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Starts: July 18 , 2011

Ends: July 22, 2011

Hosts: Carrie Greene, Paige Stapleton and Brian Stark

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Become the Teacher's Pet by Following What I Teach to Grow Your Business with Terri Levine

Schedule Your Day to Reflect Goals and Priorities with Stephanie LH Calahan

Expose Yourself! How to Use Speaking to Attract More Clients, Make More Money and Have a Bigger Impact with Ava Diamond

Newsletter Marketing Success 101 with Linda Claire Puig

Letting Go of Keeping Up with Amethyst Wyldfyre & Mikael Sami-Kumara

Insider Secrets: 3 Steps to Reading Your Perfect Prospects' Minds So You Can Give Them What they Want Every Time with Rosey Dow

Insider Secrets to Confident Sales Conversations That Close with Carolyn Herfurth

The Millionaire Course in Success: Eat, Look and Think Rich! with Roberta Mittman

How to Create Your First Info-Product with Nika Stewart

Website Makeover 101 with Cathy Goodwin

Monetizing 101: How to Spot Money Making Small Biz Ideas or Profit Centers with Valerie Young

Going Global: The 3 Things You Must Have to Create World-wide Wildfire Word of Mouth with Teresa de Grosbois

Simple Secrets To Attracting More Clients And Increasing Your Cash Flow With Video! with Bob Jenkins (aka Bob the Teacher)

The Psychology of Undercharging with Melanie Yost

How Body Stories Affect You, Your Life and Your Business with Kirk Prine and Donny Lobree

What are you Broadcasting? How to Grow Your Business, Your Fame and Your Sales and Become a Media SuperStar with Shawne Duperon

Your 4 Step Summer School For Entrepreneurs Formula for Six Figure Success with Your Deans, Carrie Greene, Paige Stapleton, Brian Stark

Commencement Address: How to Charge What You're Worth and Get It with Kendall Summerhawk


How to Charge What You're Worth and Get It, Kendall Summerhawk

Kendall SummerhawkAward-winning small business expert Kendall SummerHawk is the “Million Dollar Marketing Coach.” She is the founder of The International Association of Women in Business Coaching (IAWBC) and the creator of the Money Breakthrough Method Coach Training Program (MBM) and the Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach Training Program (CMMS).

Kendall works with women to help them improve their relationship with money so they can experience the kind of success and financial freedom they’ve always wanted. Her marketing expertise and insight have helped countless women start and grow businesses that reflect their Soul’s Divine Purpose.

In this class we’ll be learning how to get clients to say ”Yes” to your fees (in ANY economy)

Learn how to solve your toughest money and pricing challenges in this eye-opening, information-rich call with award-winning small business expert Kendall SummerHawk.

Kendall will share specific tips, scripts and strategies that will help you make more money right now. Plus she’ll share break-through pricing myths that may be holding you back from charging what you’re worth and getting it.

You will learn:
Why most entrepreneurs undercharge (and what you can do to avoid these common and costly mistakes)
How to break through pricing myths that keep many entrepreneurs stuck from charging enough
The secret to motivating clients to buy your products and services, in any economy
Simple steps for charging more – and getting it!

Monetizing 101: How to Spot Money Making Small Biz Ideas or Profit Centers, Valerie Young

Valerie YoungValerie Young is the Dreamer in Residence at where for 16 years she has inspired tens of thousands of people around the world to take the leap from having a boss to being their own boss by turning their interests into income.

Over 23,000 people have turned to the Changing Course Newsletter’s for practical information and resources to help them create more balanced, meaningful lives working at what they love.

And to date over 170 people from 16 countries have taken the “Profiting from Your Passion®” Career Coach Training Program – the first and only system that trains coaches how to help their clients think outside of the job box!

In this class students will learn the 5 places to look for money making ideas.
Aspiring entrepreneurs can use this model to find that great business idea
Established businesses can use it to uncover otherwise missed opportunities for additional profit centers
Know where and how to spot money making ideas
Learn to view the world through the lens of opportunity
Recognize ways anyone — including you — can profit from your passion

Going Global: The 3 Things You Must Have to Create World-wide Wildfire Word of Mouth

Teresa de GrosboisTeresa de Grosbois is an international speaker sought by entrepreneurs and large corporations wanting to better understand how local gossip can suddenly turn into epidemic word of mouth. Specializing in the topics of influence and success, Teresa has a proven track-record in understanding word of mouth epidmeics having taken three books to best-seller status in only 8 months. Teresa teaches business and marketing courses around the globe, including teaching courses to start -up entrepreneurs in developing countries. As the Chair of the Evolutionary Business Council, Teresa leads an international, invitation-only council of speakers and influencers dedicated to teaching the principles of success. Her website is

Less than 14% of consumers still trust paid advertising. The need to engage word-of-mouth marketing and develop relationship capital is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity of business. Find out what it takes to create truly effective word-of-mouth attention to your products and services.

