Total Niche Clarity Virtual Symposium

Total Niche Clarity Virtual Symposium


Starts: August 9th , 2011

Ends: October 6th, 2011

Host: Anne Cleveland and PJ Van Hulle

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Jesse Koren

Vrinda Normand

Christian Mickelsen

Sage Lavine

Austin Walsh

Bill Baren

Anastasia Netri`

Tad Hargrave

Lindsay Miller

Brandy Mychals

Adryenn Ashley

Lisa Cherney

Alison Marks

Alexi Sebasttien

Jennifer Butler

Michele Scism

Shahar Boyayan

Pamelah Landers

Jenn August

Suzanne Falter-Barnes

Catarina Rando

Kendra E. Thornbury

Kathleen Whalen

Stacey Morgenstern

Anne Cleveland

PJ Van Hulle

Attention: Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Other Heart-Based Entrepreneurs… “We Know How Frustrating It Can Be to Find Your Niche!”


Anne Cleveland

Anne Cleveland supports entrepreneurs to build a business that is in total alignment with their vision and purpose, including getting clear on their niche. Drawing on her experience as a musician and as a Waldorf teacher she created "From Clarity to Prosperity" dedicated to the full expression of who you are in the world.

PJ Van Hulle

PJ Van Hulle works with coaches, consultants and speakers who love what they do but get frustrated with the marketing part. She is a certified trainer with 13 years of international teaching experience, the author of the Little Book of Prosperity, and the co-author of Make Your Connections Count.

“Discover How to Identify Raving Fans Who LOVE Buying From You, Over & Over Again by Joining 26 of the World's Top Heart-Based Niche Marketing Experts...”

Our intentions for you are that by the end of the Total Niche Clarity Virtual Symposium, you feel clear and aligned with your business and your niche so that you can take inspired action, attract more clients, and make a bigger difference in the world.

“5 Reasons to Choose a Niche”

#1 You’ll Be Able to Answer the Question, “What Do You Do?” with Clarity & Confidence.

#2 It’s Easier for People to Refer Potential Clients to You.

#3 You’ll Stand Out From Your Competition.

#4 You’ll Be More Connected to the Difference That You Make for Your Clients.

#5 Your TRIBE Will Be Able to Find You.


“FAN-thropolgy” The Art of Social Engagement With Adryenn Ashley

How to Find a PROFITABLE Niche so that You Don’t Waste Your Time & Marketing $

How to Infiltrate Your Fan Base to Discover What They Really Want (So You Can Sell It to Them)

How to Align with the Power Players in Any Niche to Raise Your Visibility & Credibility

Adryenn Ashley, founder of Red Carpet Results, is a brilliant storyteller with a knack for finding humor in the most unlikely situations. Anointed a “High Tech Priestess,” she reveals how to structure original campaigns that get massive exposure and make it possible for companies to win. In today’s fluctuating economy you want a business alchemist who reveals the secrets of how to transform underperforming services and products into gold.

As a high content speaker, Adryenn delivers colossal take-away value and electrifies her audiences. She seamlessly blends years of online experience and real world situations into entertaining and mind-stretching presentations.

“Tap Into a Loyal Tribe of Followers Literally Waiting for the Results You Provide” With Bill Baren

The Easiest Method of Being Able to Hone in on Your Niche

A Sure-Fire Method to Know if Your Niche Will Attract All the Clients You Want

The Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make With Picking Their Niche

How to Totally Eliminate Your Resistance to Picking Your Niche

About Bill Baren: Bill is a top business coach dedicated to helping business owners make a difference in getting new clients and growing their businesses. He is the founder of Bill Baren Coaching, and he has personally coached thousands of small business owners on how to enroll new clients, earn significantly more money and create more impact with their gifts.

Bill's business has really taken off in the last 3-4 years. In fact every single program he offers sells out. Some of these sold out live and online programs have included - Client Mastery Blueprint, The Big Shift Experience, the Ultimate Entrepreneur Toolkit and Master of Enrollment, which has quickly become his most popular offering.

