Teleseminars 2011 part twelve

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.
Eleanor Roosevelt





Host: Rich German

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Rich German presents The Turning Point

Hear 15 of the world's TOP Personal Development Leaders like you've NEVER heard them before!

So you think all your favorite authors, speakers, and coaches have had easy lives? Think again...

You'll be inspired by their personal, intimate stories in these short, 15-minute pre-recorded interviews.


Arielle Ford

Bob Doyle

Chris Cade

Christy Whitman

Doug Westmoreland

Greg Habstritt

Janet Bray Attwood

Manny Goldman

Marci Shimoff

Margaret Lynch

Mary Morrissey

Paul Hoffman

Peggy McColl

Ric Thompson

The Barefoot Doctor

Leaders Call to Adventure


Starts: September 16, 2011

Ends: October 14, 2011

Host: Lori Ference

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Suzanne Falter-Barns and Jeffrey Van Dyk

Topic: Love Leadership

Stephanie Beeby and Emmanuel Bombardier

Topic: Identify your Unique Gifts through the Power of your Emotions

Nathan Hoturoa Gray

'Walking One's Way Into History' - The youngest westerner ever to walk the Great Wall of China

Shanda Sumpter

3 Step System For Eliminating Procrastination

Kendra E. Thornbury

The Adventure Of A Lifetime: The Freedom Of Making Money Being YOU

Lissa Boles

The ‘Purpose’ Revolution: Lead, Follow Or…

Sage Lavine

Becoming the Divine Channel for your Purposeful Business

Robert Han Bishop

The Medicine Wheel Journey: An Ancient Path to Self-Discovery & Manifestation

Sherry Ott

Career Break: Go on an Adventure and Come Back a Better Leader

Sharon Crawford

'Follow the Breadcrumbs, not Zero to Hero!'

Julio Toribio

Creating Balance: The Journey of the Modern-Day Warrior

Reggie Odom

LEADERSHIP and the Call of the Hero’s Journey: The Inner Adventure of Your Life!

Michael "Coop" Cooper

Personal Sustainability for a Sustainable World

Lori Ference, Host of Leaders' Call to Adventure

My Birthday Wish

Holly Tse

Find Your Voice to Create Adventure and Abundance in Your Life Now: How to Launch Your Dream Business in Just 88 Days

Sylvia Warren

Turn Left at the Sphinx...Transformational Soul Journeys

The Empower Hour


Starts: Wednesday 7th September , 2011

Ends: Wednesday 26th October, 2011

Host: Shannon Bush

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The Empower Hour Series gives you free access to powerful conversations with industry pioneers, adventurers, leaders and inspirational trend setters from around the globe so you know you are learning from the best; women who've been there before you paving a way for you to experience your own succulent success


Turning Conversations Into Clients: How to Get a Resounding YES to Your Programs and Services in One Conversation - Regardless of Price!

with Barb Wade

Finding Your Authentic Voice: How Knowing What Makes You an Expert Opens the Doors to More Clients, More Money and Greater Opportunities

with Katy Tafoya

Powerful Personal Branding So You Can Get Noticed, Hired & Paid What You’re Worth, INSTANTLY!

with Annemarie Cross

How to Ignite Your Business Mojo by Uncovering Your Unique Entrepreneurial Mindset

with Lenore Miller

Creating a Buzz Through the Collaborative Business Model

with Jana Beeman

Stop Procrastinating..... Start Earning!

with Carrie Greene

Effortless Success: How to Embrace the Gift of Conscious Empowerment to Make More Money, Connect with Your Right Clients and Grow Your Business

with Shannon Bush

The Right-Brain Business Plan - How to Leverage Your Creative Genius

with Jennifer Lee

Eradicate the Overwhelm of Clutter (in your life and business) and Breeze through your day Feeling Free, Clear and Focused

with Sara Hall

Ultimate Back Care Tele-Summit


Starts: Sept 6, 2011

Ends: Sept 27, 2011

Host: Kathi Casey

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Hale Dwoskin

Stacey Vornbrock

Dr. Carolyn Dean

Lauren Bondy

Dr. Sarah Farrant

Master Lesley Vincent

Kathi Casey

Empaths Shifting into 2012


Starts: September 6, 2011

Ends: September 27 ,2011

Hosts: Dr. Caron Goode & Yvonne Perry

Empaths Shifting into 2012:A Telesummit to Help Energy-Sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth

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Kate Garvey

Gini Grey

Dr. Tom Goode, ND

Jenna Forrest

Suzy Miller

Dr. Caron Goode

Michael R. Smith

Yvonne Perry

Healing Superwoman Syndrome


Starts: September 7th 2011

Ends: September 27th, 2011

Host: Becky Lyter McCleery

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Becky McCleery

Sheila Unique

Cindy Hudson

Aimée Yawnick

Tara Sage Steeves

Lori Radun

Jennifer Lee

Kendra E Thornbury

Teresa Aziam

Jana Beeman

Nan Akasha

Shannon Bush

Sarafina Well

Paula Gregorowicz

Joyce Lynn

Whitney McMillan

Nilofer Safdar

Cari Murphy

Tambra Harck

Doreen Fulton

Peggy Collins

Samantha Bennett

Elayne Doughty

Catrice Jackson

Peace Week 2011:
A Free Global Telesummit for Building a Culture of Peace


Starts: September 15, 2011

Ends: September 21, 2011

Hosts: Emily Hine , Stephen Dinan , James O'Dea, Philip Hellmich , Matthew Albracht , Devaa Haley Mitchell, Kennedy Hassett Braden , Belvie Rooks

Featuring 58 Inspiring Peacebuilders

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Alice Walker

Deepak Chopra

Marianne Williamson

Arun Gandhi

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Daniel Goleman

Jane Velez-Mitchell

James O'Dea

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Avon Mattison

Kimmie Weeks

Grandmother Mona Polacca

Grandmother Beatrice Long- Visitor Holy Dance

David Korten

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish

Dot Maver

Stephen Dinan

Derrick Ashong

Steve Killelea

Sister Jenna

Dena Merriam

Rob Fersh

Rita Marie Johnson

Paul Chappell

Brother Anilananda

Kevin Quigley

Devaa Haley Mitchell

Aqeela Sherrills

Andy Barker

Jenn Lim

Captain Richard O'Neill

Michael Furdyk

Pooran Pandey

Chip Hauss

Hiu Ng

Miki Kashtan

Rev. Bob Chase

Nurah Amat’ullah

Rabbi Justus Baird

Mary Stata

Sahar Nafal Kordahi

Tzvia Shelef

Orland Bishop

Guy Burgess

Heidi Burgess

Dr. Rick Levy

Julia Bacha

Nick Stuart

David Nicol

Belvie Rooks

Kennedy Hassett Braden

Pamela Aall

Luis J. Rodriguez

Benita Tsao

Steve Leeper

Matthew Albracht

Emily Hine

Philip Hellmich

Tribe Builder Telesummit


Starts: September 20, 2011

Ends: November 10 , 2011

Host: Tanya Paluso “Bliss”

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Denai Vaughn

PJ Hulle

Brandy Mychals

Kiyla Fennell

Sage Lavine

Sahar Kordahi

Laura Hollick

Sharla Jacobs

Teresa De GroBois

Michele PW

Dr. Jennifer Howard

Amethyst Wyldfyre

Rosey Dow

Vinca Heart

Alexis Neely

Lisa Manyon

Cory Michelle Johnson

Alison Marks

Christine Arylo & Amy Ahlers

Kate Northrup

Shanda Sumpter

Donna Fuller

Christine Kloser

Cathy Alessandra


Denai Vaughn: “Increase Your Networth By Increasing Your Network”

PJ Hulle: “7 Steps to Creating Your Client Attraction Blueprint”

Brandy Mychals: “Selling from the Stage with the Character Code™ System”

Kiyla Fennell: “How To Hire A Superstar in Just 3 Days-Yes, Really!”