In this class you will learn:
How to have fun, playing bigger and creating a bigger impact with what you do
What relationship capital is & why you need it
Why some things spread like wildfire & others don’t
How to be one of “the few” who influence “the many”

Newsletter Marketing Success 101, Linda Claire Puig

Linda Claire Puig is the Founder and President of and, which provides coaches and personal development professionals who don’t have time to write – or don’t like to – with high-quality done-for-you newsletters and articles that help them more easily connect with their audience and grow their businesses.

Linda also teaches service-based solo-business owners how to attract buckets of ideal prospects, nurture those relationships through high-value newsletters and strategically use these newsletters to get more clients, fill more programs and make more money.

Busy entrepreneurs need simple, effective strategies to attract and nurture potential clients. You probably know it’s important to publish an online newsletter (or ezine) to help you do this, but do you know how to build your strategy to make it easy, consistent and valuable to the right audience?

Having the right newsletter strategy in place sets you apart as an expert and provides you with the mega-benefits of a regular consistent newsletter: more clients, more income, more opportunity!

On this class join newsletter marketing expert Linda Claire Puig who will teach you:
Steps to maximize the effectiveness of your newsletter to bring you more business.
Exactly how to increase your cash flow with your newsletter.
Simple strategies for content development.
The #1 newsletter success tool and how to make it work for you.

Become the Teacher's Pet by Following What I Teach To Grow Your Business, Terri Levine

Business growth mentor Terri Levine has helped more than 5,000 entrepreneurs and business owners in 239 industries boost business over three decades. Nationally sought as an author, speaker and media resource, she now focuses her expertise to help businesses in her region.

Based in the Philadelphia metro area, she shares her business-growth strategies with companies and entrepreneurs large and small across eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Service professionals are her focus. Chiropractors, dentists, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, financial planners, personal trainers, dietitians, psychiatrists, speakers, authors, florists and restaurant owners benefit from her expertise.

Terri has been featured on ABC, NBC, MSNBC and in more than 1,500 publications. With experience growing businesses in all economic conditions, she equips companies to overcome today’s economic challenges. Any size business can benefit.

”It doesn’t matter if a business grosses less than $100,000 a year or over $1 million a year,” she says. ”The strategies that work in a small startup business work in medium-sized and large businesses, too.”

Terri Levine, The Business Mentoring Expert, shares with you her top success methods that create double the profits in your business. She is known as one of the world's top ten business coaches and has trained over 5,000 coaches worldwide.

In this lecture she will reveal what her clients have paid over $25,000 each to learn!

Terri will reveal:
How top businesses get known in their marketplace and drive customers to them
The right things to say so you create instant interest in 10 seconds – and it’s not using an elevator pitch!
The formula that increases your odds of a client buying your services by 70% The 370% greater odds of success and profitability secret (according to Harvard Business Review)
How to create raving fans who promote your business for you
The way to make your business viral fast
And the number one secret that has Terri known around the world driving masses of clients and speaking engagements to her company…

Letting Go of Keeping Up!, Amethyst Wyldfyre & Mikael Sami-Kumara

Amethyst Wyldfyre & Mikael Sami-Kumara – The Energy Mastery Mentors – are Transformational and Visionary spiritual leaders, teachers and multidimensional navigational guides. They specialize in facilitating heart-driven coaches, speakers, creatives, healers, legacy leaders and other Life-opening professionals, to LEAP fearlessly into their highest level of service to the planet.

On this class we’ll be talking about the 5 T’s for taking it to the next level!
Terminate – Stopping the World and Surfacing what needs to be shown to you so you can really SEE what’s been happening
Transmuting – Clearing out all the stuff that’s getting in the way of your dream coming true.
Trusting – Opening a space for SPIRIT to come in and guide you to your TRUE next steps
Tapping In – Revealing the hidden reservoirs, resources and reserves that you didn’t even know you had
Taking Action – Energizing to set your world in motion once again!

