Tribe Builder Telesummit

Tribe Builder Telesummit


Starts: September 20, 2011

Ends: November 10 , 2011

Host: Tanya Paluso “Bliss”

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Denai Vaughn

PJ Hulle

Brandy Mychals

Kiyla Fennell

Sage Lavine

Sahar Kordahi

Laura Hollick

Sharla Jacobs

Teresa De GroBois

Michele PW

Dr. Jennifer Howard

Amethyst Wyldfyre

Rosey Dow

Vinca Heart

Alexis Neely

Lisa Manyon

Cory Michelle Johnson

Alison Marks

Christine Arylo & Amy Ahlers

Kate Northrup

Shanda Sumpter

Donna Fuller

Christine Kloser

Cathy Alessandra


Denai Vaughn: “Increase Your Networth By Increasing Your Network”

PJ Hulle: “7 Steps to Creating Your Client Attraction Blueprint”

Brandy Mychals: “Selling from the Stage with the Character Code™ System”

Kiyla Fennell: “How To Hire A Superstar in Just 3 Days-Yes, Really!”

Sage Lavine: “Unlock your Purpose & MAKE Money LIVING It!”

Sahar Kordahi: “Women’s Values, Women’s Wisdom, and Women’s Gifts, shared together in community”

Laura Hollick: “Be Art”

Sharla Jacobs: “The FASTEST Way to Build a Strong Following: How to Build and Nurture Relationship with JV Partners”

Teresa De GroBois: “Going Global – the three things you must have to create world-wide wildfire word of mouth”

Michele PW: “5 Psychological Triggers to Turn Prospects Into Clients (Warning: These are SO powerful you MUST promise to use

them in an honest and ethical manner.)”

Dr. Jennifer Howard: “Build It With Authenticity and They Will Come!”

Amethyst Wyldfyre: “Prepare to be Heard By Millions! 3 Secret Steps to Feeling Safe, Powerful and Ready to Be An Empowered


Rosey Dow: “Defining Your Target Market”

Vinca Heart: “Crack Your Money Code: Attract High-End Clients and Get High-End Results”

Alexis Neely: “How to Keep Saying Yes to Your Great Work Without Having It Take Over Your Life – Build a Sustainable,

Profitable Business Model, Systems and Structures that Support Who You Are and How You Want to Be in the World”

Lisa Manyon: “7 Ways Your Website Can Really Work For Your Business”

Cory Michelle Johnson: “Access Client Attraction Consciousness”

Alison Marks: “Stop Spinning, Start Flowing; Ease and Fun in Your Productive Work Day”

Christine Arylo & Amy Ahlers: “Reform Your Inner Mean Girl To Lead Your Tribe”

Kate Northrup: “Building Your Team”

Shanda Sumpter: “Queen Visionary | HeartCore Women”

Donna Fuller: “Webinars and Marketing Systems To Build Your Tribe”

Christine Kloser: “How to Create a Loyal, Responsive and ‘Divinely Directed’ Tribe”

Cathy Alessandra: “Messaging, Marketing and Balance for the WomanPrenuer”


Shanda Sumpter: Queen Visionary | HeartCore Women

3 Millionaire Secrets To Making More Money With Your Tribe – All based on long time millionaires who Shanda has interviewed.

Why Your Tribe Isn’t Listening To You

What You Might Not Know About Building A 7 Figure Income Online

Shanda’s Free 7 Day Training To Make More Money With Their Website

Shanda Sumpter is Founder and Queen Visionary of HeartCore Women, an online community that provides valuable teaching tools aimed at transforming women’s lives.

For the past 3 years of her 10 year career- Shanda has created opportunities for women and female entrepreneurs both individually through 1/1 coaching and by creating international ‘Sisterhood’ Networks.

With a passion for women’s interests and online business, she is a highly recognized thought leader of our time. Shanda is often found in deep conversations around the evolution of life and economics. Although Shanda speaks on business platforms she understands that our most important purpose in life is to discover Who We Truly Are, and What Role We Play.

