Teleseminars 2010

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.
Eleanor Roosevelt





Starts: Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ends: Thursday, September 23, 2010

Host: Amethyst Wyldfyre


Lisa Sasevich

Opening Ceremony

Patrick Combs

Speaking To Succeed

Speaking to the Affluent

Kelly O’Neil

Eva Gregory

Speaking with Spirit

Andrea Hess

Speaking from Inner Wisdom

Natasha Allrich

Speaking to Turn Conversations into Clients

Lou Bortone

Speaking on Video

Peggy McColl

Speaking to GO VIRAL!

Alexis Martin Neely

Speaking to Negotiate!

Lisa Cherney

Speaking to Your Market!

Andrea J. Lee

Speaking About Money!

Marcia Bench

Speaking on Purpose!

Deremiah *CPE

Speaking to Serve!

Erin Blaskie

Speaking Behind The Scenes!

Michele PW

Speaking In Writing!

Lisa Sasevich

Speaking to Sell!

MaryPat Kavanagh

Speaking to Connect!

Nancy Marmolejo

Speaking to Get Visible!

Suzanne Falter-Barns and Jeffrey Van Dyk

Speaking to get known for who you are.

Amethyst Wyldfyre

Mikael Sami

Speaking to Electrify!

Lynn Rose

Speaking to WOW!

Kevin Nations

Speaking to Seduce!

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Host: Golam Moinuddin


Dr. Alex Loyd

NY Times Best-Selling Author, Creator of 'The Healing Code'

Dr. Sue Morter

Internationally Authority in 'Bio-Energetics'

Wendy Craig-Purcell

Author, Speaker, Spiritual Leader, & World Peace Activist

Howard Martin

NY Times Best-Selling Author, Co-founder of the HeartMath ® System

Jennifer McLean

Author, Speaker, & Entrepreneur

Brian Vaszily

Best-Selling Author, Creator of Intense Experience Program

Mary Hall

Renowned Energy Healer, Developer of HEART™ Technique

Dr. Darren R. Weissman

Best-Selling Author, Renowned Physician, Developer of The LifeLine Technique™

Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.

Speaker & Best-Selling Author

Dr. Carol Robin, DC, CCN

Speaker, Transformational Healer & Guided Imagery Expert

Loretta Sparks

EFT Master, Author, & Educator

Adoley Odunton

Healer, Author, Speaker & Spiritual Life Coach

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Starts: Tuesday November 2 nd , 2010

Ends: Tuesday January 25th , 2011

Website :

Host: Sheila Gale


Dr. Norm Shealy M.D., Ph.D.: Author, Neurosurgeon, Harvard Instructor, and Professor Emeritus of Energy Medicine

Howard Martin: Executive Vice President of Developement HeartMath, Author, Business Executive, Speaker Trainer

Robert Rabbin : Be Present, Pay Attention, Listen Deeply, Speak Truthfully and Act Creatively

Doug De Vito : Head Planner for The Reconnection, Teacher of Reconnection Seminars

Scott Martineau : Pioneer in the field of human development and co-founder of

Nick Ortner : Nationally known educator of EFT and creator of The Tapping Solution

Hans King : One of most respected mediums in the world

Brent Phillips : Certified Master of Theta Healing and author of Where Science Meets Spirit

Jacqueline Joy : Creator of Diamond Alignment which delivers Diamond Energy 24/7 online

Colette Baron-Reid : Empowers Clients to Live 'Awake and Authentic' Life

Nan Akasha : Author of 'Already Rich' and Dynamic Motivator and Manifestor, Empowering People Worldwide

Chris Howard : Internationally Acclaimed Wealth and Lifestyle Strategist

Heather Askinosie : Educating and Reconnecting the World to the Healing Properties of Crystals

Gregg Braden : We Can Establish Healing In Our bodies With a Heart Based Way of Living

Dr. Darren Weissman : Internationally Renowned Holistic Physician, Educator, and Best-Selling Author

Janet Attwood : Visionary, Transformational Leader Who Helps You Align Your Passion, Power and Purpose

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi : Has the miraculous ability to transform living and non-living matter

Jaime Mintun : How to Re-Invent Yourself, Market Your Message, Elevate Your Life and Finances

Gary Douglas : Created Access Consciousness, To Change Whatever Isn't Working In Your Life

Joe Vitale : Star of The Secret, Author of The Attractor Factor and The Key

Dr. Bradley Nelson : Author of 'The Emotion Code'

Jo Dunning : Developer of The Pulse Technique to Rapidly Clear Life Issues and Personality Limitation

Dr. Sue Morter : Internationally Recognized Authority on Bridging Science, Spirit and Human Possibility

Ann Taylor : Internationally known energy healer and teacher and founder of Inner Healing, Inc

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Starts: November 8th , 2010

Ends: December 15th 2010

Website :