Schedule Your Day to Reflect Goals and Priorities, Stephanie LH Calahan

Productivity Fact: You can be busy all day and still have gotten nothing done.

As a recovering work-a-holic, Productivity Specialist, Stephanie LH Calahan knows this productivity fact both personally and professionally. “We know that the 80/20 rule applies in most life situations. So, let’s look at how that applies to your time. Consider this, if you have a to-do list with twenty items on it, then four of those tasks will be worth more than the other sixteen combined.”

As best selling author Brian Tracy explains, “This means that each of those tasks will be worth at least 5 times more, or will give you a 500 percent return on time invested over doing any of the other tasks on your list, which are of low or no value.”

It’s easy to get lost in the multitude of tasks that cascade down on us each day. Using a high-level filter–your primary professional objective(s)–gives you a terrific way to identify those things that are truly significant from those things that are ”wish list” items.

Today it is more important than ever to make sure that the things we choose to spend our time on are the right things.
You will learn how to:
Identify your priorities
Align your goals to your true priorities
Understand your rhythm and how it impacts you getting things done
Align your time to the most important tasks

How to Create Your First Info-Product, Nika Stewart

Nika Stewart is a lifestyle entrepreneur: A professional who has seamlessly integrated her career into her life.

After building a successful career as an award-winning designer, Nika created a new business so she could spend quality time with her family. She leveraged her knowledge and developed information products that teach designers to build profitable businesses.

Nika discovered that other moms were also searching for businesses they could run from home, allowing the flexibility to take care of family priorities. So Nika launched to show moms how to create passive income and build a successful business… during naptime!

Nika Stewart, The Laptop Mom, is teaching her exact step-by-step system for creating a freedom-based business that allows you to work on your OWN terms, give big value to your clients, and make a great income.

You will learn how to:
The most critical first step you need to take so that creating your online products becomes super simple (most business owners don’t know this)
Which online products are quickest and easiest for you to produce (you can create a valuable product in a day)
The 7 exact steps to growing a profitable, rewarding business – without sacrificing any family priorities

Simple Secrets To Attracting More Clients And Increasing Your Cash Flow With Video!, Bob Jenkins

Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins makes it simple for you to expand your business with internet marketing strategies. He’s passionate about teaching you how to attract better clients and create consistent cashflow so you can impact people with your programs and products.

Whether you’re on camera or off, marketing your coaching or consulting business with video is the fastest way to stand out, be heard, and earn great money.

Since 2006, Bob has successfully used video in my own marketing, product creation, and program delivery, and love sharing how he does it so you can start impacting more people with less effort, too.

During this class, you’ll discover…
How Bob used video to go from a frustrated, unfulfilled high school history teacher barely making ends meet – to an in- demand, highly paid speaker, coach, and author.
6 Key Ingredients for a Profitable, Business Using Video – miss any one of these and you’re already setting yourself up to fail
5 Questions You Must Answer In Any Video Marketing You Ever Do – You’ll love how easy your marketing conversations will flow when you know these…
5 Steps To Income Velocity With Video – Go to the head of the class (or your industry) when you walk this path I’ve laid out for you.

Website Makeover 101, Cathy Goodwin

Cathy GoodwinCathy Goodwin is a copywriter who works with service professionals who want to create a compelling online presence to attract new clients and increase product sales with less effort.

Many business owners struggle with tired, outdated websites because they’re afraid ”website makeover” means ”website mayhem.”

The good news is … you can create a compelling new website without feeling overwhelmed or breaking the bank.

In this lecture you will discover:
3 ways to recognize your niche (and define your niche so your marketing materials practically write themselves)
How to transform your website immediately by removing these 3 elements that you see almost everywhere
The 3-step copywriting checklist for a magnetic home page
The single most important technique for creating an ”About” page that enhances your credibility
How to avoid the biggest mistake nearly everybody makes when beginning a website makeover (and this mistake can be a budget-breaker).

What are you Broadcasting? How to Grow Your Business, Your Fame and Your Sales and Become a Media SuperStar, Shawne Duperon

Six-time EMMY® Award winner Shawne Duperon has been in the television business for nearly 20 years. She has taught thousands across the globe how to powerfully communicate in business. She works with corporations, universities, government agencies and business owners teaching you how to strategically create epidemics in traditional and social media that exponentially grow your business or career.