Her background includes successfully creating new business ventures for emerging and established companies, including playing a significant part in the creation of multiple millions dollar international business for her last company. Shanda says her biggest accomplishment in life has not been in the pursuit of wealth but has been in becoming an authentic person.

Amy Ahlers and Christine Arylo: Inner Mean Girl Reform

Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach, is on a mission to wake up your Inner Superstar so you shine bright! After years of being a top producing online media Sales Executive she discovered the world of coaching in 2000 and never looked back. She is an International Certified Success Coach, the CEO of Wake-Up Call, the co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School ( and the creator of The Women Masters Tele-Seminar Series (, where she has spoken alongside luminaries such as Marianne Williamson, SARK, Lisa Nichols, Marci Shimoff, Peggy McColl and many more.

A new kind of self-love expert, Christine Arylo, inspirational catalyst, takes a fresh approach to redefining self-love for today’s woman as hip, hot and hers. Arylo traded in twelve years of creating powerful images for brands like Visa and Gap, to inspire women to bust through their limiting self- images and self-expectations. As an author, speaker, and coach, Arylo is an expert at helping women to get the success and happiness they want by living and loving their most real and wise selves first. She is the author of Choosing ME Before WE ( and the founder of the Madly in Love with METM movement (

Vinca Heart: Crack Your Money Code – Attract High-End Clients and Get High-End Results

Discover The Three Biggest Mistakes In Marketing That Pushes High-End Clients Away

Crack Your Money Code So You Finally Can Relax When You Offer Your Programs, Products and High-End Events

How to Leverage Your Time and Expertise So You Make Six Figures in Record Time

Learn The New Paradigm That Is Needed In This Economy So Your Business Thrives

Find Out How To Release Your “Poor Patterns” And How To Start Receiving More Money

Vinca Heart is renowned as “The Super Woman With a Heart” specifically for her ability to empower women around money and business. Vinca is the creator of “Crack Your Money Code Now”. She teaches women entrepreneurs how to attract high-end clients and create high-end results.

She has owned 3 highly successful companies in more than 3 different markets. From concertizing pianist, politician to business coach, she has coached and counseled members of the German Parliament, CEOs, Oscar nominees, Grammy winners, Tony winners, and other influential people around the globe.

Vinca’s most meaningful accomplishment was organizing the political underground movement in East Germany, which led to the fall of the “Berlin Wall”.

Laura Hollick: Be Art. Your life is your Soul’s Art.

During this powerful time in human history we are changing the way we experience ourselves, our careers and what is possible for our lives.

This is a time to become deeply rooted in your own spiritual connection so you have a solid foundation to create a rich meaningful life in the New Paradigm.

During this talk we will explore:

How to connect with your spirit

How to express your spirit essence creatively

How to connect with people as your creative spiritual self.

Why approaching our life as if it is art is important in the creation of the New Paradigm.

Laura Hollick is an award winning artist and shaman, known as a Soul Artist. After walking 10,000km on a Vision Quest, Laura clarified her purpose and dove into business to realize it. She is the CEO and founder of Soul Art Studio Inc., a business devoted to inspiring people to create their life and business as a work of art.

BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laura’s art and life called ‘The Artist’s Life- Laura Hollick’. She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called ‘The Artist’s Lifestyle’.

Laura was nominated for ‘Woman of Distinction in the Arts’ for her Soul Art® work. Her Visionary Art has inspired audiences around the world.

2011 marks the launch of Soul Art TV’s Creative Spiritual Revolution, and the beginning of the Soul Art® Certification program.

Sage Lavine: Unlock your Purpose & MAKE Money LIVING It!

Learn the 3 Essential Ingredients to Clarify your Life Purpose and infuse your career & business with your Authentic Soul Message.

Understand the critical mindset shift you MUST MAKE in order to be paid WELL for doing what you LOVE.