“How to Choose the 'Right' Niche” With Jesse Koren

The 5 Most Profitable Niche Categories

How You Know Which Niche is Truly Yours

The Best Time to Switch Niches

The Best Time to Fully Commit to Your Niche

When It’s Okay to Have 2 or 3 Different Niches… and When It’s Not Okay

What to Do If You Want More Variety Than Just Working With One Group of People on One Urgent Problem

How to Make Sure You Don’t Lose Business By Being Too Narrowly Focused

Award-Winning Million Dollar Mentors Jesse Koren & Sharla Jacobs have been proclaimed as, “The Leading Authorities in Holistic Business Training.rdquo;

After struggling to build their own practices and then figuring out a heart-based method for attracting tons of clients, they have taught over 10,000 Coaches, Holistic Practitioners and other Heart-based Entrepreneurs how to increase their business success.

They have supported hundreds of third-world entrepreneurs through sales of their book, “sell is Not a 4-Letter Word: How to Serve More Clients and Create a 6-Figure Practice.”

After going from zero to $175,000 in their first year of Rejuvenate Training, they have now given over 3 million dollars of scholarships to Holistic Practitioners and Coaches who are ready to attract more clients and earn 6-Figures and beyond in their business.

“How to Find Your Niche from the Inside Out” With Anastasia Netri

Discover the #1 Secret to Finding Your Perfect Niche

Learn the Top 3 Features You Need to Know When Marketing to Your Niche

Find Out What You Need in Place to Choose Your Niche and Get Started with Your Business (or Take It to the Next Level)

Anastasia Netri, the business building expert and “Glass ceiling buster” is the founder of Entrepreneurial Goddess Coaching, a company that helps women coaches, speakers and trainers expand into the next level of their business. She has a passion for helping these women move into more powerful leadership so that they can help the world evolve, build community, and experience true human potential.

Anastasia says that she is a spiritual teacher that works through the lens of business building. She feels that starting, building, and growing a business that transforms lives is a “spiritual bootcamp” at it’s finest. Anastasia says, “In the process of serving more people, you will begin to move into the most authentic expression of yourself, experience your value, and open up to greater intimacy and connection with others.”

“The 6 Figure Home Office Success Story” With Alison Marks

In this exclusive interview, Alison will share how she:

Discovered Her Niche & Separated Herself from the Competition

Overcame Her Biggest Challenges in Choosing a Niche (and How You Can, Too)

Added 2,500 New Subscribers and to Her List in Only 2 Months

Got Booked for 10 Speaking Engagements Almost Overnight (And They Keep Comin’)

Alison Marks is the founder and owner of 6 Figure Home Office, a coaching and training company that teaches entrepreneurs how to be productive and successful.

Alison has helped hundreds of smart, stressed out business owners make more money and have more time off by getting focused and organized, bringing ease, flow and fun (yes, really!) into their home offices and their work days.

She is the creator of the life-changing program, From Clutter to Order in 8 Weeks, and is author of The Little Book of Freedom From Clutter, and The Little Book of Sanctuary. She is a business coach and consultant and a Certified Classical Feng Shui Consultant, and she hold an MA in Organizational Development and Transformation.

“Your Niche is in Your Hands” With Pamelah Landers

You will learn:

How Your Life Purpose, Based on Your Fingerprints Affects Your Niche

What The Pattern of Your Hands Tells You About Your Niche

The Most Important Factors About Communicating with Your Potential Clients (so that You Get More People Saying “Yes”)

Pamelah Landers is a certified Master Hand Analyst and international author who has read over 20,000 hands in the last 20 years. She is the most published graduate from the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA) in the world, having written 4 books:

Relationship Success: Your Heart Lines’ Love Style

Gift Markings, Your Hands’ Extra Potential Talent

Artistic Brilliance: What Your Hands Say About the

Artist in You Relationship Success for Singles: Life Partner or Life Problems?