People do business with people they like. People buy from people they like. People talk about people and services they like.

People post and tag people they like on Facebook. People re-tweet people they like. Reporters cover stories over and over again with people they like.

What are you broadcasting? What signal are you giving off at networking events, in social media and when sending press releases to traditional media like ABC and CNN?

This class is all about mastering:
Social media strategies that kickstart consumer engagement
How to get powerful LinkedIn recommendations without begging
How to look and feel comfortable and authentic on the small screen
How to leverage massive reach with powerful press releases
How to converge all your marketing efforts for the biggest bang and have the media clamor for more

Insider Secrets: 3 Steps to Reading Your Perfect Prospects' Minds So You Can Give Them What they Want Every Time, Rosey Dow

She’s known as The Prospect Profiler™ and for the past 25 years she has been an award-winning, best-selling author of 19 books with more than half a million books sold because of her skill with character development and understanding why people do what they do. She’s the host of the wildly popular talk radio show The Prospect Profiler™.

Bringing her skills to the table, Rosey Dow can read your prospect’s mind and tell you precisely what they need, in 27 minutes or less. Like an FBI profiler identifies an unknown suspect, she can identify your Perfect Prospect and give you their mindset, their challenges, and the precise words that will wake them up and have them leaning in to hear what you say.

Have you ever tried to write a headline or email promotion, but sat there staring at a white screen without any idea of where to begin? If that’s you then you’ll need to pay close attention to what we’re going to deliver.

Because in this class an industry insider is going to reveal how to get a grip on what your prospects want in a clear and concise way—more than you’ve ever thought possible up to now.

Plus, you’ll also discover:
How to get to the bottom line of your client attraction
A simple 12-minute exercise that will give the validated results you need to start writing those headlines
Plus, you’ll find out why most prospect-finding exercises fail and what you need to know in order to get clear on who those prospects are

How Body Stories affect you and your life and business, Kirk Prine and Donny Lobree

Kirk and Donny are a married couple who have combined their interest in healing and community to form The Missing Thread. Kirk as a background as a psychotherapist, Traditional Teaching Reiki Master, community organizer and healer. He is able to bring his gifts as a Body Story Expert to help people become unblocked in their business, relationships or life in general

In this presentation, they'll discuss:
What is a Body Story?
How Body Stories affect you and your life and business
How you can identify Body Stories
How you can begin to work with them to ”break the contract”
How to get to the bottom line of your client attraction

Insider Secrets to Confident Sales Conversations That Close, Carolyn Herfurth

Do you find yourself avoiding sales because you feel like a kid who’s been bullied on the playground one too many times? Join Carolyn Herfurth, The Sales Confidence Mentor and discover how to exponentially grow your sales, boost your confidence and get massive results without being manipulative (or wimping out).

After helping launch 100 businesses in seven years, Carolyn Herfurth felt helpless as she watched 80% of her clients struggle with sales and saw the havoc it wreaked on their personal, financial and business lives. It pissed her off enough that she walked away from her multiple six-figure business to start The Biztruth.

She now boosts the sales confidence of entrepreneurs who go on to earn an additional 4 to 5 figures each month. Carolyn specializes in working with small business owners who are super talented but need help figuring out how to sell themselves without feeling sleazy. She had to figure it out for herself when she made the transition from corporate America to starting her first business over 8 years ago, so she “gets it” and shows you a way to simplify it.

Her playful, smartass style is a breath of fresh air to those who believe business, like life, is meant to be enjoyed!

In this meaty session you’ll learn:
The rejection prevention plan that consistently converts qualified prospects into paying clients…and with less stress.
Action-inspiring secrets that come from conveying your compelling message to your ideal prospects…all without being pushy.
Foolproof closing steps that come from meaningful, authentic sales conversations.
And objections dissolvers that allow you to proactively build trust and close sales.

Expose Yourself! How to Use Speaking to Attract More Clients, Make More Money, and Have a Bigger Impact, Ava Diamond

Ava Diamond helps entrepreneurs attract more clients, make more money, and have a bigger impact through public speaking. She draws on her sixteen years as a professional speaker to help her clients laser-focus their message, identify their perfect audience, craft their signature speech, and deliver it powerfully from the stage.