Find out what to do when you have SO many Business Ideas that you don’t know where to start.

Learn to move forward through the fear, listen to your intuition and discover what it really takes to be paid WELL for living your PURPOSE!

Sage Lavine, MA, CLC is a gifted Speaker, Business Coach and Life Purpose Mentor. Sage is the CEO of Purpose2Prosperity and host of the Women on Purpose telesummit series. Sage considers herself an “unretired camp counselor” as she speaks to groups around the country and has inspired over a thousand women entrepreneurs to clarify their Life Purpose and live it through creating a business they love.

Sage has presented alongside women like Janet Attwood, Reverend Deborah Johnson, Dr. Sue Morter and Loral Langemeier. Last year Sage hosted a telesummit called the Women on Purpose Entrepreneurial Telesummit which launched her business into the 6-figure world and helped her reach over 3000 women entrepreneurs in 17 different countries. Sage filled her practice and is having more fun in her business than ever before, speaking around the world and hosting retreats in Bali and California.

PJ Hulle: 7 Steps to Creating Your Client Attraction Blueprint

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated when it comes to marketing your business and fitting all the pieces together, you can’t afford to miss this talk.

Learn the #1 Way to Get Potential Clients Interested in Your Services

Get Absolute CLARITY as to How Social Media Strategies Fit Into Your Overall Marketing Plan… and How to MONETIZE Them

Discover a Step-by-Step System for How to Attract More Clients to Your Unique Business Without Working Harder

PJ Van Hulle works with coaches, consultants and speakers who love what they do but get frustrated with the marketing part.

She is a certified trainer with 13 years of teaching experience, the author of the Little Book of Prosperity, and the co- author of Making Your Connections Count.

Her dynamic, interactive and “plain English” style of teaching has helped thousands of coaches, consultants and speakers to attract more clients and to improve their relationships with money.

Michele PW: Topic: 5 Psychological Triggers to Turn Prospects Into Clients (Warning: These are SO powerful you MUST promise to use them in an honest and ethical manner.)

What to do to get people to listen (and believe) what you say.

How to harness the same power that makes word of mouth marketing so successful.

How to seamlessly transform lookers into buyers.

What you need to do to “seal the deal.”

Considered one of the hottest marketing strategists today, Michele PW has a reputation for crafting promotional materials and creating marketing campaigns that get results. She is the owner and founder of Michele PW/Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC, which is the premiere international direct response copywriting and marketing company around. She´s also a national speaker and author, plus her client list reads like the “Who´s Who” list of Internet marketing.

Amethyst Wyldfyre: Prepare to be Heard By Millions! 3 Secret Steps to Feeling Safe, Powerful and Ready to Be An Empowered Messenger

What it means to be CALLED to being a Messenger and the greatest challenges encountered as a result of the “calling”

3 Simple Steps to use RIGHT AWAY to begin to shift the energy from “Scared” to “Sacred”

Exactly what the path of the Messenger looks like and how to navigate it with greater ease

Precisely why some people talk about being a Messenger but aren’t exactly moving forward on their Core Path

How a Messenger can become overwhelmed and what to do about it

The most powerful “Message” that a messenger can send to the Universe when they are stuck!

Amethyst Wyldfyre – The Speakers Shaman and Divine Destiny Mastery Mentor is an EMPOWERED Messenger! A Multidimensional Visionary Speaker, Author, Teacher and Artist, she specializes in serving visionary leaders and conscious entrepreneurs who want to feel Safe, Powerful and Ready to LEAP fearlessly into their highest level of service and who want to profit handsomely from following their Spiritual path.