Since part of her Life Purpose is “sharing her spiritual wisdom with the public through leadership and creativity,” Pamelah has also been teaching classes on hands since 1997. She is one of approximately 15 graduates from the IIHA who teaches others how to use this scientifically-based system, and her students from countries all over the world.

“Clarify Your Soul Message; Align with Your Niche” With Sage Lavine

You will:

Learn the 3 Essential Ingredients to Clarify your DIVINE RIGHT NICHE and infuse your business with your Authentic SOUL message.

Understand the critical mindset shift you MUST MAKE in order to attract the clients that you are meant to serve on this planet at this time.

When we can allow ourselves to be the authentic channel we came here to be, rather than a slave to our to-do lists and linear thinking, we enter into co-creativity both with Spirit and each other; allowing alignment of marketing message and divine right client.

Sage Lavine, MA, CLC is a gifted Speaker, Business Coach and Life Purpose Mentor. Sage is the CEO of Purpose2Prosperity and host of the Women on Purpose telesummit series. Sage considers herself an “unretired camp counselor” as she speaks to groups around the country and has inspired over a thousand women entrepreneurs to clarify their Life Purpose and live it through creating a business they love. Sage has presented alongside women like Janet Attwood, Reverend Deborah Johnson, Dr. Sue Morter and Loral Langemeier. Last year Sage hosted a telesummit called the Women on Purpose Entrepreneurial Telesummit which launched her business into the 6-figure world and helped her reach over 3000 women entrepreneurs in 17 different countries.

Sage filled her practice and is having more fun in her business than ever before, speaking around the world and hosting retreats in Bali and California.

“Why We Struggle With Niches (and Exactly What to Do About It)” With Tad Hargrave

How Many Target Markets Should You Have? Should You Really Just Have One?

The 3 Elements of a Well-Rounded Niche

How to Make Sure Your Niche is Authentic and Powerful vs. Contrived (Where You Feel Like a Fraud)

Learn the Hidden Reasons Why Most Target Markets Fail

You've heard about how important it is to have a focused niche for a while. You've fought it, resisted it, tried it and switched it… and you still feel stuck. And you can't sort out how to get unstuck. Gah. Meet Tad Hargrave...

Tad Hargrave is a hippy who developed a knack for marketing. Despite years in the non-profit and activist world, he finally had to admit he was a marketing nerd and, in the end, he became a marketing coach for hippies.

For almost a decade, he has been touring his marketing workshops around Canada, bringing refreshing and unorthodox ideas to conscious entrepreneurs and green businesses that help them grow their organizations and businesses (without selling their souls). And, over the years, he has become recognized as a leader in the wider movement towards green and local economies.

His approach to pricing has made him a pioneer and documenter of the provocative new economy that is being written about and explored globally – the Pay What You Can Economy. It’s an economy where people decide on the price tag themselves.

His work has been featured in publications from the Edmonton Journal, Alberta Venture, The Edmonton Sun, The Globe and Mail, Alberta Report, IONS Review, Ed Magazine, React magazine and nationally on CBC Radio. In 2002, he was featured in the book Global Uprising and was chosen as one of the thirty leading young visionaries in North America by Utne Reader magazine in their September, 2002 edition.

“Stand Out & Be Juicy: Magnetize Your Marketing to Attract Your Ideal Clients” With Lisa Cherney

On this call you'll learn:

The critical difference between a target and an Ideal Client that can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

A step-by-step method for finding the perfect words to communicate your unique approach.

Powerful marketing strategies that will attract tons of your Ideal Clients and fit any budget.

How to maximize the impact of all your marketing investments and get results fast.

A simple system you can use over and over to market any product, service or business you ever have!

Stop wasting your marketing dollars! Start attracting tons of your Ideal Clients (the ones that love to give you money and respect your distinctive approach). Learn how to find the perfect "juicy" words so all your marketing inspires clients to say, "I need that!"

Lisa Cherney is the Stand Out & Be Juicy Marketing Expert and President/CEO of Conscious Marketing, an organization she founded 10 years ago to help business owners find their authentic marketing voice so they can attract their Ideal Clients.