On this class we’ll be going to speech class with Ava!

If you are not using public speaking as part of your marketing strategy, you are leaving money on the table! It is one of the most powerful ways to supercharge your business.

Learn how to:
Establish yourself as an expert in the mind of potential customers
Have the mindset that will help you deliver an amazing speech without fear
Develop your message for your signature speech
Perfectly target that laser-focused message to an audience made up of your ideal clients

The Millionaire Course in Success: Eat, Look and Think Rich! by Roberta Mittman

Roberta, a dedicated alternative health care practitioner and licensed acupuncturist, is the founder of the Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing. She serves her local community of New York City as well as those who connect with her virtually online and through telephone coaching to improve their health and wellbeing as a foundation for personal and professional success.

Roberta brings extensive patient-tested knowledge and experience to her busy practice, helping her patients with pain, allergies and sensitivities, fertility, smoking cessation, immune issues, and weight management using acupuncture, electrodermal screening, stress management techniques, personalized nutritional plans, and supplementation recommendations.

Her goal is to successfully integrate the two worlds of traditional and alternative forms of medicine—east and west, old and new– so that each person achieves balance, optimal health, and powerful mindset shifts.

In this chock-full class, Roberta will show you how “making a million starts with feeling like a million”.

So, instead of feeling …
Tired and sluggish, you’ll feel rested and energetic to handle all your daily tasks…and then some.
Sick of staring at a closet full of too-tight clothes, you’ll feel slimmer and confident in your summer outfits.
Weary of feeling alone, you’ll learn to feel supported and empowered to take bold steps ahead.
Confused about how to start feeling fabulous, you’ll be clear and focused on the right next steps for you.
Concerned that too much time is going by without taking proactive steps, you’ll finally know how to become the CEO of you!

The Psychology of Undercharging, Melanie Yost

Melanie Yost LCSW is a Business mentor for Helping Professionals. She teaches them the mindsets, marketing skills and business strategies necessary to build a successful helping business that leverages their time and knowledge so they can help more people, make more money and have more freedom.

A psychotherapist for 20 years, Melanie combines a wealth of effective and creative tools to empower her clients to use their energy in positive and productive ways, so they can transform their lives, their situations, and most importantly, their outcomes. When people are looking for an opportunity to create a 180 degree turn in their finances, beliefs, business and lives, they seek Melanie’s acute wisdom and compassionate touch.

There are specific myths that heart-centered entrepreneurs have about setting fees that keep them stuck in the undercharging trap. These myths not only hurt you, but they also undermine the effectiveness of your work with your clients.

You can break free from this trap and learn how to charge what you are worth and fill your business with people who are ready and willing to pay your full rate.

In this class Melanie will share with you how you can break free from this trap and learn how to charge what you are worth and fill your business with people who are ready and willing to pay your full rate.
Why constantly reducing your rates really is a trap that hurts you and your clients
The 4 top reasons why heart centered entrepreneurs fall into that trap (I guarantee you will see yourself in at least 2 if not all of them)
Practical steps on how you can break that habit NOW and start charging what you deserve.
How undercharging hurts your clients
The 4 main reasons helping professionals undercharge.
Steps you can take now to raise you rates and receive what you are worth

Your 4 Step Summer School For Entrepreneurs Formula for Six Figure Success by Carrie Greene, Paige Stapleton, Brian Stark

Carrie Greene is a speaker, trainer, coach and author of “Chaos to Cash: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Eliminate Chaos, Overwhelm, and Procrastination So You Can Create Ultimate Profit!”

Carrie helps business owners create systems and structures to help entrepreneurs stop spinning, get focused, make decisions, set priorities and most importantly carry through get their message to the world and have successful and profitable businesses.

Putting into action the very system and principles they teach, Paige Stapleton and Brian Stark quit the soul-sucking careers that were leaving them feeling small and unfulfilled and followed their bliss.

Now, as founders of they help heart-centered and passionate entrepreneurs unlock their inner marketing and sales genius so they can serve more people, make more money and live the life of their dreams!

On this special 75-minute lecture you will learn to:
Set your priorities.
Make sense of everything you learned during summer school and figure out where YOU should begin.
Avoid to-do list overwhelm!
Identify the most important steps to take to create the success you desire in 2011.
How to outsmart the other people in your field, simply by being you.
How to attract and bring your ideal client into you business.
And so much more

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