Host: Adoley Odunton


Norm Shealy : Are You Really Ready for Wellness: Essential Habits to Survive

Mary Allen: Inner Peace for Greater Health

Dr. Symeon Rodgers: Human Resilience: Overcoming the 7 Deadly Spirals of the Disease Process

Iyanla Vanzant : Peace from Broken Pieces - How to Get Through What You Are Going Through

Carol Tuttle : It's Just My Nature! a Guide To Knowing and Living Your True Nature

Richard Gordon: Quantum Touch: How to dramatically accelerate the Healing Process

Jim Kwik : Brain Longevity – Discover the Secrets to a Sharper Focus, Better Memory and Ageless Mind

Gary Malkin : Music is Medicine for the Heart

Clint Ober & Stephan Sinatra : EARTHING: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

Brent Phillips : Intuitive Anatomy: What Your Body is Telling You

JJ Virgin : Fast, Fun, Done: J.J.’s quick and Simple Method to Burn More Fat, have Energy and Feel Your Best Ever

Nick Ortner: EFT: How to Tap your way through Any Health Challenge

Bradley Nelson : The Heart Wall: The Key to Unlocking your Physical and Emotional Health

Ann Taylor : Experience Instant Healing

Deborah King : Truth Heals: What you Hide Can Hurt you

Jo Dunning

Leanne Ely

Donna Gates

Jonny Bowden : Super Longevity: The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer

David Wolfe

Adoley Odunton

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Starts: September 27th , 2010

Ends: November 18th , 2010

Website :

Hosts: Laura Rice


Loral Langemeier: How to Be a Purposeful Wealth Diva… Because A Man is not a Plan… Put more Cash in your Pocket Now!

Rev Deborah L. Johnson:Purify Your Intent to Energize Your Business

Claire Zammit :The Keys to Living Your Destiny: How to Use your Feminine Power to Realize the Potential of your Creative Gifts and Talents and Make the Biggest Impact on the World.

Janet Attwood: The Secret that Will Guarantee Business & Life Success

Marcia Wieder : Turn Your Life Right Side Up… Learn to Live Less from your Clocks and Calendars and more from your Passion.

PJ Van Hulle : Top 5 Keys To Purposeful Financial Success in 2010

Spryte Loriano : Giving is the new Getting: How to Create Passive Income and Expand your Network through Giving

Laura Rice : Are you Living your Life Purpose in your Business?

Sarah Medlicott: The 5 Elements of Authentic Feminine Leadership

Jenn August: Remove Your Blocks So Your Life & Business Rock!

Anastasia Netri : 3 Secrets to First Year Success in Your Passionate Business

Dr. Sue Morter : Bigger Purpose, Better Life: Removing Your Subconscious Blocks

Suzanne Falter Barnes : How to Package Your Purposeful Business So Not Only Your People Find You… But the Major Media Do, Too

Sharla Jacobs : Simple Secrets to Get 5 New Clients This Month

Baeth Davis : “Claim Your Life Purpose and Get PAID For Your Passions!”

Jennifer Brewer : Turn Your Distractions Into Action!

Siddiqi Ray : The Golden State of your Soul through your Photograph

Susan Liddy : The FEMpreneur Mindset™; Changing the Face of Business

Bella Shing : How Pleasure Can Guide You to Your Purpose

Rachel Abrams : Use Your Bodies’ Innate Intelligence to Power Your Vision

Alexis Neely : Six Steps to Your Evolutionary Business Model


Starts: Monday October 4th , 2010

Ends: Thursday October 21st , 2010

Website :

Hosts: Rhonda Ryder and Patrick McMillan


Sonia Choquette – Bringing Intuition Home to Your Child, Your Family, and You

Maureen Healy – 5 Keys to True Happiness for Kids

Izzy Kalman - Transforming Bullies into Buddies

Shelly Lefkoe - Nipping Negative Beliefs In The Bud - The Key To Your Child's Future Success And Happiness

Dr. Joe Rubino – Championing Your Children to Develop Soaring Self-Esteem

Marianne Williamson – Honoring Your Child’s Spirit

Scott Noelle - "HELP! I'm Turning Into My Parents!"

Steve Sisgold - Discover Your Child's Body Wisdom

Debbie Godfrey – Redirecting Children’s Behavior

John Seeley – Helping Your Kids Get Unstuck

Christine Carter, PhD – Emotional Literacy and Raising Happy Kids

Bruce Lipton, PhD – The Science of Conscious Parenting

Robin Sharma - Inspiring Our Future Leaders

Bob Doyle – Modeling Happiness – It Starts With You

Dr. Dan Yachter – Child Obesity, ADHD, Medications and Vaccinations

Rhonda Ryder – The Law of Attraction and Parenting

Randy Taran – Happy Teachers = Happy and More Successful Students

Patrick McMillan - An Exercise in Happiness, An Emotional Fitness Program for Kids

Sharon Wilson – How to Manage Your Emotions (And Inspire Your Kids

Bob Proctor - Getting Out of The Way of Your Child's Greatness

Marilyn Rodriguez - Parenting With Heart And Soul.