She was recently nominated for Southern California’s Tenth Annual Women in Business award and in 2007 she joined Neal Donald Walsh (Author of New York Times Bestseller, Conversations with God), as a speaker for the acclaimed Conscious Entrepreneur’s TeleSummit.

Lisa spent 15 years advising Fortune 500 companies and leading advertising agencies working with brands like AT&T, Lipton, Nissan, Blue Cross and Equal™.

She is now dedicated to working with small business owners, many of whom have added thousands of dollars in sales after exposure to Lisa’s groundbreaking Stand Out & Be Juicy Blueprint Program and insightful guidance.

“The Marketing Photographer Success Story” The Truth About Your Niche and Your Visual Brand With Lindsay Miller

On this call you'll learn:

Why niche is so important, the biggest challenges to finding one, and what it has to do with photography

In a sea of photographers, how Lindsay separated herself from the crowd and rapidly grew a successful business

How thinking about your niche gives you 3 tools for finding your visual brand

The importance of niche in your photography and your visual brand; 3 things you can do right now to align your message to your visual brand

Lindsay A. Miller is the owner of The Marketing Photographer. She helps coaches, consultants, and speakers who have a big message and a big mission, and who are ready to take their business to the next level. Together with her clients she creates outstanding photographs which sell them and their business by aligning their message with their visual brand.

She is the secret behind the camera of top-notch coaches like Kendall SummerHawk, Lisa Saseviech, Andrea Lee, Max Simon as well as many of the experts on this Symposium like Jesse Koren, Virnda Normand, Bill Baren, Jenn August, AND PJ Van Hulle and Anne Cleveland!

After a successful career as an award -winning photojournalist, Lindsay now uses her skills at visual story-telling to make images that help her clients change their world.

“The SECRET Cheat-Sheet to Niche Marketing” With Brandy Mychals

On this call you'll learn:

3 Secrets to activate Brandy’s Backwards Approach to finalizing your Niche

Cliff-Notes to your Niche’s psyche that will make you a Marketing Marvel

Brandy Mychals is the creator of the Character Code™ System for Client Attraction without being “salesy.”

Recently she was named the 2011 International FEMTOR Award Winner by eWomenNetwork for “Business Matchmaker of the Year”.

She was also selected by a Fortune 500 company as one of the top ten bloggers in the U.S and Canada to serve on their Blogging Advisory Committee.

Brandy is the author of the soon to be published book Savvy Speaker Secrets and is in discussion for a reality TV show based on her Character Code™ System. Brandy’s specialty is teaching entrepreneurs how to make the journey from obscurity to buzz in record time so your ideal clients can track you down. She is known for delivering high value content and has been featured on NBC Talk Radio and Yahoo! News.

“Unlock Your Secret Niche Codes!” With Alexi Sebasttien

On this call you'll learn:

Discover the 3 secret hiding places where you can find your niche (places you probably never thought to look!)

Learn how being true to who you really are can make the difference between a successful business and a business that never gets off the ground

See how playing to your strengths is actually stopping you from having the kind of success you deserve!

Alexi Sebasttien is the creator of the “Different Drummer Solutions Business Success Code System” to building a successful business based on how you are naturally hardwired for success.

Alexi’s specialty is teaching entrepreneurs how to make money with products and services created from being true to who you really are and the message you’re here to share.

She is known for helping entrepreneurs to achieve their goals in record time simply by understanding their hardwiring.

“Developing Your Facebook Fan Page Strategy for Your Niche” With Michele Scism

You will learn:

How to use Facebook to drive massive traffic to your site

The #1 reason your ideal clients are ignoring you

How to get around the roadblocks that stop people from creating a page that works for their niche

Is your fan page pulling its weight in your business? A well-designed (and maintained) page can create a never-ending stream of qualified ideal clients in your niche and for your business. Unfortunately, many businesses aren’t using their fan pages to their fullest potential (if they even have one).