Sage Lavine: “Unlock your Purpose & MAKE Money LIVING It!”

Sahar Kordahi: “Women’s Values, Women’s Wisdom, and Women’s Gifts, shared together in community”

Laura Hollick: “Be Art”

Sharla Jacobs: “The FASTEST Way to Build a Strong Following: How to Build and Nurture Relationship with JV Partners”

Teresa De GroBois: “Going Global – the three things you must have to create world-wide wildfire word of mouth”

Michele PW: “5 Psychological Triggers to Turn Prospects Into Clients (Warning: These are SO powerful you MUST promise to use them in an honest and ethical manner.)”

Dr. Jennifer Howard: “Build It With Authenticity and They Will Come!”

Amethyst Wyldfyre: “Prepare to be Heard By Millions! 3 Secret Steps to Feeling Safe, Powerful and Ready to Be An Empowered Messenger”

Rosey Dow: “Defining Your Target Market”

Vinca Heart: “Crack Your Money Code: Attract High-End Clients and Get High-End Results”

Alexis Neely: “How to Keep Saying Yes to Your Great Work Without Having It Take Over Your Life – Build a Sustainable, Profitable Business Model, Systems and Structures that Support Who You Are and How You Want to Be in the World”

Lisa Manyon: “7 Ways Your Website Can Really Work For Your Business”

Cory Michelle Johnson: “Access Client Attraction Consciousness”

Alison Marks: “Stop Spinning, Start Flowing; Ease and Fun in Your Productive Work Day”

Christine Arylo & Amy Ahlers: “Reform Your Inner Mean Girl To Lead Your Tribe”

Kate Northrup: “Building Your Team”

Shanda Sumpter: “Queen Visionary | HeartCore Women”

Donna Fuller: “Webinars and Marketing Systems To Build Your Tribe”

Christine Kloser: “How to Create a Loyal, Responsive and ‘Divinely Directed’ Tribe”

Cathy Alessandra: “Messaging, Marketing and Balance for the WomanPrenuer”

Divine Feminine Yoga Telesummit

Learn how these 15 amazing women draw on the power of the Divine Feminine to heal themselves and the world through yoga!


Starts: September 12, 2011

Ends: September 17, 2011

Host: Laura Cornell

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Mary Lynn Fitton

Patricia Walden

Laura Amazzone

Shiva Rea

Sara Avant Stover

Saraswati Clere

Chandra Easton

Devaa Hailey Mitchell

Deva Parnell

Megha Nancy Buttenheim

Sally Kempton

Niti Patricia Seip Martin

Kate Clere McIntyre

Laura Cornell

Harriet Bhumi Russell


Expert: Laura Amazzone, M.A.

Topic: The Path of the Yogini and Sacred Female Power

Expert: Chandra Easton, RYT 500

Topic: Feeding Your Demons & the Teachings of Tibetan Yogini, Machig Labdrön

Expert: Devaa Haley Mitchell

Topic: Naad Yoga: The Yoga of Sound for Women

Experts: Saraswati Clere and Kate Clere McIntyre, Producers/Directors/Writers

Topic: "Yogawoman:" a Film and a Message for Women Everywhere

Experts: Deva Parnell, Harriet Bhumi Russell, Megha Nancy Buttenheim, Patricia Niti S. Martin

Topic: Chandra Namaskar: Empowerment for Women Through the Moon Salutation

Expert: Sara Avant Stover, ERYT 500

Topic: “Mojo on the Mat: Women’s Yoga, Meditation & Sexuality”

Expert: Patricia Walden

Topic: Yoga for all Ages and Stages of a Woman's Life

Expert: Mary Lynn Fitton, R.N., M.S., F.N.P.

Topic: Women Mentoring Girls: The Art of Yoga Project’s Healing Work with Incarcerated Teens.

