government agencies, & soldiers preparing for deployment to Iraq & Afghanistan.

Sheva now has over 30 years of experience in fine arts & over 20 years of experience in acupuncture, herbal medicine, polarity therapy, birthing assistance, coaching, & stress management research & training.

Sheva Carr full bio ~ click for further information about Sheva’s inspirational work with children in Nicargua & around the world.

PLUS Bonus Interview Transcripts

Geneen Roth ~ Lost & Found, Women, Food & Money

Your patterns with food & money are related. If you diet & binge on food, then you also probably budget & splurge with money. You can heal your relationship to food & money in the same way, at the same time! If you use food as a drug, as a way to “change the channel” when you don’t like what’s going on in your mind or in your life, then you probably use money the same way: To treat yourself when you feel sad or lonely or bored; You tell yourself food myths: If it’s broken, it doesn’t count. If it’s free, it doesn’t count. If I’m cooking, it doesn’t count. If it’s off my kid’s plate, it doesn’t count. You tell yourself money myths as well: If someone’s buying it for me, it doesn’t count. If it’s on sale, it doesn’t count. If I need some comfort today, it doesn’t count. If I can amortize it over a year, it’s so cheap I can’t pass it up.

Geneen Roth believes that your patterns with food & money are related. If you diet & binge on food, then you also probably budget & splurge with money, so she found you can heal your relationship to food & money the same way, at the same time! Geneen has appeared on many television shows including: The Oprah Show, 20/20, The NBC Nightly News, & Good Morning America. Geneen is the author of eight books, including The NY Times bestsellers When Food is Love & Women Food & God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything. Her newest book, to be published in March 2011, is Lost & Found: Unexpected Revelations about Food & Money. Geneen’s pioneering books were among the first to link compulsive eating & perpetual dieting with deeply personal & spiritual issues that go far beyond food, weight & body image. She believes we eat the way we live, & that our relationship to food, money, love is an exact reflection of our deepest held beliefs about ourselves & the amount of joy, abundance, pain, scarcity, we believe we have to have in our lives.

Sarah Maria, Break Free Beauty ~

Sarah Maria is a body-image expert who helps people love their bodies no matter how they look. She shows people how to discover the beauty that is already inside of them, right now, in this moment. Once they connect with this beauty, they will discover that anything is possible – that they can create a body & a life that they truly love. Her mission is to create a world where every person sees the beauty in themselves & in others.

Sarah is the author of Love Your Body, Love Your Life, & she has trained with well-known teachers & physicians, including Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon, Wayne Dyer, & Jack Canfield, among others. Her work has been endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon & NY Times best-selling author Marci Shimoff, as well as many other notable physicians, psychologists & educators. Before writing her first book, she received a law degree from Stanford & a Master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia University.

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