In this interview, Michele will share the three things business owners can do to create fabulous (and effective) Facebook fan page that positions them as a key player in their niche.

Michele Scism is the Founder of both and The Global Social Media Managers Association.

Her clients call her “The Results Lady” because as a business strategist she uses her signature “Take Action Get Profits” system to help entrepreneurs get visibility and then to turn that visibility into profits.

Michele’s knowledge in the areas of online marketing and social media marketing have been recognized during recent interviews on several web TV shows, including being interviewed by Kristi Frank from Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, as well as multiple Talk Radio shows and tele-classes.

“Irresistible Headlines That Sell” With Vrinda Normand

You'll discover:

The magic formula to write headlines that instantly attract your ideal clients

How to make your marketing message crystal clear & simply irresistible

The biggest writing mistake that’s repelling your potential clients – and what to do instead

The proven system to start magnetizing clients & sales online, even while you sleep

Vrinda Normand, The Irresistible Writing Mentor, started her writing career as an investigative journalist. She published 100's of articles and front-page cover stories for over 200,000 readers across the United States before transforming her word-savvy skills to help heart-based entrepreneurs attract more clients and sales online.

Vrinda grew her Irresistible Writing Training Company from 0 to multiple 6-figures in just 3 years. She serves over 1,000 clients in more than 10 countries. Her clients have grown 6-figure online businesses thanks to the strategies she teaches.

“How to Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche through Teleclasses & Webinars” With Caterina Rando

You will:

Understand why public speaking, teleclasses and webinars are the best strategy to build your list and own your niche

Gain clarity on what topic to present on to stand out and gain immediate clients

How to get started in positioning yourself as an expert and easily getting booked online and offline

What to do before, during and after your presentation to ensure that you come home with clients

Caterina Rando, MA, MCC, shows entrepreneurs how to be loud and proud about who they are and the value they bring through live public speaking, teleseminars and webinars.

She is the creator of the Sought After Speaker Summit and the Business Breakthrough Summit, two events designed to catapult your business. Caterina is also the founder of THRIVE Publishing a firm that publishes multi-author books that build businesses and trains entrepreneurs on how to use their books to increase their visibility and build their expert status.

“7 Steps to Creating Your Client Attraction Blueprint” With PJ Van Hulle

In this exclusive interview, you will:

Learn the #1 Way to Get Potential Clients Interested in Your Services

Get Absolute CLARITY as to How Social Media Strategies Fit Into Your Overall Marketing Plan… and How to MONETIZE Them

Discover a Step-by-Step System for How to Attract More Clients to Your Unique Business Without Working Harder

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated when it comes to marketing your business and fitting all the pieces together, you can’t afford to miss this talk!

PJ Van Hulle works with coaches, consultants and speakers who love what they do but get frustrated with the marketing part. She is a certified trainer with 13 years of teaching experience, the author of the Little Book of Prosperity, co-author of Make Your Connections Count, and co-creator of the Total Niche Clarity Virtual Symposium.

She leads events with up to 2,000 people and speaks all over the world, sharing the stage with other “movers and shakers” like Mark Victor Hansen, T. Harv Eker, Richard Branson, Alex Mandossian, Loral Langemeier, and even the Dalai Lama.

Her dynamic, interactive and “plain English” style of teaching has helped thousands of coaches, consultants and speakers to attract more clients and to improve their relationships with money.

“How to Reach Your Niche Market through Your Own Web TV Show” With Shahar Boyayan

In this interview, Shahar will reveal how you can:

Become Irresistible to Your Niche Market

Discover How to Get Attention and Attract Clients

Have Your Own Web TV Show

Shahar and Nashlah Boyayan are the founders of Buzz Booster, a mother-daughter operated small business marketing company and social media agency that specializes in modern marketing strategies for small business owners.

They focus on mentoring professional speakers, coaches, and small businesses how to create a strong strategy online and speaking at events and conferences.

They host a Web TV show at BuzzBooster TV and are in the top 40 Web shows for their category according to TubeMogul.