Expert: Shiva Rea, M.A.

Topic: YEA! Yoga Energy Activism: Regenerating our Energy linking Heart, Body, Home, Ecology

Expert: Sally Kempton

Topic: Meditation, Kundalini, and the Divine Feminine: Accessing the Goddesses in your Own Psyche

Expert: Laura Cornell, Ph.D., RYT 500

Topic: Access Loving Wisdom Through the Divine Feminine

Mentors to the Soul of Business


Starts: September 12, 2011

Ends: September 16, 2011

Host: Kathleen Hanagan

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Expert: Maggie Ostara

Topic: Build Your Brand Around Your Brilliance by Accessing Your Soul Signature

Expert: Pragito Dove

Topic: Nurture Your Soul & Business with Laughter Meditation

Expert: Maureen Campaiola

Topic: Kiss the BS Goodbye: How to Easily Rid Yourself of Money Guilt So You Can Value Yourself & Open the Door to Wealth

Expert: Darnyelle Jervey

Topic: How to Turn Your Passion into a 6 Figure Profit in Record Time

Expert: Barbara Stanny

Topic: Sacred Success - A Call to Greatness

Expert: Heather Gray

Topic: Your Golden Compass: How to Access Crystal Clear Clarity, Right Direction and True Guidance for Your Life

Expert: Amethyst Wyldfyre

Topic: Letting Go of Keeping Up - 5 Simple Steps to Stay Sane and Successful while Serving Your Purpose for Spirit

Expert: Barbara Wilder

Topic: The New Abundance - An Economy Based on Love

Expert: Kim Hill

Topic: The Path to Personal Purpose and Prosperity

Expert: Karen Russo

Topic: Escaping the Money Traps of Scarcity, Superstition and Survival Mode

Expert: Hillary Harris

Topic: Money, Business and the New World Prosperity: Why Doing What You Love is the New Currency of Success

Expert: Nancy DesJardins

Topic: 7 Ways to Cleanse the "Inner" and "Outer" Body A Self-Loving Gift

Expert: Jessica Matthews

Topic: The Conscious Business Revolution: How to Combine Community, Collaboration and Connection to Create a Business that is Fulfilling AND Financially Successful.

Expert: Rev. Ernest Chu

Topic: Unleashing the Power of Your Inner Economy

Expert: Kathleen Hanaga

Topic: God = Business = Love

Lead Generation Secrets Telesummit‏


Starts: September 12th , 2011

Ends: September 16th , 2011

Host: Wendy Howard

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Wendy Howard

Mark Nathwani

Kelly Stevens

Jay Kraker

Jo Webster

Pratap C Singhal

Esther Coronel De Iberkleid

Sohail Khan

Nan Akasha

John Dionysiou

Jo Dodds

Bob Regnerus

Sharon Gaskin

Stuart Goldsmith

Andy Gibney

Vibrance for Life: 5 Hours to Fabulous Health


Starts: September 16, 2011, 8:30 am Eastern

Ends: September 16, 2011, 3:00 pm Eastern

Host: Dr. Lorraine Maita, MD

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The telesummit includes a total of 10 lectures packed with a wealth of practical lessons such as:

Getting motivated from within and removing the blocks that stop you

Developing the mindset for success and transformation

Choosing nutritious foods that nourish and heal

Cooking healthy, nutritious foods easily and effortlessly

Incorporating fitness that will make you feel good and be fit and fabulous

Stressing less with East/West techniques so you can relax and Breathe

Integrating mind, body and spirit to your goals and restoring balance in your life

Harmonizing your hormones for weight loss and well-being

Creating consistency to compound your efforts

Setting your priorities, and clearing the mental clutter and overwhelm so you can thrive


Risa Olinsky

Roberta Mittman

Csilla Bischoff

Randy Rabney

David Cunic, PhD

Tevis Trower

Hueina Su

Lorraine Maita, MD

Melissa Brown, MD

Carrie Greene

Grace Marshall



















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