Christine Kloser: How to Create a Loyal, Responsive and “Divinely Directed” Tribe

In the world of tribe building there’s one powerful component that too often gets overlooked. Yet, when that single piece falls into place – everything changes! New people will be clamoring to join your tribe and pay you for being a part of it… and with little external effort on your part! It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Christine experienced this first hand in building her tribe, and during this class she’ll reveal:

Critical first steps to take BEFORE bringing in members

Why “less” is “more” when it comes to attracting your tribe

How to easily generate multiple six-figures from your tribe (even if it’s small or brand-new)

And much more!

Three-Time Award Winning Author, Christine Kloser specializes in training authors and entrepreneurs to write, publish and market their transformational books… and impact the world with their message. She is the creator of the Transformational Author Experience, the Transformational Author Anthology and Mastermind Program, and Christine Kloser where she teachers her signature Get Your Book Done® program. She’s impacted tends of thousands of aspiring authors around the world through her writing, speaking, live events, communities and coaching. A featured columnist in PUBLISHED! Magazine, Christine is leading the way for authors who are ready to help transform the world with their words.

Lisa Manyon: 7 Ways Your Website Can Really Work For Your Business

Lisa shares 7 simple steps to getting the most out of your online presence by developing relationships and creating a money engine.

During the interview Lisa reveals proven steps to:

Determine the purpose of your website and understand the importance of messaging and strategy

Create a symbiotic relationship between your online and offline marketing efforts so your all of your marketing, advertising and promotional efforts are working together to increase your brand and message.

Build relationships by gifting knowledge and offering something of value for no cost.

Continue the online relationship with marketing techniques to reinforce the know, like and trust factors.

Leverage your expertise online to drive traffic to your website and increase credibility.

Gain additional online exposure via news by leveraging things you’re already doing in your business to gain publicity online and offline.

Create a sales funnel or tiered offerings to continue the relationship with your clients and show them the next logical step to doing business with you.

Lisa Manyon is an Award Winning Author, Marketing and Copywriting Strategist. She is a co-author of the #1 Best Selling book Success Rituals 2.O –Winning Habits of High-Achieving Women: How she does it and you can too, the recipient of the Charles Schwab Financial Literacy Award in The Hot Mommas 2011 Competition she’s featured in the world’s largest women’s digital library of role models & mentors and the Write On Creative Blog received a 2011 APEX award for publication excellence. Manyon is the co-creator of the 24-7 Web Sales Success Course with Ali Brown, a founding member of the Evolutionary Business Council and expert faculty member for Business Brilliance University. She offers a complimentary Copywriting Action Plan and publishes Manyon’s Musings a free monthly ezine. For more information visit

Sharla Jacobs: The FASTEST Way to Build a Strong Following: How to Build and Nurture Relationship with JV Partners

You’ve probably heard that the best and fastest way to build a strong following and grow your list is through Joint Venture Partners, however most people have NO idea where to begin or what REALLY goes on behind the scenes to ensure that your partners WANT to support you and look forward to helping you grow YOUR tribe.

Uncover the Most Important Question YOU Must Ask Yourself BEFORE You Approach Any Potential JV Partners

Discover Sharla’s Best Secret for Creating and Maintaining Long Term Relationships with Partners

Learn How to Discover What Matters Most to Your JV Partners so You Can Present Your Opportunities in the Most Compelling Way

Discover the “T” Factor and Why It’s So Important to Any JV Relationship

Discern How to Get Started…Even if You Have No List and No Relationships with Bigger Players

And so much more…

Award-Winning Million Dollar Mentor, Sharla Jacobs, with her husband Jesse Koren have been proclaimed as, “The Leading Authorities in Holistic Business Training.” After struggling to build their own practices and then figuring out a heart-based method for attracting tons of clients, they have taught over 10,000 Coaches, Holistic Practitioners and other Heart-based Entrepreneurs how to increase their business success.

They have supported hundreds of third-world entrepreneurs through sales of their book, “Sell is Not a 4-Letter Word: How to Serve More Clients and Create a 6-Figure Practice.”

After going from zero to $175,000 in their first year of Rejuvenate Training, they have now given over 4 million dollars of scholarships to Holistic Practitioners and Coaches who are ready to attract more clients and earn 6-figures and beyond in their business.