“How to Magnetize and Mesmerize Your Ideal Clients by Dressing with Intention” With Jennifer Butler

You Will Discover:

How to Dress in a Way that Reflects Your Inner Life Force and Essence

What a POWER COLOR is (and When to Wear It)

How Color and Style Can Help You Fulfill Your Intentions and Manifest Your Desires

The Psychology of Color (and the Subliminal Messages You Send to Your Ideal Clients)

The Optimal Colors to Wear When Presenting to Your Niche

Jennifer Butler helps CEOs and business executives, celebrities, artists, community leaders and individuals to powerfully, authentically, and effectively express themselves through their appearance.

Through over 35 years of experience in the fashion industry, degrees in sociology and art history, and years of training with the founder of the four-season color harmony theory, Jennifer created Jennifer Butler Living Colors, LLC, her proprietary system for personalized design and color analysis.

She has been named one of Glamour magazine’s Top Ten Glamour Girls and her inspirational designs have been featured in Women’s Daily magazine.

Jennifer shares her individualized approach to color and fashion nationwide as a talented speaker and educator. For the first time, she is making this information available to the general public.

“How to Get More Clients Faster & Easier Than Ever Before” With Christian Mickelsen

You Will Learn:

How to Create a “Client Rush” on Demand Any Time You Want One

The Step-By-Step Formula For Signing Up New, High Paying Clients During Intro Sessions

A Breakthrough New Way to Get More Clients Than You Can Handle (And How To Handle Them)

Discover how one coach landed 362 new clients in 2 weeks (without an e-mail list) using brand new client attraction breakthroughs that practically no one knows, and how you can use these same secrets to get as many clients as you want – faster and easier than ever before.

Even if you don’t want that many clients, you can use these strategies to get however many clients you want (and Christian will even show you what to do with all of the extra clients you don’t want).

Christian Mickelsen is the author of "How To Quickly Get Started In Professional Coaching: The Truth About What It Really Takes!", and has been coaching for more than a decade.

He's been seen in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, MSN, and the Boston Globe. He served 2 years on the Board of Directors for the IAC (International Association of Coaching), and has created numerous support programs to help coaches become highly financially successfu

“REVEALED: 6 Proven Steps to Creating a 6-Figure Telesummit & 7-Figure List” With Jeneth Blackert

On this call you'll:

Understand the 6 proven steps to creating a list through affiliate and joint venture partnership

Create loyal partners that want to continue to participate in your programs and projects

Learn how to create irresistible offers that sell on the phone and in your emails

How to continue to romance your email tribe so they become loyal to you

Begin to unlock the possibility to creating exactly what you want in your business

Hosting a telesummit is the best way to test a niche, position yourself as an expert in that niche and boost your business… all at the same time! Jeneth will share with you how she has repeated her success in multiple niches.

Jeneth Blackert is the Founder of Jeneth LLC, a transformational lifestyle organization helping professionals and entrepreneurs clarify and communicate their message. With a background in corporate leadership blended with her intuitive approach to business, Jeneth LLC is the leader of several cutting-edge business systems that deepen their client's visions using innovative approaches.

Jeneth is the author of several books and programs including Seven Dragons: A Guide to a Limitless Mind, Simple Marketing and her upcoming transformational chick lit novel. She has also been an invited contributing author to several books including How The Fierce Handles Fear with Donald Trump and Jack Canfield, Business Bushido with Steven Covey and Align Expand Succeed.

Last year Blackert co-hosted The New Wealth Experience, a global movement inspiring people to claim their power, passion and prosperity. The event that impacted more than 40,000 people from all around the world. This year she continues to create New Wealth for others with her 30-Day New Wealth Experience.

Jeneth has also been on many well-known television and radio shows worldwide including Martha Stewart Radio, NPR and Fox News.


You will learn:

How to Uncover Your Hidden Blocks to Total Niche Clarity

3 Proven Ways to Access Your Inner Soul Compass to Lead You to Your Dream Clients

The #1 Most Useful Tool for Discovering Your Niche

Anne Cleveland, co-creator of the Total Niche Clarity Virtual Symposium, supports entrepreneurs to build a business that is in total alignment with their vision and purpose, including getting clear on their niche.