Greg Writer - The New Lemonade Stand - Simple Online Money Making Secrets For Kids – That Parents Can Use Too

Anisa Aven – Teaching Children The Power of Their Minds

Annie Fox – The Benefits of Character Education

Amanda van der Gulik - Teaching Children About Money

Marci Shimoff – Happiness Secrets for Parents and Teachers


Starts: June 15th , 2010

Ends: September 2nd , 2010

Website :

Hosts: Karen King and Salma Fomradas


Brad Yates C.Ht.: Author, speaker, and Evolution Catalyst. Expert in hypnosis and EFT

Dr. Daniel Benor MD, ABIHM: A Wholistic Psychotherapist that developed and teaches self-healing

Elle Swan : International speaker, author, image expert and vibrancy coach on ABC-TV

Dr. Joe Rubino : A best-selling author, personal development trainer and success coach

Rev. Dr. Lorraine Cohen : Gifted spiritual life coach, broadcaster, writer, and inspirational speaker

Annabel Fisher: Author, speaker and EFT coach who helps the chronically ill

Margie Warrell: Bestselling author, coach, speaker, and internationally recognized expert on courage

Matthew Armstrong: A transformational Coach, Author & Speaker, and a 9th Dan black belt martial arts instructor

Ann Taylor: Her healing gift eliminates worries, fears and negative beliefs

Dr. Jo Anne White: International author, speaker and a certified life, leadership, business coach

Shelby Collinge: Expert in Developmental Psychology who brings insight, energy and inspiration

Martin Boroson: Author of One-Moment Meditation: Stillness for People on the Go

Joshua Bloom: Nationally recognized Quantum Healing Expert

Dov Baron: Author, Seattle radio show host, mind-mastery expert and the creator of "EFM Audio Technology"

Dr. Friedemann Schaub: Cellular Wisdom creator and renowned mind-body-spirit healing expert

Colin Tipping: Created one of the most powerful leading-edge technologies today

Ping Li : Best-selling author, speaker, soul healer and inner transformation expert

Victoria Moran: A motivational speaker specializing in inspiration, wellness and personal growth

Michael Morningstar: International author, consultant, speaker and trainer

Dr. Symeon Rodger: Best-selling author on personal resilience shows you how to eliminate disease

Dr. Emmett Miller: Often acknowledged as one of the fathers of Mind/Body Medicine

Dr. Bradley Nelson: Author of the international best-seller "The Emotion Code"

Donna Eden: Best selling author, healer and spokesperson for energy healing

Jennifer Hough: Developed Canada's largest Integrated Nutrition Clinic and best-selling author

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Starts: April 12th , 2010

Ends: June 21st , 2010

Website :

Host: Victoria Lichtman


Peter Russell

Lucia René

Ike Allen & Chad Cameron

Marina Spence

Colin Tipping

Kevin Billett

Jennifer McLean

Victoria Moran

Dr. David Simon

Steve Bhaerman

Guy Finley

Marci Shimoff

Maureen Moss

Steve Sisgold

don Jose Ruiz

Patricia Varley

Dr Sue Morter

Mike Robbins

Brian McClure

Victoria Lichtman

LIVING ENERGY SECRETS: Empower Your Life With Energy

Starts: February 2nd , 2010

Ends: May 13th, 2010

Website :

Host: Debra Thompson


Rick Wilkes , Grant Connolly C.Ht

Dr. Symeon Rodger , Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Dawson Church Ph.D. , Dr. Tom & Birgit Hanson

Dr. Alex Loyd Ph.D. , Pamela Bruner

Mark Romero , Richard Gordon

Drs. Jane & Phil Mountrose , Kris Ward

Dr. Sue Morter , Brad Yates C.Ht.

Mary Sise LCSW, D.CEP , Gina Mollicone-Long

Maryam Webster , Dr. Brian Whetten Ph.D., M.A.

Pam Ragland , Carol Tuttle

Al Simon , Joshua Parker

Teri Rose , Carol Look LCSW, D.CH

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LIVING ENERGY SECRETS: Get To The Core With Energy

Starts: August 31st , 2010

Ends: November 18th , 2010

Website :

Host: Debra Thompson


Dr. Bradley Nelson , Noah St. John Ph.D.

Richard Gordon , Jacqueline Joy

Dr. Norm Shealy , Dr. Symeon Rodger

Christel Hughes C.Ht., Dr. Alex Loyd

Ann Taylor , Dr. Bruce Nelson Jr.

Brent Phillips , Dr. Carol Solomon Ph.D., MCC

Donna Eden , David Feinstein Ph.D.

Lana Nelson , Robert Smith

Richard Flook , Karin Davidson

Natalie Ledwell , Jonathan Goldman

Eleanore Duyndam , Tania Prince

Dr. Darren Weissman , Tapas Fleming

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