Rosey Dow: Insider Secrets: 3 Steps to Reading Your Perfect Prospects’ Minds, so you can Give Them What They Want Every Time

Have you ever tried to write a headline or email promotion, but sat there staring at a white screen without any idea of where to begin? If that’s you then you’ll need to pay close attention to what we’re going to deliver. Because over the next 30 minutes an industry insider is going to reveal how to get a grip on what your prospects want in a clear and concise way—more than you’ve ever thought possible up to now.

Plus, you’ll also discover

how to get to the bottom line of your client attraction.

A simple 12-minute exercise that will give the validated results you need to start writing those headlines

Plus, you’ll find out why most prospect-finding exercises fail and what you need to know in order to get clear on who those prospects are

You’ll learn these and other insider secrets because the person you’re about to meet is the real deal…

Rosey Dow can tell you who your perfect prospects are in 27 minutes or less. She a behavior expert who helps coaches, small business owners and service professionals discover why their clients buy and then craft language to attract the people they love to work with most. A best-selling, award-winning author with more than half a million books sold, she’s known as The Prospect Profiler™.

Brandy Mychals: Selling from the Stage with the Character Code™ System

Do you want to make a living as a speaker that sells from the stage without feeling like you are selling out? Brandy shares how she went from zero to multiple six figures sales in just months using the Character Code™ System while having fun AND building a fabulous community!

Brandy’s Saucy Secret for Making Sane Offers that Sell

How to Release the Fear that is Holding you Back

Client Attraction Savvy Without being “Salesy”

Ways to Customize your Presentation so You Shine

Why you want to Carry the Audience & Not Control the Room

Brandy Mychals is the creator of the Character Code™ System for Client Attraction without being “salesy.” Recently she was named the 2011 International FEMTOR Award Winner by eWomenNetwork for “Business Matchmaker of the Year”. She was also selected by a Fortune 500 company as one of the top ten bloggers in the U.S and Canada to serve on their Blogging Advisory Committee. Brandy is the author of the soon to be published book Savvy Speaker Secrets and is in discussion for a reality TV show based on her Character Code™ System. Brandy’s specialty is teaching entrepreneurs how to make the journey from obscurity to buzz in record time so your ideal clients can track you down. She is known for delivering high value content and has been featured on NBC Talk Radio and Yahoo! News.

Teresa de Grosbois: Going Global – the three things you must have to create world-wide wildfire word of mouth

Are you ready to get into the global conversation?

Is there something you’d really love to bring to the world, if you just knew how to get people talking about it?

Wondering how to create a word of mouth wildfire for your business? Teresa de Grosbois (say “de-Grow-bwa”) illuminates us with her refreshing approach to relationship marketing.

Teresa is an international motivational speaker and founder and chair of an international community of thought-leaders, The Evolutionary Business Council.

As a three-times bestselling author Teresa now teaches businesses how to create and leverage relationships to generate the word of mouth marketing they need. She is on a mission to change the planet, one gossip epidemic at a time! Teresa believes we can shift the thinking of society just by understanding how to generate the spread of positive word of mouth.

Donna Fuller: Webinars and Marketing Systems To Grow Your Tribe

Donna Fuller is a Personal Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, women who value success in business equally with success in all aspects of life. She has been an innovator and entrepreneur since the 1980's in such diverse fields as nursing, internet marketing, owning and managing a construction company, a health club for women only and a consulting business for health club owners. Donna is currently running two successful home based businesses. She is known as “Your Jv Success Coach,” an industry expert in on/offline Joint Ventures.

Alexis Neely: How to Keep Saying Yes to Your Great Work Without Having It Take Over Your Life

Build a Sustainable, Profitable Business Model, Systems and Structures that Support Who You Are and How You Want to Be in the World

Where your Money Shadow (unconscious beliefs about money that are so deeply patterned in that you cannot see them) may be

keeping you from living your Great Work and feeling fulfilled in your life.