Drawing on her 30 years of experience as a musician and as a Waldorf teacher she created her signature "From Clarity to Prosperity" program, dedicated to the full expression of who you are in the world. This is the only program of its kind to use the arts in business as a transformational and healing tool.

On a personal note, Anne loves to dance and sing and to relax and re-energize, and you can usually find her on the dance floor!

“3 Keys To Making More Money Being YOU: How to Easily Attract The Money You Deserve While Doing What You Love” With Kendra E. Thornbury

If you're here, you want to have more impact, more money and more freedom. You've struggled with how to create profits from your purpose in an abundant and lasting way.

Kendra is eager to show you the short cut. What she's about to reveal are a few keys that can ensure you get on track to help more people and create more money.

In this content-rich call, Kendra will share:

An honest glimpse into her PAIN & STRUGGLE in finding her niche and what you can learn from her dark night of the soul that will make it EASIER to find your niche (so you can get on with prospering from your purpose)

One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES soul-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, change agents and healers make that keep you broke, stuck, and spinning your wheels (and how you can avoid it)

Revealing insights that will help you become a CLIENT MAGNET, so you can serve more of who you really love working with FASTER

The 3 SIMPLE KEYS to making more money being you!

Kendra E. Thornbury helps soul-centered women & evolutionary leaders create spiritual and financial freedom so that they have a greater impact & make more money....all while being true to who they are!

She is passionate about making it easy for those called to serve the awakening on the planet to effectively help more people while doubling, tripling or quadrupling their income.

She provides proven methods and time-tested systems that empower her clients to translate their soul's calling into a thriving business that makes a real difference in the world.

Kendra is an internationally acclaimed coach, spiritual guide, sought-after leader, author and humanitarian. She's on the cutting edge of spiritual thought and conscious business practice. Labels aside, she considers herself a human being simply doing her best to walk a path of authenticity and integrity while making a difference.

“How To Instantly Elevate Your Work, Get Your Marketing On Auto-pilot & Turn Your Clients Into Raving Fans” With Stacey Morgenstern,

You will learn:

Stacey’s best secret for how to stand apart from everyone else in a super-crowded market (you’ll learn why this works and

how you can start using it today to infuse your brand with power and intrigue)

What to do when all different clients with all different problems are coming to you

The difference between merely solving a problem and creating an experience and how having both of these will elevate your

work, make you more money, and turn your clients into raving fans

What “riches in niches” really means and how to use this to design programs for your ideal clients

Two easy ways to find out what people want

How to narrow your niche by answering 4 simple questions

The money-maker or breaker test to evaluate if you’re niche is profitable or not

Stacey Morgenstern is a million dollar holistic marketing mentor, certified Money Breakthrough Coach, international public speaker, and award winning professional copywriting mentor.

She is also co-creator of Holistic MBA™, the premier training for holistic practitioners and coaches who want to go from startup to 6-figures in under 12 months working from anywhere in the world. Holistic MBA™ is built on the 4 pillars of a profitable holistic business model: your mindset, your marketing, your coaching skillset and your business systems. Without working on these 4 pillars, holistic practitioners end up working too hard for too little return, which sadly leads to disenchantment and burnout!

When you incorporate these 4 pillars you can cultivate a business that gives you more freedom and flexibility to live life on your own terms while deeply serving the world. That’s hot!

“Discover Your Niche Blueprint through Vedic Astrololgy” With Kathleen Whalen,

Design Your Business So That It Fits Who You ARE

How Being Aware of Red, Yellow & Green Days Can Help You Conserve Your Energy, Avoid Obstacles, and Attract More Clients

What Your Vedic Sun Sign Reveals About How to Successfully Market Your Business

The 3 Key Money Indicators in Your Chart – Where to Put Your Efforts for Maximum Profit

Kathleen Whalen’s specialty is the art and science of Right Timing (picking web site and project launch dates) and helping entrepreneurs and business owners discover their niche business within minutes.