How your quest for financial freedom may be the only thing between everything you have ever desired … and how to make the shift that will lead to the freedom you crave.

The power of telling the truth in business, why it’s so difficult for most of us, how to make it easier and what happens if you are not willing or able to do it.

Why business models, systems and structures are the perfect complement to a life of creativity, joy and ultimate freedom (and how you can embrace models, systems and structures in your own business without stress).

What sustainability means in the context of your life and business and why it must be a primary measure of your success if you really want what you are working toward to mean anything at all.

Why you must build a sustainable, profitable business you can rely on for the rest of your life so you can let go of the concept of saving for retirement and never have to be dependent on big corporations or the government to take care of you at the end of your life.

Alexis Neely is a Truth-Telling Lawyer Who Makes Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Systems for Your Business Sexy, Accessible and Empowering. She is an Evolutionary Business Strategist who in the past has appeared as a featured expert on every major national television news program but is much more likely now to be found at Burning Man or on her farm building intentional community in Colorado. Her latest endeavor is a weekly show The Whole Truth About Love and Money (dot) com broadcast every Tuesday live online from 9am to 1pm PST.

Dr. Jennifer Howard: Build It With Authenticity and They Will Come!

Discover what authenticity really means

Learn why being authentic is so compelling

Explore the many layers of being true to yourself, so you can be more real with others

Learn how to set boundaries—where to draw the line between public and private. Being transparent doesn’t mean you have to share everything

Dr. Jennifer Howard teaches the art of Conscious Living. She is equally at home sharing ancient spiritual wisdom, the latest scientific understanding, and proven and practical life changing techniques culled from over 20 years as an internationally acclaimed coach, licensed psychotherapist, teacher, and energy healer. As a professional speaker and author, Dr. Jennifer’s energetic style, along with her sense of humor, helps her audiences–beginner and advanced alike–assimilate what is being taught, even when the material appears to be complex. She has offices in New York, leads a variety of tele-seminars and is a leading thought leader on spirituality and psychology. Having frequently appeared as an expert on numerous national network television shows, including The Maury Povich Show, Turning Point, America’s Talking, Rolanda, Charles Perez, Les Brown, News Channel 12, she is also the host of the popular radio show, “A Conscious Life.” Dr. Jennifer Howard, a Huffington Post blogger, along with one of 15 experts participating in the Walk With Walgreen’s national wellness campaign was named one of the TOP 25 Celebrity Doctors on Twitter, one of the Top 100 Health website and been dubbed “The Funniest Shrink on Twitter.”

Sahar Kordahi: Women’s Values, Women’s Wisdom, and Women’s Gifts, shared together in community

Learn the five areas of communities and how clarity of each is vital to your success

Discover the essential ingredients you need to create your very own collaborative, supportive community both locally and globally

Experience the power of giving back and be ready to give the gift of acceptance to other women who you want to collaborate with

Sahar Kordahi, founder of “The Bright Side of Life” Women Center, is a Community Builder Coach, and speaker who has devoted her business to assisting women create powerful communities. As we witness women leaders rising to network to innovate and to be a part of the biggest change in the world, Sahar’s vision is for women to come together for a great unity, collaboration, and to get back on track to our purpose. She sees her work helping women all over the world unearth their passion and purpose as they create supportive communities.

The Bright Side of Life began quietly in 2008 with six members meeting in Sahar’s family room. Sahar’s vision of gathering like-minded women from diverse backgrounds to celebrate their beauty and uniqueness as women has now grown three years later to include more than 300 members. Her mailing list has more than 18,000 readers, and she is widely known in the Bay area for her powerful community building women mastermind groups. In 2009 Sahar’s was named Women-owned Business of the Year for the San Ramon, Danville and Alamo Region by The Women’s Initiative for Self Employment.

Kiyla Fenell: “How To Hire A Superstar in Just 3 Days-Yes, Really!”

Hiring stellar support staff is usually an entrepreneur’s biggest challenge, and a hit-or-miss process. Bad hires can cost you tens of thousands in the end, so hiring right is a must. But how?

Kiyla’s 5 step system is making waves because it WORKS for any type of business. And it’s incredibly simple too! Don’t miss this information that can truly help you find your dream team quickly.

How to avoid the #1 hiring mistake most business owners make.

Discover why being too smart and over-complicating things is hurting you when it comes to hiring.

Learn the simple 5 step process to hire a superstar in 72 hours or less.

Hear about the #1 secret you can use to dramatically increase your odds of finding the right person for the right job every time.

Learn how you can make money and stimulate referrals using Kiyla’s low to no cost hiring process.

Hiring consultant Kiyla Fenell teaches companies around the world how to hire superstars in just three days to grow their businesses. For two decades Kiyla’s fun and simple methods have been used to build award-winning, record-breaking teams to grow million dollar ventures. Throughout Kiyla’s career she has created, operated and sold million dollar companies spanning seven different industries.

Alison Marks: The secret to creating BUSINESS SYSTEMS AND STRUCTURES that work for YOU and YOUR TRIBE

Systems is not an icky word! Systems make life easier. Good systems don’t insist that you be someone you’re not, but rather free you up to be more of who you are and bring more of your gifts to the people who are hungry for them. Systems are a beautiful way of loving yourself through your work day! Discover how to set up a productive work day that really works for you, so you can have the freedom you went into business for in the first place. Learn:

The secret to creating BUSINESS SYSTEMS AND STRUCTURES that work for YOU

Effective strategies for organizing your day so you STOP SPINNING YOUR WHEELS and get MORE DONE

Simple things you can do in 5 minutes or less to bring more EASE AND FLOW into YOUR WORK DAY

Alison Marks is the founder of 6 Figure Home Office, a coaching and training company that teaches entrepreneurs how to be productive and successful. Alison has helped hundreds of smart, stressed out business owners make more money and have more time off by getting focused and organized, bringing ease, flow and fun (yes, really!) into their home offices and their work days. She is the creator of the life-changing program, From Clutter to Order in 8 Weeks, and is author of The Little Book of Freedom From Clutter, and The Little Book of Sanctuary. She is a business coach and consultant and a Certified Classical Feng Shui Consultant, and she hold an MA in Organizational Development and Transformation.

Kate Northrup: Building Your Team

Kate Northrup is a creative entrepreneur who created financial freedom for herself at the age of twenty four. She is currently on an indefinite road trip called “The Freedom Tour” to explore and teach financial, emotional, and spiritual freedom. She believes that if you free yourself financially you can be fully present to making the world a better place. Follow her travels at Kate is also the CEO (Creative Expansion Optimist) of Team Northrup, a league of wellness entrepreneurs aligned with the work of her mother, Dr. Christiane Northrup.

Caren Glasser: Convergence Marketing is here

For the last twenty-five years Caren has dedicated her personal and professional life to communicating and connecting with people. Her past experiences have allowed her to meet many different people and make a difference in their lives. In the early 90's she was a children’s rock and roll singer, signed with Rhino Records. She traveled the country singing songs of self-esteem. That experience culminated with a concert at Carnegie hall. During that same time she owned a creative arts company that provided programming for the public and private schools sector in Los Angeles. Her 50 plus teachers brought art programs back, which had been cut out of the schools because of budget cuts. For the past 18 years Caren has been a clergy person in the Jewish faith. One of her most rewarding careers, Caren married, buried and participated in the life cycle experiences of 1000's of people. As a result, she has learned a lot about what it takes for people to create positive experiences in their lives. Today, a Sales Director with comF5, she focuses on helping people connect and create better lives for themselves. She produces Promote Your Passion events incorporating the comF5 eMarketEngine.

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