Her Conscious Calendars explain economic cycles with Vedic astrology (yes, she has hedge fund managers consult her, too.)

Drawing on her 18 years of experience in business, Kathleen goes right to the heart of her clients’ issues, all with the science of astronomy and the art of astrology. The power of Vedic or East Indian Astrology has become her number one tool for assisting clients seeking financial freedom, spiritual guidance, life purpose or their right timing in business.

“How to Make an Additional $5,000 a Month on Facebook” With Austin Walsh,

You will learn:

How Austin Discovered His Niche and Built 2 Successful Businesses through Social Media While Still in High School

The #1 Mistake People Make with Facebook

How to Generate Leads on Facebook and Turn Them Into Sales

Austin Walsh is a 19 year old entrepreneur who earns multiple 6 figures as a Facebook and social media expert and speaks in all over the world... all while still in college.

He has supported other top speakers and entrepreneurs like Mark Victor Hansen, Bill Walsh, and Gary Goldstein to boost their presence on Facebook.

“Do You Stand Out On The Web? -- The Naked Originality Checklist” With Suzanne Falter-Barnes,

You will learn:

What You don’t know about your target market that’s hurting your bottom line

Whether your brand is unique enough or not

The critical mistake almost all marketers make

And why your business may be getting lost in the shuffle

Suzanne Falter-Barns is the Web’s leading expert in Platform building, branding and niching. She helps solopreneurs, consultants, coaches and conscious entrepreneurs create a powerful, unique online presence that conveys greater credibility and more impact. Her clients have gotten called cold by CNN, USA Today, Sixty Minutes, PBS, Wall Street Journal and more, as well as attracting major publishing deals.

Suzanne speaks along with Jeffrey Van Dyk, a leader in the coaching industry who works internationally to help business owners, speakers and coaches find their higher purpose and create powerful, meaningful work from it. Jeffrey has nearly two decades of experience in training and development, and has worked alongside such luminaries as Bill Gates, Jacques Chirac, Donald Trump, Peter Jennings, and Ariel Sharon.

Together Suzanne and Jeffrey help anyone learn how to tap deeply into their purpose in life, and package it as a magnetic online platform that attracts the perfect market you are meant to serve. They offer plenty of hands-on, practical tips for audiences on how to shape their online presence to truly be irresistible.

Their business, The Spiritual Marketing Quest, helps solopreneurs craft a purpose-based platform that stands apart powerfully and gets noticed by media and audiences alike.

“Remove Your Blocks So Your Business Rocks!™” With Jenn August,

Why do some businesses owners soar while others fail?

Why do some business owners seem confident and go out and get new clients while others hide in the corner?

In this call, you will finally understand how your subconscious blocks can negatively affect your business pipeline and your

sales conversions... and what to do about it!

You Will Discover:

The Hidden Reasons You're Struggling to Find Your Niche

Where You Are Leaking Time & Money in Your Business without Even Realizing It

How Who You Are Can Be a Natural Magnet for Who You Are Here to Serve

What You Might Be Doing That Is Sending Potential Clients Away

How to Get Your Subconscious Mind on Your Team to Create Success

Jenn August has been called the "Mother of Business Hypnotherapy" and is one of the world’s leading experts in removing subconscious blocks to business success.

John Assaraf of the smash hit The Secret said “Hypnotism is where it’s at and Jenn August knows how to do it and help you!”

Jenn's patented C3 system has helped thousands of business owners clear their subconscious blocks and double, triple and quadruple their income. The most important thing that happens for her clients is that they are no longer living in fear, doubt and feelings of unworthiness. They see their true selves, their true gifts and their true mission and begin to live a life of true purpose and abundance.

She is the author of the block buster program: “Remove Your Blocks So Your Business Rocks™”, and as the co-creator of a global association called Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs International (SWE) she gets to support business women all over the world to accomplish their goals.

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